Slot machine for SALE – “Sweet & Spins”

Slot machine for SALE – “Sweet & Spins”



Sweet & Spins

Sweets and desserts are always relevant. All people on the planet love to eat sweet dishes, whether cake, cheesecake, cupcake, muffin or a simple lollipop. Tastes are so diverse, ranging from the most sugary sweet to the most tart and saturated. For example, take a salty caramel and add some zest, it will be a masterpiece dessert. Cherry-flavored chocolate chocolates and liqueur are combined well with a glass of wine or a common sparkling drink. Carrot cheesecake for breakfast or pumpkin pie, and you can and a loose croissant with vanilla cream, ideal for your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Milk shake with chocolate or coconut chips, morse or lemonade, quench your thirst after gorgeous sweet cakes. In our new slot «Sweet & Spins» you can find your sweet bonus. Each lollipop symbol rotates perfectly in chocolate fondana and converts the sugar lines. Pana Cat and Jelly turn simple dishes into fragrant juicy spins. Appreciate the game and get your cash gifts and vivid impressions.. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



The background is rich and voluminous. In front of the dessert stand there is a blue wall with pictures of nature. The day is just beginning, and visitors are enough. The cafe is full, there is not a single table available. Everyone enjoys aromatic coffee and delicious cakes. The room has a pleasant aroma of fresh pastries and delicious drinks. The chocolate chip cookies were only brought to the gym. The little cream-colored cupcakes are running out, and the doughnuts are still enough to satisfy the appetite of the sugar lovers.



High slot symbols are decorated with licorice and marshmallow. «Scatter» symbol with the image of a baby and cotton candy, works wonders. It attracts the free spins and helps to increase your winnings. Carrot cake with cream and citrus cheesecake, fragrant and delicious. In each piece of the melody of childhood and joyful memories. Chocolate cake with strawberry filling in the center. The frosting is not completely frozen and drips into the dish.



Regular symbols: Berry flavored lollipop, reminiscent of a rainbow circle. It is a long-playing candy, you can enjoy this taste all day long. Each color contains its own note of sweet. Colorful macaroons are neat and airy. Taste blue lagoon and raspberry paradise, fresh celery and juicy mango. This little French cake is made of almond meringue with cream filling.



Shortbread cookies in the form of Latin letters are decorated with colorful frosting. Crumbles in your hands, but melts in your mouth. Chocolate pastries are always fresh. Small sweet pearls adorn the letters. The protein cream is almost frozen, creating bizarre patterns on the confectionery.



Animation of symbols sparkling and playful. Each sweet element moves and turns. The kid cowards with his cotton candy and smiles very happily, the Scatter sign starts to twinkle and attract back. A slice of pie jumps on a plate, carrots and a slice of lemon almost roll down. Windy strawberries are drowned in chocolate, creating a pleasant taste sensation in the mouth. The meringue jumps and changes its color, and the candy on the stick comes closer to the screen. A letter cookie drops sweet pearls and dissolves before your eyes.





On the paylines screen you can see the number of lines inherent in this machine. Multifaceted interweaving of symbols and converting into cash prizes. All sweets are fresh. A certain number of the same symbol opens the bonus game or gives a vanilla Jackpot. Winlines, painted on the screen, so the player will know which lines were successful. In each winning square its dessert is clearly expressed and displayed on the reel after the spin.



The splashscreens of the slot winnings is also multifaceted. «5 of a kind» with the taste of mint and banana. Reliable bright and refined taste of berry dessert in «Big win», or super sweet and sticky «Mega win». Strawberry vanilla donut with additional filling «Huge win», bright and playful taste «Epic win», saturated jam with taste «Jackpot».








A dessert menu with a free spins bonus is displayed on the reel. The pastry chef himself enters the hall and brings out his masterpiece to please visitors. He describes what is included in the dessert and reveals his little secret of making a sweet dish.



The appearance of an information window will tell the symbol of winning symbols and elements of the slot. Three or more scatter cards unlock free spins, and five or more of the same Jackpot symbols in the combination.



The paytables will list all the symbols and paylines and the amount of cash prizes that have brought our sweet items. Expensive cards will tell you what other additional prizes await the player.





On the congratulatory screens you can find information about the opening of the bonus game and the amount of winnings, or a sugar gift in the form of a free spin game. Each sweet is reliable and precious. The brighter the taste, the stronger the pronounced winnings. Collect desserts, enjoy the game and win.