Monkey King


The game reels and background immediately transfer players to China, the homeland of the main character. The monkey king is depicted with a magic staff and in armor. It is no coincidence that we see the Sea Dragon nearby. According to legend, the Monkey King came to the Dragon for weapons. So he received the Staff of fulfillment of desires. And, as we remember, Sun Wukong is very cunning. Using his staff, he forced the Dragon brothers to give him suitable armor. Other game reels symbols also reflect important moments in the story of the Monkey King. A demon, a magic hoop, peaches – all this plays a role in the life of Sun Wukong.


A game background sketch immediately sets the tone: the action takes place in China, the player is waiting for the test and the way up. The pinnacle of fame is the best symbol of a successful game.


In a detailed version, we see that we are in the heavenly halls. Sunlight that illuminates the clouds promises players victory. After all, this is definitely a good sign! The fruits of heaven are a hint of the Garden of Eden. According to legend, the Monkey King was appointed a ranger of the heavenly garden. He had to take care of peach trees. The fruits of these trees gave immortality. Of course, Sun Wukong seized the opportunity, ate peaches and became immortal!


The second version of the game background adds mysticism. In the night darkness, the eyes of dragons and the windows of the palace shine. A peach tree emits an additional, inexplicable light.


The images on the high symbols sketches are the Monkey King himself, his heavenly palace and the image of a demon with the head of a bull. The bull-headed demon is one of the main rivals of the Monkey King. They opposed each other more than once. Of course, such a strong character also got a worthy place on the game reels.


In the animated version of wild symbol, the staff of the Monkey King deserves special attention. Sparks run across it, they show the magical features of the staff. The golden ribbon on the staff shines brightly. Fans of the Stone Monkey know that this for a reason. After Sun Wukong received the staff, he himself wrapped it in gold ribbons and engraved “The staff of my desires entwined with gold ribbons.” So, both the staff and gold ribbons symbolize the fulfillment of any wishes of the players.


The animated image of a bull-headed demon is also impressive. His eyes sparkle with fury. It’s obvious: this is not an ordinary character.


Regular symbols remind players of the different stages of life and adventures of the Monkey King


Peaches are the fruits of immortality that he ate in the Garden of Heaven. They themselves are a worthy prize. And in a winning combination they become desired fruits for each player. The magic fan is one of the powerful artifacts that Sun Wukong managed to get with the help of his abilities. Great trophy!  The hoop worn by the Monkey King is a symbol of power and control. But the truth is it controlled the Monkey King himself. When Sun Wukong accompanied the monk to atone for his guilt, he should have worn this hoop. As the mischievous person crossed the line, the hoop shrank and caused suffering to the Stone Monkey. A very recognizable item.  Sun Wukong also had to fight the spiders. So a spider with a precious crystal on its back can be called a symbol of his victories.


In the animated image, peaches gently sway, like from the wind. Magic fan, control hoop and spider sparkle with precious stones and shimmer. It creates a sense of real treasure.


Low symbols – alphanumeric designation of cards. All symbols are stylized as hieroglyphs and are organically woven into the game.