Slot machine for SALE – “Maldives Travel”

Slot machine for SALE – “Maldives Travel”



Maldives Travel

Maldives – a tropical paradise with white sands of beaches, coconut groves and the purest azure sea. Untouched, pristine nature of South Asia, amazing underwater world, anticipation of delight, tranquility and paradise. The main reason why tourists choose a holiday in the Maldives is a beach relaxation, although this island state can offer other entertainment. What it takes to see an impressive colorful coral reef. These coral reefs inhabit a variety of marine ecosystems from planktonic organisms to whale sharks. Enjoy diving and touch the virgin life underwater. Swim with a sea turtle, view the colorful nature of exotic fish, peep under the fin of a glass perch and just get vivid emotions from the busy seabed.  Rest in the Maldives, the price for which justifies the warmth, comfort and tranquility that gives this island, will not leave indifferent even experienced travelers. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

“Vanilla-solar” slot reel, with the cloud inscription of «Maldives Travel» slot machine, warm, cozy and comfortable. In the bamboo canopy on the transparent curtain embroidered risky exotic tour symbols. In each individual window, rotate and shimmer amazing signs traveler. Hot cutie girl, bring the long-awaited cocktail and launch the start key. Control panel, located on the bar. In the palm leaves are hidden windows of balance and tropical winnings. Mix from bets, can change in an instant and turn into the maximum amount. From the shell appears the inscription «spin» and starts the reel. Large akhathina quietly moves and promises a big win to its winner.



The main background: On the azure shore of the Maldives beach blend all the colors of nature. A light sea breeze pumps a hammock – here dreams touch reality. Forgetting all the troubles, the unforgettable Maldivian beach erases all problems and troubles. Beckground creates a state of complete relaxation and idle day.



High slot symbols: The delicious coconut drink gives an aromatic bonus symbol, mixing all the signs in the line, provokes the appearance of an additional tropical bonus level. On the deck chair under the umbrella, the soul opens up and in a slumbering state cards produce scatter and add free spins to the vacationing diver. The wild Indian mix combined with the Asian note produces a burst of combinations, building and substitution of simple symbols on exotic signs.

Regular symbols: The lady puts on a bright hat, and protects her playful light curls from the burning sunlight. Adorning her hat with juicy palm leaves makes her feel like a beach queen. The slice of melon refreshes the breath and gives the rest a romantic mood. A fresh melon fragrance with a lime slice will quench your thirst and give you a boost for the day. Pineapple mix will help to relieve excess weight, and strengthen the natural tan, giving the melanin to develop itself fully. The diving kit is worn by a novice amateur and tries to learn how to properly control his body in seawater.

Low symbols: Simple puzzled Latin characters, in warm summer tones. Twisted palm leaves and bamboo branches combine perfectly with the vibrant higher symbols and slots. Visitors collect shells and admire the small crustaceans that are entangled in pineapple bushes.



The bonus game starts at the bar. The bartender takes his crazy shakers and mixes his cocktails with alcohol. Beneath each lid is a mischievous symbol that brings extra winnings to the tourist. Perhaps there is a snail hiding, and it will not give a profit. But in any case, the player has several attempts to try his luck and lucky hand of success.





The paytable will definitely provide a “list of all services” and describe every elite symbol of the machine. Thanks to the bonus drink, there is a chance to open another game and increase your winnings. The wild pineapple juice replaces all other symbols except the elite ones. A simple scatter will help draw extra spins into the game. The player will also be told about each symbol and the reward in each new line.





Сongratulatory screens  greet the players and foreshadow the appearance of bonus game. All the prizes won during the sea walk will be written on paper and transferred to the currency without problems. Opening a free spin level will help to multiply the already collected capital. Collect all your prizes in the exotic Maldives tour and be sure to travel through our country slot machines.