A new round of confrontation, which will entice you in our gaming slot machine “Legendlore”, made in a vector style. This time we decided to develop the idea in the direction of fantasy and to offer you a new story on the vast expanses of Middle-earth.

Bloodthirsty leader of orcs gathered legions of the army very long time to start a war with the legendary King of the Elves, and grab him lands. However, royal spies constantly watched for the advance of enemy troops, and timely reported everything to their military leader, so elven defenders always maintained a state of full combat readiness. By the time when the siege of royal walls has begun, one of the commanders – elven warrior, swore that she would destroy the leader of orcs by the price of her life and she kept her word. The forces were unequal, and the fortified walls couldn’t withstand the onslaught of the fierce hordes long, so the warrior had to make tricky maneuver and make a bet with the leader of the Orcs, agreed to hold the match, under which the winner takes all and the loser should leave their land and go into exile. After a long battle, lousy leader was defeated, and his survived in a battle troops has left the battlefield in a panic. Many of them were caught up with well-aimed arrows of elven archers, but when the fog of war has dissipated, and a silence has became there, everyone still long recovered from the effects of a large-scale battle. The glory about the warrior’s feat has spread all over Middle-earth, and no one dared to challenge the kingdom.

Take a part in the game, make your bets and win!




Development of a preliminary sketch of reels for the slot machine.


Game reels
Graphic design of the game reels, symbols, labels and buttons of navigation in the game world of the slot machine.


Here you can see animations of High symbols for the slot machine.


High symbol – Wild


High symbol – Bonus


High symbol – Scatter


High symbol – +1 Spins

Development of background images for the game slot machine.
At one of the backgrounds you can see the siege of the Royal Castle, the fierce fighting, and at another – snow-capped mountains and the castle, looking for its peaks in the sky.


Additional version of a background image for the slot machine.


Sketch version of a background image for the slot machine.


Development of preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine.


Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.



Special symbol – Arior



Special symbol – Caldor



Special symbol – Derec


Game symbols
Graphic design of the final version of the game symbols.
Here we have collected for you all game symbols, so you can view them even more, and appreciate their quality. Enjoy!

Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.



Special symbol – Jehzail



Special symbol – Legatus



Special symbol – Tylos


Development of a character for the game slot machine.
This character appears during the battle in the bonus game.


Forest warrior
Demonstration of animation of one of the main characters of the game slot machine.


Bonus screen
We present the final version of the bonus games for the slot machine “Legendlore”.
Play the game to win more additional spins.


Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.



Regular symbol – Bow



Regular symbol – Eagle



Regular symbol – Bracelet



Regular symbol – Monster



Regular symbol – Monster


Battle animation
And here you can see a few frames of battle animation of elven warrior and the leader of orcs.
Gradually, with each frame you see the approaching death of an enemy character.


Battle animations
Here we decided to show you the animation process of the battle between the forest warrior and a leader of orcs.




Pop ups
After completing each bonus level, no matter you win it or lose, on your screen will be displayed pop-up information.


Animated pop-up screen before the start of a bonus game.



Additional pop-up screen where a leader of orcs challenges you for the next bonus game.


Animation of a character for the pop-up screen.


Pop-up screen which informs you about Free spins winning.


Animation of Free spins for the pop-up screen.


Additional pop-up screen which informs you about win.


Animation screen with information about your win.


Final pop-up screen with congratulation about win in a bonus round.


Animation of a pop-up screen with congratulation about win in a bonus round.


Boot screen
In order for you not be bored while you wait for the loading of the game, we have developed a special graphic to the boot screen.
Get ready to run!