Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Cats”

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Cats”




Wild Cats

Cats  –  family of mammals of the predator order. The most specialized of the large cats, adapted to catch animal food by creeping, ambushing or chasing.  All cats are terrestrial, inhabiting mainly forests, partly deserts, savannahs and mountains up to their upper belt. Vision in cats is excellent binocular, which allows you to estimate the distance. The smell and taste of cats are closely related. So, we spin the reel «Wild Cats», spin animals and get predatory prizes. . If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel is full of big carnivores. The wild cats in the wild colors of the savannah is shown on the top. The drum frame is knocked down from the branches of the old baobab. Between the rows of symbols stretched nets and ropes to catch a predator. The king of animals leads a squad of killers. Cute and at the same time aggressive cats attack the symbols and light the combinations. The control panel is heavy-duty. Cats release their claws and open the balance and win windows. Their purring triggers the «Spin» key, a large oval button in quiet tones. The bright maximal bet and auto spin buttons are similar and similar. Animals are ready for hunting and winning.



The main background: in the morning of the savannah, the king of the cat greets the sun and makes a roar of the lion. All beasts bow their heads before the thunderstorm of sand. Most of the space is covered with grassy vegetation with rarely scattered trees and shrubs. It’s dry season, so all the animals stock up on leftovers of water and fresh grass. Lion and cheetah sometimes allow themselves to eat cereals.



The night version of background: All the cats enter the path armed with claws and fangs. Lurking behind the hill, watching the herd of dormant antelopes. Sharp jump, roar and dinner are served. The lionesses call the little ones and give them the softest piece of meat. The king of the carnivores is kind tonight, and gave half the prey to his pride.



High slot symbols: these symbols are in a wooden frame. The footprint of a predator in the bonus segment. He gives his owner a chance to open a bonus level. A double bonus doubles the accumulated coins of a traveler wandering into the wilderness of impenetrable hags. The symbol «Wild Cats» hides in itself the powerful potential of wildlife. With the help of this living sign, there is a replacement of other symbols, except royal.

Regular symbols: a brilliant puma, the first savage. Symbolizes calm and gracious life. The cougar is easy to move on the mountain slopes, climbs trees and rocks and swims well when necessary. The mirror image of the cougar doubles the player’s wealth. The fiery king of the lion pride is a symbol of power and strength. The power of the mane adds courage and greatness, and the strong paws improve the triumph and enhance the dignity of the totem animal. The lioness embodies motherhood and selflessness. The Royal Twin, recognises his master of the savannah. Tiger keeper, symbolizes leadership qualities. The nature of this sign is a fiery element, associated with the masculinity, activity and movement only forward. This master of the forest is transformed and split into an additional totem. Panther, the queen of the night and the eyes of nature. The best hunter among cats. The symbol of this cat serves as a charm and protects against the forces of evil. Bronze jaguar, the reputation of a ruthless fast-footed predator. The Mayans deified this animal and admired its strength and speed.

Low symbols: wooden wild letters, collected from old wood and bound with a forest rope. This symbol conceals the knowledge and nature of ancient predators. Their skills are transmitted through time to new generations through the genetic code of the cat sign.



Animation of animals and additional characters, impressive and frightening. Hunters are hungry and crave new prey and winnings. The bonus symbol is reincarnated and split. The tiger’s paw flips and awards prizes. The symbol «cats of the world» changes color and sheds old skin. The puma slowly approaches, it trespasses the path of the speed jaguar. An explosion of fireworks and a tiger climbs the rock. The two Titans begin a fight, the lion beats and wins. Panther, calm and cold, she is her own mistress, not even a king. The letters are abundant, approaching and actively flickering with their valor and wealth.





The paytables describe every elite sign of the cat’s great savagery, and tell you how to control it. Each cat symbol is marked by payouts and presence in prize combinations. The number of successful spins will give more animals and gold coins.





On the congratulatory screens appear at the end. The animal warns about the appearance and opening of the free spin game. The tiger growls and gives extra spins. With the coming of the bonus level, the chance of a spare Savannah Lion Dessert and an amber win increases.