Slot machine for SALE – “Dubai”

Slot machine for SALE – “Dubai”



Dubai Themed online slot machine

The entire city of Dubai can be called a great attraction. This is one of the most expensive and at the same time the most luxurious resorts. Many people who visit Dubai for the first time call it the city of the future. Technology is developing so rapidly here that one can only admire. At the same time, Dubai also has a place for traditional Arab culture. Tourists who want to plunge into the atmosphere of the Muslim world and strive for maximum comfort will appreciate Dubai. Luxurious cars, private helicopters and comfortable yachts are no surprise here. The richest people in the world come to Dubai on vacation. And we invite players to join them and take a virtual journey. Perhaps, luck will smile upon them and after winning the players will really go to rest to Palm Jumeirah. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



There are two game backgrounds for the slot. In the first background, we see the coast and the hotel right on the coast. The centerpiece of the composition is the most famous and luxurious hotel in Dubai – Burj Al Arab. It is also called simply Sail, because the shape of the hotel resembles a huge yacht. A delightful luxury hotel located on an artificial triangular island. Sail is one of the most famous symbols of Dubai. Officially, it has five stars, but conventionally it is called a seven-star. This is due to the fact that the hotel offers its guests the highest level of service. It has its own private beaches, swimming pools, water park, shops and restaurants. Just imagine the scale of this hotel, if a fountain is installed in the lobby, which releases jets at a height of 150 meters! The best illustration to show a rich life is hard to come up with.



The second version of the background opens up a bird’s eye view of Dubai in front of the players. More precisely, from the height of a private helicopter – a very popular transport among rich people. On the background of the game, you can see the numerous skyscrapers of Dubai and the already familiar Sail. It also shows the largest artificial island in the world – the famous Palm Jumeirah. Palm is called the tourist eighth wonder of the world. The huge island has almost 2,000 villas, more than 20 hotels, a large water park, an aquarium and a dolphinarium. And just imagine, this island was created artificially!


It’s time to get acquainted with the slot symbols. The story about Dubai would be incomplete if we did not remember the beautiful girls who come here on vacation. In addition, top models take photoshoots in luxurious surroundings, and premium brands shoot ads in Dubai. Therefore, the number of beauties on the beaches and in hotels makes you dizzy. The first three symbols are exactly them, charming girls in bikinis. Blonde, brunette and red-haired seductresses playfully watch from the screen and invite you to spend a bright holiday with them.



On the animated screen, you can see how the girls gracefully sway their hips, smoothly run their hands over their bodies and hair. Although Dubai belongs to the Arab world, people from other cultures can feel relatively free here. Therefore, girls do not hide their feminine forms and show off in open swimsuits.


The Bonus symbol depicts a successful young man. He sits in a massive leather armchair, holding a glass of whiskey and a cigar. His look speaks volumes about how rich and confident this man is. An impeccable suit, perfectly styled hair and well-groomed hands emphasize the status of this handsome man.

On the Scatter symbol, three girls are shown side by side. They seem to be posing in front of the camera lens.

Wild symbol is dedicated to the Burj Al Arab hotel. Please note that there are two formats for the Wild symbol. The smaller image, designed for one reel cell, shows the hotel’s top deck. The full-size version of the symbol should occupy three lines on the reel at once, it shows the entire hotel and a part of the bay.

All these symbols are framed in decorative gold frames. Curly curls enhance the luxury atmosphere that reigns supreme in the Dubai slot.



Animated symbols give the impression of being transported into a slot. You can see the movements of the characters and the glare of glass in the luxury hotel Parus. The frames around the symbols also shimmer with light.


The following symbols are dedicated to the attributes of luxury living. A small private jet, a snow-white sea-class boat and a luxury car have become the norm for millionaires who live in Dubai. Wealthy tourists are also offered such transport during their holidays in the Emirates. Of course, players will also be very excited to imagine themselves at the wheel of a red convertible or on the deck of a luxury boat. The symbol with a leopard in a collar and on a leash deserves special attention. As you know, wealthy people emphasize their status, including with the help of exotic animals. The private collections of billionaires contain large predators – jaguars, leopards. And, of course, in Dubai you can meet such “big cats” on a walk.



Animated symbols are filled with movement. A cloud of dust flies out from under the wheels of the car. The plane cuts through the air currents and you can imagine its speed. The boat sways on the waves, and splashes remain on its sides. The leopard calmly waves the tip of its tail and obediently shakes its head.


Low symbols – traditional alphabetic and numerical designation of cards. The multi-colored symbols seem to be inlaid with diamonds.



On the animated screen, you can see how stones flash and shimmer with bright light on the symbols.


On the Bonus greeting screen, the game background and the reels are darkened. An inscription appears. The color of the letters smoothly transitions from red to blue. Around the letters, blue sparks flicker like stars.



The game reels have a classic rectangular shape. A frame of Arabic patterns is used as a decoration around the perimeter. The frame imitates a combination of gold and precious stones. Such graceful inlay is found in mosques and palaces of sheikhs.



On the next congratulatory screen, the background and the game reels are darkened. The inscription and the amount of the winnings appear on the gray-blue plate. The decoration uses the same ornament as for the game reels.