Slot machine for SALE – “Northern Kingdom”

Slot machine for SALE – “Northern Kingdom”



Northern Kingdom

The kingdom of the peoples of the north expanded during the Viking Age. All northern kingdoms were separated and divided into separate states. The game «Northern Kingdom» will show the sights and the Nord culture. Ice sculptures of northern symbols go the way of rotation and transformation, create cold Scandinavian combinations and wind blows turn into successful lines. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reel of «Northern Kingdom» conquerors and kings of the North, filled with history and Scandinavian objects of peoples. Surrounded by ice and snow, the powerful and inflexible reel frame is surrounded by ancient wooden boards, axes and other metal inserts. The old fabric bears the inscription of the machine. All the cold symbols are arranged in clear rows. The symbol groups combine perfectly with the main slot control panel. On the sails worn out by eternity Varyags, the windows of balance, bets and winnings are applied. In the center decorated with the fur of a wild animal with the inscription «Spin», it and starts a sequence of rotations of all symbols. The stone blocks are filled with maximum bet, autorotations. The marks of ancient peoples and runes of power are applied in a circle.



The main background: on the bank of the river sleepy sands spread. Light waves cover the shore and bring hidden treasures of the ancient people. In the background there are enormous mountain ranges. At noon, when the Sun God actively heats the rocks, the rocks crack and dump huge blocks into the water. In front of the river flowering herbs and shrubs decorate the base of the temple. The powerful walls of the pyramid rise and the top rests on the heavenly palace. The Rain God blessed those who pray with the approach of the waters from the heavens. The soil will become fertile and fertile. The God of the wind will take away all meagre things, and will give the people the opportunity to curb the water element. Sacrificial fires are lit with the approach of the evening. The priest recites a prayer and invokes the spirit of war to help the enemy.



High slot symbols: The bonus symbol represents the Viking ship. The wooden hull of the Drakkar is shot down from a solid piece of wood. Under the black crow banner, the bonus sign brings an additional level to the game. The king’s two-sided battle axe «Wild» wins and replaces other simple symbols of the kingdom. Its metallic sound is heard in the most forgotten and remote corners of the frozen mountain range. The Nordic symbol of King also possesses noble northern savagery. Under his leadership new feats of the cold powers are made. Faith in the king grows with each heroic spin of the symbol. Two deadly and speed symbols «Jackpot» in small and large grandeur bring their victories hero. The king’s blade or the defender’s formidable sword, with its golden hilt and precious stones, brings death to the enemy. The shield with the ornament of the tree of life summons the power of the ancestors to fight the enemy. The helmet decorated with the horns of a wild buffalo, and painted with golden runes, brings the winner luck and a happy outcome of the battle.

Regular symbols: Crossed swords, as a symbol of unity between states and principalities. Help is already on the way, the brotherly kingdom will always help at a difficult moment. A shield with the image of a dragon, symbolizes the power of fire, spiritual wealth and immortality of the sign. A bow and arrow, always ready. The rune of confidence is inscribed on the tip of each arrow. A horn of call, or a bowl of abundance. Summon loyal allies and acolytes to the Ale Cup after defeating the enemy.

Low symbols: Decorated symbols, signs of success and metal inserts bring victory to their player. Each letter is caught in the wind, able to change color and shape.



The animation of the symbols is quite bright and impressive. Developing sails and dividing the sea, the ship rushes to a new land. The King has already put his crown on and sat on the throne. The axe spins and hits the target exactly. The symbol of the first jackpot spins its sword and brings luck to the leader. The majestic second Jackpot hits the shield, increasing the fortitude and inspiring the warriors. The horn shimmers and directs its monarch to new feats. The swords are crossed and a strong grinding sounds. The shield directs all its strength against the enemy. The bow and arrows are ready to attack. The letters are transformed into new signs and shine brightly in the dark.








High “frost” symbols can influence events and change history. Three or more jackpot symbols give the player a Huge win. Each of the wild symbols replaces any other symbol in the combination except the expensive ones. Three or more bonuses unlock an extra level of play. The payout table also shows all the Nordic symbols and winnings they bring.





On the congratulatory screens you can find information. The opening of the free spin game and the prizes that it gives to its winner. Plus a bonus level, thanks to this game you can multiply and increase the already acquired countless treasures of the North.