Slot machine for SALE – “Demon Fortune”

Slot machine for SALE – “Demon Fortune”



Demon Fortune

The curvature of space and the magic ritual summons all underground demons and devils. Led by the eldest damned fallen angel, the lower entities teleport to Earth. At the darkest hour of the day on the lunar calendar, this foggy night will become the afterlife for sinful souls. The Void covers the last light and takes away rotten and greedy creatures in human guises. The Devil commands a host of devils and completes the final passage to open the gates of heaven and cast the heavenly kingdom into the abyss, where all the circles of hell pass in a circle of flaming lava. Disfigured monsters sharpen axes, priestess brings the dead back to life, awakening the power of the fallen. The crippled souls of sinners are torn apart every purge night. The demon of the plague wields abominable orcs and collects the energy of the manna of higher beings, taking their immortality. Imprisoned cerberas and demonic dogs tear each other apart. Chaos covers all worlds. The cursed dragon is drugged with a thirst for gold. He will incinerate anyone who touches his treasures. The heavenly world is preparing for war. Angels are armed with silver arrows and spears. Only thus can the lower ones be destroyed. The battle for the reign begins, who will win the good or the eternal darkness will cover the whole universe. Rotate demonic signs and attributes of the Devil, collect groups of devils and command formidable lines. We combine evil spirits and dark priestesses,  The dragon’s golden treasures are mined. Open the bonus portal, take away the magic free spins and destroy all obstacles on the way to victory. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The “flaming” slot game reels of the «Demon Fortune» is made of ancient gold hydra corsagon. The prayer altar of evil symbols and signs is divided into groups in the elements of fire. Around the perimeter of the fallen golden tips with poisonous teeth. The inscription of the burning slot is covered with a layer of lava and the remains of the ashes of oblivion. The Infernal Control Panel fills and destroys. The powerful start key ignites the spins and spins the reel automatically or at the player’s discretion. Demon Keepers open the balance and betting windows, leading them to maximum. A sapphire ogre devours lines and gives huge wins. The Queen of Twilight causes a bonus level and manages the rewards. Each spin of the other world accumulates the appearance of gold coins and winning lines.



The terrifying fiery background of hell absorbs light. The hot rocks burst from heat and disappear into a boiling lava stream. The smell of sulfur spreads throughout the labyrinth. The wandering ghosts of the past are lost in time. Devils kindle cauldrons and boil sinners. Middle demons let the cerberas out for hunting. Hordes of orcs build bridges of crossings. Darkness thickens, souls melt. The devil’s silhouette appears. Its appearance scares small demons. They scatter into a ditch and fall into the abyss. Lava burns out every meter. The heat is spreading throughout the dead kingdom. The newly arrived dead await their punishment and torture.



The high symbols: A deadly dragon ignites the symbol of wildness by connecting the two worlds. The energy of air and fire are mixed to form a static form of the monster figure. With this sign of unclean power, you can replace other symbols in combinations other than the higher talismans of fate. The dragon’s head protects the gates of hell. The golden halo around this totem. After getting three or more symbols, the second circle of hell and the bonus level opens. The leader is given a chance to increase his winnings and multiply the winning sum of the demon. The Lady of Darkness takes mortals and lowers them into purgatory. Her burning eyes incinerate all that is pure and immaculate. A seven hells in a ring of flames. Its successful rotation fills the voids. Guardian Demon, oversees order in the lower kingdom. The devil himself gives him orders to take the virtue of men and to seduce every living being with base desires. Green snake in the form of a dollar sign. The fateful talisman is poisoned with poison.



Low slot symbols: Chaotic letters are covered with a layer of ash and gold dust. A five-pointed star will open a passage between the worlds. With the power of the earth, the red serpent tempter awakens. The golden crown with the skull is cursed. Each of the low symbol is able to discover and complement the best combinations.



The epochal animation of all evil has already been activated. The incendiary letters are burning, the numbers are increasing in size and coming out of the darkness itself. The Wild Dragon keeps the Devil’s gold and protects the cave. The green serpent radiates the stench and rolls away all the space around it. A red-skinned mara with snake scales arrives in peace. A blue-headed demon drops its horns and pours lava around the gates of hell. The bonus monster looks ominously and guards its riches. A bright sacral seven burns and turns into the ashes of victory.




After the demonic ritual of summoning the dark to the world of the living, a window of congratulation of the winner appears. Golden numerals indicate the amount of winning. Gathering and imprisoning all demons, deceiving them with their intentions, it is possible to find full freedom and victory over the void.


Shimmering slot logo of the «Demon Fortune» in the golden tide. This ancient gold is filled with the power of happy event. Even in the darkest of times you can see the light. Play and combine all evil creatures and take their talismans for your reward.