Slot machine for SALE – “Monsters Band”

Slot machine for SALE – “Monsters Band”




Monsters Themed online slot game

We are presented with an incredibly interesting fantastic slot Monsters Band, which is based on the animated series of the same name. This exciting game will allow you to plunge into the world of intergalactic space in the company of terrible monsters. The bright and somewhat cartoonish slot Monsters Band will allow you to enjoy the game, thanks to the creative approach of professionals to its development, and using all the tools in order to make the game as interesting as possible, as well as immerse the player in a completely different dimension and space. Magnificent graphics, bright saturated colors, a convenient and understandable control panel, many characters in the form of unusual fantastic creatures that are the heroes of the game – all this will allow to feel the maximum presence of the player in the intergalactic space in a group of terrible monsters with whom he can increase his chances of winning. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

On the first screen, there is a reel in the form of a game panel with five identical columns, which contain all the slot symbols. At the top there is an inscription of the game in big bright letters – Monsters Band, at the bottom there is a control panel with cells, navigation buttons and a large SPIN button.

Below, there is a main background for this slotmachine, where intergalactic space is shown. In the foreground is a formidable planet in the form of a red brain with teeth, flying saucers, green one-eyed monsters in spacesuits, and in the background are pictures of different colors of the planet in the purple starry sky.



This picture shows the surface of the planet in orange color with exotic flowers. On the surface of the orange planet, you can see light-green puddles, fantastic flowers of different shades. Rockets and space dishes fly over the ground. Colored planets are visible in the background of the violet-blue starry sky.



Here are three symbols of the highest category. All of them are made in gold frames. WILD is a green flying rocket. BONUS is a one-eyed blue jellyfish-like monster with teeth. SCATTER is a lilac monster with a large nose and golden spines on its body in the form of fangs.



Animated symbols of the category High come to life. Frames shimmer around the perimeter. In the process of movement, the rocket is illuminated diagonally. The blue monster creates small movements, during which its image fills with flicker, and its eye shimmers. The lilac monster also flickers and shimmers diagonally during the animation.


Two one-eyed monsters resembling tentacled octopuses with fangs. One is blue with yellow spots, the other is red with green spots.



Animation of two monsters – blue and red, resembling octopuses in appearance. At the moment of movement, the monsters come to life, their tentacles move, their eyes shimmer, and they also shimmer with a diagonal glow and are highlighted with a fantastic flicker.


Here are presented funny monsters with two heads and one body, they have two arms, two legs. Heads with one eye and one mouth.



The animation brings the monsters to life, they shake their heads slightly, their eyes move, and they wave their hands. Their bodies shimmer fantastically.


The symbols of the game are monsters with eyes and large nostrils, they have a large belly, long arms to the ground and legs with claws. The peculiarity of the monster is that their bodies are all strewn with needles in the form of fangs. Monsters are presented in colors: purple, green, orange.



With the help of animation, monsters with needles in their bodies come to life somewhat, their bodies, eyes and needles flicker and shimmer.


Two more symbols – a flying green rocket with blue portholes, orange legs, and a powerful fiery flame below. A moon rover monster with a head inside and one eye, with horns and tentacles.


An animated flying rocket at the moment of movement shimmers with a glow and flickers, its portholes are glowing, and the lunar rover moves its tentacles, it also shimmers and flickers like the previous symbol.


Symbols of the category Low. These are volumetric letters with two eyes, teeth and a tongue: A, K, Q – red, green and orange. Also letters supplemented with claws. Letter A with horns and bangs.


he animation of the symbols allows the slot letters to come to life, their eyes and the body of each move. The letters flicker and shimmer.


Wheel of fortune mini game. In the central part of the screen, there is a blue round wheel with an eye in the center – the SPIN button, an arrow – in the form of a claw, with ears and inlaid orange legs. The circle is divided into equal parts of the playing field of different colors with the designation of numbers on them, as well as the field – Mystery.



Pop-up Big Win. In the center there is a kind of bright spaceship with antennas and turbines with flames. In the center there is an inscription in large color letters “Big Win”, and below – the amount of the winnings.



Pop-up animation Big Win. A fantastic ship appears from the middle, highlighted with neon green, with “Big Win” in the center shimmering.


Pop-up Total Win. A spaceship with a green screen with two turbines on the sides. In the center there is an inscription in large color letters Total Win with the amount of the winnings.



Pop-up animation Total Win. A spaceship with turbines emerges from the middle, highlighting with neon green, with the inscription in the center in red letters “Total Win” with flickering.


Paytable has a neon blue frame with a green cross on the right, navigation buttons with numbers below. The screen shows three symbols of the highest category WILD, BONUS and SCATTER. WILD – replaces any other symbol on the reel except BONUS and SCATTER. BONUS – three or more bonus symbols anywhere on an active payline activate the bonus game. SCATTER – at least three or more symbols anywhere on the reel will trigger a free spins game:



Paytable in a neon blue frame with a green cross on the right. Below are the navigation buttons. The symbols of the middle category are presented in two rows, next to each is a quantitative number with the amount of payments for each.



PAYTABLE in a neon blue frame with a green cross on the right, with navigation buttons at the bottom. Low category symbols are presented with a quantitative number and with the amount of payments for each.



A colored spaceship with turbines is shown in the center of the screen. In the center there is a congratulatory inscription – Congratulations with eyes in round letters. Congratulations here are for entering the free spins game. Below is a yellow-salad OK button.



Congratulatory inscription that you have won an amount of money from a free spins game. Below is a yellow-salad OK button:



Congratulatory inscription that you have entered the bonus game. Below is the OK button:



Congratulatory inscription that you have won a certain amount of money from the bonus game. Below is the OK button:



On the main background of the slot in the middle of the screen, there is a steel rocket with a bright fiery flame and a bright yellow nose. It has MYSTERY in bright red letters.



On the animation, a flying object with a bright glow appears in the center. The Mystery inscription is also involved: