Slot machine for SALE – “Football Star”

Slot machine for SALE – “Football Star”




Football Themed online slot machine

When the teams meet on the playing field, all life outside the stadium seems to freeze. Two halves, up to the final whistle, players and fans devote all their thoughts and emotions to only one thing – victory. It is not for nothing that footballers are so popular. The goalkeeper who saved his team, or the striker who scored the decisive goal against the opponents, become real heroes for thousands of fans. Anyone who has ever been to the stadium and felt the full intensity of passions, flushed from the surrounding energy and could not take his eyes off the field, will not forget these feelings. And what a delight the fans feel when their favorite team wins! To see the cup in the hands of your idols is the greatest delight. The “Football Star” slot allows football fans to experience thrilling emotions over and over again. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot machine reels are decorated with emerald green of the lawn. The grass on the football field is always special, because the course of the game largely depends on the surface of the field. The bottom of the reel, for information about the course of the game, is framed in such a bright green color. The Spin button is designed like a classic soccer ball – with black and white pentagons. The main field for symbols is light, all symbols are clearly visible on it.



The game background moves the audience to the large stadium. The game has already ended and in honor of the winners, a multi-colored fireworks are flashing in the sky. In the crowded stands you can see camera flashes. Each spectator tries to capture the fateful moment in the history of the football chronicle. Of course, players will subconsciously transfer the association with the winners to themselves. Perhaps, after the next spin of the reels and in their honor it will be possible to arrange a fireworks display?



The Wild symbol depicts a first aid kit. Anything happens during a match. Collisions, falls and injuries are difficult to avoid. When a player of one of the teams is on the lawn, the fans freeze in anticipation: will the doctors be able to help? Will the first aid kit be enough? This is why there is so much more emphasis on this attribute.

The Scatter symbol represents the culmination – the goal. When the ball enters the opponent’s net, half of the stadium rejoices. At the same time, the other half sympathizes with their team and hopes for a return goal. Each effective shot on goal increases the chances of winning. Even the symbol shows what an emotional moment it is for the game. Shout “Goal! flies over the stadium and sounds far beyond.

Both symbols are framed, so they differ from other images.



The dream of each football player is the Golden Ball award. Since 1956, this prize has been awarded to the best player of the year in Europe. The record holder was Lionel Messi, who received the Golden Ball 6 times, and he is the only one who received the award four years in a row.

Another award that football players strive for is the Golden Boot. But if any player can get the Golden Ball, the Golden Boot is a reward exclusively for scorers. The winner is determined not by voting, but by counting points for the past playing season. The leaders in the number of Golden Boot awards are Lionel Messi, whom we have already recalled (he received this prize 6 times), and Cristiano Ronaldo (he was recognized as the top scorer 4 times).

Onre more symbol in this category depicts the moment when the ball hits the goal net. By and large, the only thing that matters during a match is whether there will be a goal. A special heat of passion can be observed when in the decisive match the playing time ended in a draw and the teams go on a series of penalty shootouts. This is a kind of lottery, and every blow is fateful. If you manage to bypass the goalkeeper and score the ball into the goal, it’s always a crazy delight.

All three symbols are framed into gold ribbon frame to highlight their victorious character.



During the game, the referee plays a huge role. It depends on the refereeing how cleanly the players will take the ball away from each other, whether corner kicks are taken, whether the players do not use their hands, etc. The referee’s symbol is, of course, the whistle. The match starts with the whistle and it ends with the whistle. It happens that the final whistle becomes a salvation for the team. And sometimes, on the contrary, there are chances to win back and then you want the whistle not to sound as long as possible.

The side arbiters have their own instrument – the flag. And you see such a flag on the next symbol. The position of this flag in the referee’s hand determines whether the game can be continued or whether there was an offside position, who will throw the ball from behind the field line.

The “Gloves” symbol is dedicated to the only player who can touch the ball with his hands – the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is one of the key figures in the team. A good goalkeeper literally saves the team from goals and, as a result, from defeat. Goalkeepers have their own reward – the Golden Glove. While the goalkeepers are not as visible as the scorers, they are often the ones who decide the outcome of the match.



Low symbols – letter designation of cards. The font resembles the inscriptions on the stadium scoreboard.



In the bonus game, players can transform into the image of a football player and try to score a goal. If the player chooses the correct target, the ball will end up in goal and the goalkeeper cannot do anything about it.



To demonstrate the result of the game on the reels, winning combinations are highlighted. The game score is displayed on top of the reel after the symbols are darkened.



In case of Big Win, Mega Win, Huge Win, Super Win victories, the reels are darkened and the corresponding inscription appears. For each victory level, the inscription is in a separate color. This makes it easier for players to determine the status of victory without even reading the text.




If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reels are darkened. Text appears with Jackpot and score. The inscription is located under a huge trophy cup.



Paytables screens are decorated on a yellow background with blue plates.



On greeting screens, in case of receiving bonus games, the background and the reels are covered with a dark green field. A blue sign appears, which is stylized as a scoreboard. The OK button looks like a traditional soccer ball.