Golden Week


So, the golden week in China begins. We are waiting for giant pandas and holiday dragons, the Imperial Palace and the Great Wall of China.


The most common way to get to China is, of course, air travel. Therefore, the theme of aircraft is traced in the design of the slot. On the gaming reels, we see a map with a route, an airplane and suitcases of a happy traveler. The information fields of the reels are decorated as an information display at the airport. Anyone, who has made a flight at least once, will recognize this design and will again feel the delight of air travel.

The symbols on the reels are China’s most recognizable sights. Each image fills the player’s heart with trepidation and makes you dream of an unusual journey.


The first version of the game background is a waiting room at the airport. Planes are visible outside the window. Soft sunlight is falling through the glass. They say that the best way to start the day is to have morning coffee at the airport. Therefore, such a background, without exaggeration, can be called a symbol of a successful life.


The second version of the game background is a picturesque landscape. This area resembles the Shilin National Park in southwest China. The park is famous for its unique “stone forest” and mirror lakes. Players are transferred to the same area. Bamboo grows on the shore, without which it is impossible to imagine China. A peasant crosses the lake silently on a bamboo raft. The same rafts dry on the shore. For tourists, a walk at such a cunning structure is a special exotic adventure.


Sketches of the Wild and Bonus symbols convey the mood of the slot. The first image – a young, confident tourist boldly strides towards adventure. The second image combines the most famous attractions. If you’ve not seen them, then you can consider you wasn’t in China.golden_week_wild-bonus_sketches

The elaborate image of the Wild symbol evokes an association between the players and a successful person: the guy has just landed, he is lightly dressed and not burdened with big luggage. He flew in for impressions and he will receive them! The plane, which effectively “flies out” beyond the decorative frame, serves as a symbol of how important it is to expand our borders.

At the “bonus symbol” the player is greeted by a young man and a girl in traditional Chinese costumes. They symbolize the hospitality with which the tourism sector welcomes guests. Here we see the main “visiting cards” of China – the Temple of Heaven, the palaces of the Forbidden City, the skyscrapers of Hong Kong and Shanghai. Terracotta Army’s fighter recalls the ancient Chinese civilization. The Big Panda, the national treasure of China, shows a connection with nature. And the huge festival dragon, of course, invites you to a bright holiday.


Animated symbols are filled with life. It seems that the young man with the suitcase is really walking. A little more – and you can hear the sound of his suitcase’s wheels. On the animated Bonus symbol, the attractions are combined into a bizarre kaleidoscope. Multi-colored confetti reinforce this effect.


The following sketches are dedicated to the Temple of Heaven and the Shaolin Monastery. The round building of the Temple of Heaven is Beijing’s most important religious attraction. Of course, every tourist considers it his duty to visit this sacred place. The Shaolin complex is the most famous Chinese monastery in the world! Even one who has never been to China, recognizes Shaolin by the statues of lions-hybrids. They are also called “Buddha dogs”.


In the detailed images drawn, players see the Temple of Heaven in all its glory. To be precise, the “Temple of Heaven” is a whole complex of structures. The round building that has become a recognizable symbol of the attraction is the Harvest Temple. The temple stands on the base of marble and has three levels. Since the emperor was considered the Son of Heaven, only he had the right to bring gifts to Heaven and pray. In the Temple of Harvest for centuries, emperors retired for prayer and asked for prosperity and harvest. For players, the Harvest Temple can get a new meaning: the best harvest is victory!

Let’s look at the Shaolin monastery and its lions. “Buddha Dogs” are traditionally portrayed as a couple. The ball under the paw of a lion is a symbol of China’s faith, power and unity. If the lion’s mouth is open, it scares away evil spirits and misfortunes. A closed mouth helps to hold good. Lions in the symbol image help players save and increase their money.


On animated images, it feels as if the player is approaching monumental buildings. They get bigger, and the clouds behind both buildings are moving.


The regular symbols sketches illustrate the unique sights of the Celestial Empire – the Terracotta Army, the Great Wall of China, the Potala Palace in Tibet and the skyscrapers of the Pudong district in Beijing.golden_week_regular_symbols_sketches

The elaborated images evoke great interest in each of the presented attractions. The faces of the soldiers of the Terracotta Army cause excitement. Just think about it! The thousands-strong military garrison of clay statue warriors has been located in China for more than 2 thousand years! This is a huge monument of history. In underground burials, there are more than 8 thousand statues of soldiers and horses! A unique monument appeared thanks to the first emperor Qin-Shin Shihuandi, who united China into a single state. The emperor ordered to bury with him an entire army of young soldiers. But the advisers were able to convince the lord and the statues replaced the youths.

And here is an image of the Great Wall of China. In the list of attractions of China it is always in first place. This is the longest defense building in the world! It arouses the interest of travelers, historians, scientists and builders. Around the history of the creation of the Great Wall of China, many myths have grown. Before the unification of China, each kingdom built its protective structures based on the embankments of the earth. They could not withstand the attacks of enemies and quickly collapsed. Therefore, they began to build a protective wall of stone blocks, and for bonding they used rice glue and slaked lime. For China, it is a symbol of national pride and unity.

Another shrine of the Celestial Empire is the palace and temple complex of Potala. Not a single palace in the world is located so high in the mountains as this one. The palace served as the main residence of the Dalai Lama. The image of the symbol shows that the palace consists of two parts – the White and Red palaces. The Red Palace is the main building of the temple. This is the place of prayer for the Buddha. Burial ceremonies were held here. There are 8 tombs in the Red Palace, including the tomb of the Dalai Lama of the Fifth. It is covered with a sheet of gold weighing almost 4 tons!

In the White Palace, religious and political events and ceremonies were held. Potala Palace is visited by thousands of tourists and pilgrims. The path to the mountain is long, but the result is worth it. So for the players it is a symbol of patience, for which there will certainly be a reward.

And finally, modern China is represented by the image of the Pudong district in Shanghai. The couple admires the illuminated buildings, the Oriental Pearl TV tower and the swirling Shanghai Tower. Oriental Pearl is the fifth tallest television tower in the world. The “space” design of the tower has 11 different-sized spheres. In the tower there is a hotel, a revolving restaurant, a penthouse and a number of other establishments. The one who enjoys the view from the height of this tower, life really succeeded. This whole picture is a symbol of a breakthrough, achieving the desired result.


On animated images, the already familiar effect of approaching the sights arises. They attract the eye and call to go on a journey, albeit virtual.


Sketches of Low symbols – a traditional designation of cards. Letters and numbers are stylized as the modern spelling of Chinese hieroglyphs.


Each symbol is made in its own color. All letters and numbers have a golden border.


In the animated version, the images rotate. They look like a coin, which has become on the edge and spins.