Slot machine for SALE – “Roman Goddesses”

Slot machine for SALE – “Roman Goddesses”




Roman themed online slot game

The mythology of the ancient Roman gods is closely intertwined with the history of ancient Rome. Romans believed that the worship of gods and goddesses would grant them the blessing of heaven, protect them from all troubles and sorrowful events. For each deity, they built temples, in the center of the hall they created a pedestal for the statue of the god or goddess whom they worshiped, built altars for offerings, prayer halls that mortal righteous could visit. All ancient Roman themes are filled with the power of magic and faith in the divine principle. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

And there was a thunder and the heavens broke out and the goddesses descended to the earth. Three beauties descended from heaven, a magical trio: Trivia, Venus and Diana. Each one is amazing and amazing in its own way. The slot game reel of the slot immerses us in the world of that era where Hercules, the hero of myths, performed his amazing feats, and the majestic queen Ellis founded ancient Carthage and gave her heart to the sensual Aeneas. On the background of the temple, in a row of columns on a marble board, we see our characters. Avatars and icons show us the beauty of Roman life. Where Jupiter is the supreme god, the father of heaven descends to earth to visit his earthly son, to conquer and corrupt the new virgins. And in the arena of the Colosseum, we observe the magical power of the shield and silver helmet created by Vulcan in the heavenly forge. The symbol “red-gold veil” shows to us the sign of lightning in a golden laurel wreath. The sign “Roman Goddesses” in emerald execution will reveal to us the power of the power of each goddess. The control panel windows are very simple and ergonomic. With their simplicity, they help to figure out how to start the game, where the data and parameters, balance and winnings, bet and additions to the game are registered. The buttons are drawn in bright colors, voluminous and clear:



The main Background of the game: on the day of the solstice, when the stars converge in one line, we observe a picture of a brightly warm day where the square in front of the temple of Venus is laid out in the form of a rectangular paving stone. The columns are high and similar, like a reflection in a mirror. Nature is filled with green juicy density. Powerful silhouettes of mountains can be seen in the distance, we feel their rocky attraction. After drinking water from the fountain of luck, we climb the stairs and enter the inside of the temple. Here, the atmosphere of peace and quiet is laid out everywhere with paths of freshly picked flowers, the scent of musk and wax from smoldering candles is felt in the air. At the foot of the statue of the goddess, a velvet carpet is spread, kneeling down, we begin our prayer…



The night version of background: The day is over, the sun has long since set and it has become dark. Leaving the temple, we feel a light breeze passing through our face. The night is deep and sensual, we light the torches and return to our abode. The atmosphere of the background inspires and instills in us the unknown power of the night.



The symbols of the goddesses are very effective and clearly drawn. Each picture conveys to us the state of power that the goddess is endowed with. The High symbols of the goddesses are illustrated by nature, the celestial view of day and night. Trivia is the goddess of the night, the mistress of moonlight, magic and sorcery. She is depicted against the background of the full moon, a wise and experienced owl sits on her feminine shoulder, she is her eyes in the darkness and gloom of the night. Beauty Venus is the goddess of beauty, carnal love, desire, fertility and prosperity. One of her magical glances is enough to conquer any heart, whether it be a person or an animal. In her chic green robe, this green-eyed sorceress dazzles everything around her, even nature pales before her beauty. All flowers worship her, and the trees part before her, distant wanderers dedicate their exploits to her, sailors sing of her in their ballads. Brave Diana is the goddess of hunting, flora and fauna, femininity and fertility. Endowed with the power of fire, she inspires the hunter with thoughts of good luck, calling on her and pointing her bow, the arrow will clearly reach its goal. Gorgeous chestnut curls emphasize her image of power, strength and speed of reaction. Her body is decorated with beads and a belt of bird feathers, each feather symbolizes victory in the hunt for a forest animal or bird.



The animation of the goddesses gives us the opportunity to feel the power of each. As if the power of the earth from the very depths rises throughout the body in encircling waves, rolls over and over again, plunging the whole body into a bright magical whirlpool of power. All symbols of the goddesses are filled with shimmer and grace, each is original and impressive in its own way.


The character “Jupiter” and the symbol “Roman Goddesses” will give us extra winning points. The Thunderer charges us with his lightning bringing victory closer, a formidable eagle on his shoulder will help us overcome all difficulties.



The animation of the symbol of the god of thunder conveys all the beauty of the power of fire, a very inspiring and voluminous picture. “Roman Goddesses” is also worked out quite impressively, on the emerald canvas, the golden crown in a bright dazzling shimmer is moving away, inspiring us to believe in victory:


Regular symbols (characters) are also worked out very well. The  Helm gives us a new contemplation skill. The Colosseum will show us the whole truth of gladiatorial fights, will transfer to the time when the Roman emperor, sitting on the throne, decided which of the fighters would live one more day, and who would go to the world of spirits to their ancestors. The magic shield will fill our hands with an endless stream of power and strength of Hercules.



All animation of these symbols is filled with elements of thunder, sparkling drawing. Using a magic item, we get a new experience, feeling in reality the power of the gods.


When 3 bonus symbols appear on the playing field, the player is given a chance to try his luck in the bonus game. On the marble board I drop out five elements of lightning in the crown. We have three attempts to choose the desired object: the Shield brings us an additional amount of winnings, and the helmet – the absence of winnings.




Boot screen (Loading screen) design: Meeting with the goddesses gives us a feeling of complete presence, their beauty and grace captivate. Having conquered the element of fire, they show how powerful they are, any element is subject to them because they are immortality.




Splashscreens with winning amounts are drawn in different variations: Big Win – in the animation of the appearance of a large silver inscription with a bright salute; Mega Win – the appearance of a large gold inscription in salute and gold shimmer; a huge golden shimmering inscription – Gigantic Win; either a blue inscription – Colossal Win; Unbelievable Win – drawn in red colors – the brightest inscription of victory.
















This window shows the player the number of free spins attempts they have won. Thanks to the power of the goddesses, we are moving towards the cherished goal, in order to see the result of the total winnings.







The paytable is arranged according to the hierarchy of symbols, next to each picture the number of pay lines with a certain number of identical symbols and the amount for winning matches is indicated:







Ancient Roman goddesses, myths and legends, gods and demigods and just ordinary mortals – all this lives in our memory, and the brighter we draw pictures in our heads, the more we feel like heroes endowed with superpowers. All our deeds live inside us creating an endless stream of a series of events connecting with an invisible thread – past, present, future.