Slot machine for SALE – “Dog Poker”

Slot machine for SALE – “Dog Poker”




Poker Themed online slot game

To understand the mindset and power of dog knowledge in this game, you need to go back in time to the depths of the past and learn what poker is all about. So, poker is a card game that aims to collect a winning combination or force all opponents to stop playing. The game comes with fully or partially closed cards. Specific rules may vary depending on the type of poker. The general elements of all types of poker are the combinations and trades in the game. Due to the fact that the player does not know the cards of his opponents, poker is a game with incomplete information, so the genius quality of mathematical card counting will help put on the shoulders of all opponents. The ability to bluff will always be a reliable ally. The origin of the game and its name comes from the German «pochen» – to knock. People have been playing poker for over four centuries. In the modern world, this game has conquered all countries of the world, you can not know its rules, but the name is known to many. The rules have evolved over time, but however, the winner is determined by the player’s best poker hands. So, collect lucky combinations, create happy and successful lines and get the right cash prizes. Become a super poker player with our online casino and choose your super prize with our thoroughbred shaggy friends. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

There is a gold-framed reel on the background. Inside the monitor are scattered poker symbols charged with cash success. The metal body of the drum is covered with gold plating with the Spades card signs drawn. All the advantages of the senior cards are status and stable in separate rows, forming super-flush lines creating absolute full house combinations. Each card is filled with success, the spirit of poker permeates the entire slot. Standard spins scatter symbol cards across the playing field and create alliances of poker lines with a solid cash foundation of winnings and bonus prizes. The control panel is in the style of solidity. Proper windows with written amounts form balance, bet and win. The amount of the bet is at the player’s discretion. The reel is rotated in two modes, with auto spin or manual mode. The quick start button is reliable and stable. All poker combinations are accounted for and calculated.


The background is drawn in the form of a standard card game. Scattered green cards, some of which are open. A clever opponent is able to calculate all cards, but the ability to bluff will help to defend their hand and come out in the positive with any result. Charged chips with different amounts defend the bet, the higher the bet, the greater the risk. Dice fall on the cloth announced the amount. Gold roulette is launched and the selected red or black will become a prize. Thanks to intuition, you can raise your money to a high level. The Lucky Ace becomes the player’s mascot, the power of that card’s luck in every hand.


Symbols are divided into groups, forming high and low characters. High symbols are located at the bottom – «Bonus» symbol “successful and lucky”. Its shine of wool is healthy and powerful. Glasses give solidity and status to the individual. More than two bonus mascots in factories. Another character is Fighting dog, he smokes his cigar and looks down on his opponents, he’s confident in himself and his cards. The steadfastness of his gaze causes his opponents to retreat and fold, giving all the credit to the dog’s leader.  

Three Symbols at the top row – “representatives” of Suit Spades  in Card Deck – Jack, Queen and King. The doubling symbol is drawn in the form of an explosive multiplication of the sum of the winnings, the clear position of this symbol is responsible for the stability of the cards and their location in the playing field. There is strength and confidence in every doubling. The symbol «Black Mark» – the paw of the dog is printed on a new map, instead of the joker this most important map, catch your happy paw, and dogs will christen you the chief commander. Symbol “Fire hydrant” symbolizes the purity of the mind and the clarity of the right move. Its bright appearance always attracts the eyes of others.

Low symbols are represented by a group of digits and a Latin letter. The varied colouring of the characters emphasizes their position and the emphasis of the card on the table. Voluminous is to believe in luck, but not to forget logic.



Animation of symbols is bright and unpredictable as a poker combination. In a successful glow, low symbols appear, catching fire at the very beginning, and reach the peak of their shine and go into the background giving way to the leaders of this group of signs. The footprint of a paw is like an invisible knight with a blue flicker, makes you feel the power of a dog. The power of doubling the blast covers all signs, and the Bonus manifests its nature by denying defeat. He holds the last card out of the deck and knocks out all the opponents. The King defends his queen from the vehement jack and puts him in his place, lowering him into the very bottom of the deck. The fire hydrant has stalled, a little longer and will blow the roof off, because the boss dog is the strongest poker player. Play with our online casinos and let smart poker dogs win you every game!