Wildscreen Backgrounds


These Wildscreen backgrounds were developed for a casual game that included many levels and locations. For a closer look, we “cut” them into pieces. So, begin:


  1. Here is a night background, where we see a hilly land with green grass, a calm blue river, beautiful plantings, blooming sakura, a variety of beautiful flowers that adorn the picture. Lit Chinese lanterns can be seen on the sakura.



The picture also shows various buildings – houses made of wood in the Chinese style, with red roofs, made of wood, in the windows of which there is light. The roofs of the houses are made of red tiles, complemented by blue elements. Such structures are located both on the ground and in the mountains, between which there is a bridge. In the foreground, you can see wooden lanterns, a dark blue calm surface of water, in which a goldfish splashes, many small stones on the grass, strewn with an abundance of small glow and mysterious flickering.



Also, the background is complemented by a blue-blue waterfall cascading over rocky mountains, a mysterious full white moon illuminating the space, as well as a wooden boat standing near a stone house.



2. Here is a snow-covered land, in the background of which there are rocky mountain ranges covered with snow caps, complemented by many snow-covered firs at the foot. A bright sunny day, illuminating the entire space in the picture, a blue slightly cloudy sky.



The picture shows stone buildings: houses, mills. On the left, the picture shows a stone fortress with towers and conical orange roofs. The wooden blades of the mill and the wooden roofs with red tiles are the prototype of the medieval mill.




Also in the background are buildings with blue-tiled wooden roofs. The houses are made of stone. In the foreground there are many wooden barrels, deer, wooden cartwheels, wooden gates, and a stack of straw.




3. Here is a stunning nature on the theme of pirates, where ships enter the quiet harbor of the bay. In the foreground, you can see the sandy coast, with green and palm plantations, and on the right you can see the mountainous terrain, complemented by tropical greenery.



On the left in the picture are wooden buildings installed on wooden beams and simply on the ground, with roofs made of blue and red tiles, complemented by bridges, various structures in the form of ships. The front of the buildings is decorated with a scarecrow with a skull. On the right, the rocky terrain has a somewhat frightening appearance, imitating a skull. At the entrance to the cave in the mountain, bottles of rum and many skulls are also visible.



In the foreground, you can see many wooden barrels filled with rum, a wooden chest filled with gold, treasure maps, golden cups, an anchor, wooden carts and some items from them scattered along the shore.



Ships with white and pirate sails enter the quiet bay, a goldfish splashes in the transparent water of the sea. An “evil” cormorant sits on a piece of wood on the shore:




4. Here is a post-apocalyptic city. Evening time. The picture shows a desert land, in the background there are white mountain ranges, the peaks of which go into a blue sky with clouds. In the distance you can see the glow of the sun.





In the foreground of the picture, dark turquoise water spreads among the sands, like a river spreading over the ground.



The whole picture shows rocky buildings, houses, structures, bars, a church, industrial buildings, with wooden and metal roofs with chimneys, complemented by wooden doors, window frames, as well as many buildings with metal stoves. All houses are uneven, skewed, angular. From windows and doors, stoves, a burning light can be seen all around.




5.  This background shows a bright sunny day with beautiful nature, where in the foreground you can see an abundance of green succulent grass mixed with beautiful green spaces, vegetation and bushes. The bright lush grass is complemented by many small stones.



On the background, in the distance, is the Mayan Indian Pyramid, with birds circling above it, blue skies and massive mountain ranges extending into the blue sky. On the left is a small wooden building with a wooden path and rocky steps, shrouded in foliage and trees, light is visible from the windows of the house. From the house there is a red stone path from left to right, along which the blue river water flows down. A small Indian stone deity is encountered on the way.



On the right in the picture there is a temple made of stone with the image of the holy deity of the Indians, a fire is burning in a stone bowl. There is also a colored wooden Indian deity in front of the entrance to the temple.