Slot machine for SALE – “Win Halloween”

Slot machine for SALE – “Win Halloween”



Halloween Themed online slot game

Witches, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and monsters – they all gather to celebrate the most mystical and darkest holiday of the year – Halloween. When evening comes, you know that the time has come to put on your masks. Because the night will be scary, and it’s better to scare than to be scared. Are you ready for the unforgettable Halloween night of your life? If you like Halloween as much as we do, you have come to the right place. He is loved because on this day adults can be naughty and frolic, like children, themselves and with children. After all, one wants so much to bring a little confusion into one’s everyday life, to add creativity and ugliness! A mysterious and funny world opens in front of you. You will be immediately greeted by a mischievous witch with a bag of sweets. Here, game symbols will be scrolled on 5 reels, each of which fully reflects the theme of this slot: a black cat, a funny witch, a couple of ghosts, a vampire and, of course, sweets. The control panel, which has taken the lower position of the main screen, has concentrated buttons in the form of multi-colored jars with a potion, with which the player can adjust the bet indicator or the rotation mode without unnecessary difficulties. The winning amounts are displayed next to the buttons, so the participant of the game will always be up to date with the current state of affairs. The Spin button is a pumpkin, which is an integral attribute of the holiday. If you want to purchase this online slot game, you may do it at our store –



On the background you can see the old house on the hill, and the path leading to it. Under the tree you can see a funny witch, candles and pumpkins along the road, decorations – all these attributes create a sense of celebration. Bats seem to fly around the game screen, reminding that this is the night of the saints. Despite the “otherworldly” paraphernalia, this is a real celebration of life, joy and fun.



Halloween is a bright and colorful holiday, and legends and symbols are behind its attributes. The graphics are excellent, designed very creatively. The symbols on the reels are mainly the main characters of this night – ghosts, dracula, the witch, the black cat, as well as the coffin of Dracula and the pumpkin. Used bright card symbols, originally stylized. Two wild symbols are represented by images of ghosts and replace all the others, except for the cauldron with sweets – Scatter, which is one of the main symbols of Halloween.



Excellent graphics and thoughtful design details completely convey the atmosphere of mysterious events that occur on this night. It amazes both the background and the symbols of the game. Animation of all characters makes the machine even more fabulous.


When three or more BONUS symbols appear on the reels, the bonus round is activated. Instead of reels, 5 pumpkins will appear on the screen.

In this game, the user must blindly open several pictures. The player has 3 tries to win determine amount of winnings. It have to choose any three.



All symbols have their own coefficients that directly affect the amount of the reward for lucky combination. At the same time combinations should consist of several identical pictures. The “Win Halloween” payout table, which is divided into three pages, will familiarize the user to the types of symbols, types of combinations and coefficients. The first page shares the specifics of using symbols: Wild and Scatter.



The second shows the payout ratios of the main symbols.



The win rate for card signs is displayed on the third page.



As soon as you are lucky enough to collect three or more pots of sweets – this will serve as a start for Free Spins mode. This window will certainly notify the player of the transition to this mode.



Losses don’t take away money from the player, and all winnings will be added to his account.



The window for entering the bonus mode will not allow the user to be in the dark.



To get winnings for successful rounds is a great opportunity for a player to replenish his bankroll without risk.