Slot machine for SALE – “Temple of Death”

Slot machine for SALE – “Temple of Death”




Adventure Themed online slot game

Today we will plunge into the world of dreams and adventures. Famous paleontologists, science professors such as Indiana Jones, Lara Croft, Nathan Drake, Rick O’Connell were treasure hunters, hunters of antiquities and artifacts. In each of their journeys, our heroes always solved the riddles of our ancestors, studying papyri and parchment cards – they found answers to any questions, they always had an ace up their sleeve. And as in any legendary story, they were hindered by villains who wanted to take possession of the ancient wonders for their own benefit and direct this unknown power of wealth and magical finds not for the good of the world and all of humanity. Well, how in this action game without love, how can you not save the beauty from the clutches of the monster and the psychopath of the evil scientist. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reel of the slot is made in the thematic style of the temple type. On the background of the dungeon in the center of the game field on a transparent manuscript are the symbols of our winnings. Each symbol carries its own magical bouquet of victories. Around the perimeter of the reels is decorated with gold elements with engraved inscriptions of that era, and precious skulls in different variations. The golden compass will always show the way of our smart and inquisitive Mary Krum. In her leather bag, Mary always has her father’s telescope with which she never partes, a bottle of anti-poison potion just in case, and a trophy gold cup studded with precious stones obtained in a past treasure hunt. While excavating in Indonesia, Mary found a very old Aruba medallion. According to their legends, it brings not only good luck to the leader, but also gives the power of metal and the four elements.



The game background is presented in the form of a lost underground world, the highest ancient columns are located around with their patterns and elements. The room is very large and cold. In the center is a sacrificial altar with bowls of boiling lava, from below a drain where all the impurities and the remnants of negligent liquids were drained. Huge furnaces in the form of iron skulls and a crematorium where the remains of sinners were sent to turn them into a handful of ashes and fertilize the soil. There are hundreds of traps around us that we don’t even know about, but we know why we are risking our lives, and the reward will make up for all the risks and difficulties of this path. Looking up, we see the ornament and frescoes, all the beauty of the past and we can feel the power of the stone, all its power. In the light of day, one can feel the depth of this unknown world and only guess what lies ahead. Ancient shamans filled the room with their dope herbs smoldering endlessly and introducing others into a trance. What else is hidden behind the veil of this primitive splendor that is unconscious and not understood by our minds. What treasures are hidden in this temple.



This world of sinister skulls and valuable artifacts reveals a picture of symbols and their magical meaning.

High symbols of the slot machine will help us to achieve success in our journey. We see three symbols in a gold frame: the ancient medallion WILD – decorated with emeralds, will reveal to us all the wisdom of being, give us the power of earth, fire, water and air, endow us with the magic of metal magic, transfer all forgotten and lost knowledge. Mary Crum’s avatar carries a hidden symbolic “BONUS”, which will bring us good luck to open new limits of the slot, give us the opportunity to try our luck in an additional bonus game. SCATTER as a skull symbol – will show where we’d stop so as not to tempt fate in vain, “scattering” symbols along the lines randomly.



Middle slot characters will give you the opportunity to multiply your winnings. A tashka or a leather bag with a treasure map will show us what we are worth on this journey, there will always be something necessary and important for an adventurer in it. A bottle of green liquid is nothing more than a health elixir or antidote, it will save us from any poisoning and give us strength for further jumps into the unknown. The golden compass will always help us out if we get lost in pitch darkness, when the sky is covered with thick clouds and we cannot see the polar star. He will always accurately show us where north and south are, and if necessary, direct us to the east and west. A magical golden bowl decorated with amethysts will always give a wanderer a drink from any source, the water will become alive and give a huge amount of energy to the traveler. The father’s telescope is very significant for Mary, it keeps the whole story in itself. His father gave it to Mary when she was still a teenager. He often told her the story of how this telescope helped him find his way home and how he always magically saw what was important to him. Magically, the telescope gives us the opportunity to see what awaits us in the future, and if you are pure in heart, it will always lead you to your cherished goal.



And the last, there are Low symbols. whuch made in the form of numbers and letters in different colors with memorable hieroglyphs in a gold frame will show us our “small victories”.



Thanks to at least three “Bonus” symbols in our game, we get an additional opportunity to increase our winnings in the Bonus Round. The process of the bonus game is very simple: we see the following picture on the reel: five golden compasses appear, each of which contains its own prize or a dummy symbol, we have three attempts to select the compass we need. By choosing on the compass, we can “get” on the cup, which multiplies our winnings, or we get nothing if the Skull symbols “hidden” behind the compass. The control panel is light and simple, no need to rack your brains, all the windows show us all the necessary information, and the game buttons are clearly marked on the reel.




Well, let’s sum it up. The temple of the Death showed us all its secrets and hidden sacred symbols that helped us make an incredible and fascinating journey into this mysterious world. Each seeker will find something of his own here, and let the treasure map show you the way to incredible riches. Find your artifact or cup of luck and let the magic of light grant you success with every step you take in the realm of power and magic.