Slot machine for SALE – “The Great Gatsby”

Slot machine for SALE – “The Great Gatsby”



The Great Gatsby online slot game

«The Great Gatsby» is a novel by American writer Fitzgerald, the most famous literary work of the jazz age. The plot focuses on a love story with a detective and tragic ending. The action takes place near New York City, on the gold coast of Long Island, among the wealthy villas. In 1920, following the chaos of World War I, an economic boom began and American society entered an unprecedented period of prosperity. At the same time, prohibition made many bootleggers millionaires and gave a significant boost to organized crime. Fitzgerald, though not indifferent to the brilliance of new money, critically examined the concept of the American dream, highlighting the cult of material prosperity and the emerging consumer society. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot reels is drawn very qualitatively, neatly and exquisitely. Each icon is symbolic and thoughtful, creating a general picture of the slot. The name of the machine is written on the top, engraved on the red oak precious emeralds – letters, around the tree gold patterned border. The key bar is very simple and convenient to control. The big golden button «SPIN» is located on the right, starts the game. Green «Auto» and red «Stop auto», allows to start automatic rotation or without it. The information balance window – the amount that we charged to the machine;  also the betting window – the amount of which we can change at our discretion; and «Win» – the amount won. Inside the reel, five rows of symbols are placed on a wooden surface, creating their simple and chic lines in various noble combinations.  The rows are separated by precious stones and golden jumpers. The signs of the yellow car «Wild», intertwined with images of Jay and Daisy, mixed with booze and decorations create a composition of romantic, extra-love mood of the time. Next to the reel is a luck scale that gradually fills up, attracting additional free spins or the chance to trigger the bonus game. The green acid-tinged liquid fills this strip and looks very voluminous and radiant.



The main Background resembles the backyard of the Buchanan house overlooking the garden. The high stained-glass doors are wide open, the curtains are barely moving, it’s very stifling outside. Palm trees sit majestically in stone vases and decorate the overall landscape of the house. Next to the stairs on the pedestals are vases with orange chrysanthemums, they fill the air with their tart slightly bitter aroma. Marble staircases with a double descent in different directions as an extension of the house close the patterned tiles with thick decorative grass lawn. Delightful shrubs and trees create a harmonious and cozy atmosphere around. A light small fountain is the decoration of the courtyard. The lush green grass absorbs the look, and the wild vine fills the void of the stones. The overall picture of this background, something exclusive and very expensive.



Additional Background: The night yard is filled with an abundance of lights and hinged lanterns. A light breeze tries to sway the leaves, creating a dance of graceful greenery and flowers. The lighting inside is very warm and filled with splashes of champagne and melting ice.



All slot symbols are very colorful and unique. Yellow car «Wild» – American luxury car of 1928 (Duesenberg Model J). A gorgeous car driven by J. Gatsby himself, scattering the air at high speed. «Wild», as always fills the field by replacing any symbol, increasing the chance of winning. The icon of the symbol is framed by a metal frame, giving the overall charm to the image.



The symbols of Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan blend harmoniously, in a fabulous blend of purple and orange tones. The depiction of a well-groomed, well-respected woman dressed in the most expensive and fashionable clothes underlines her stasis and sophistication. The pearl necklace gently wraps around Daisy’s neck, the red locks are neatly arranged and decorated with a hat. Jay is a confident young man, looking into the fog in search of the green light, his longtime dream, and an irresistible thirst for adventure. A suitcase full of hundred-dollar bills shows Gatsby’s generosity and ease of money.



The Platinum diamond ring is the decoration of the rich of the time, the position in society, the expression of non-standard and strong. A pearl necklace with the image of the Virgin Mary will be the best gift for the beloved. A bottle of cold champagne will quench your thirst and fill your head with bubbles, creating a state of lightness and grace.



The Gatsby-style gold symbols add value and status to the slot, stating who is the master of the house.



The bonus game is represented as a billiard table decorated with stones with gilded sides, inside are fields of emerald ovals, all that you need to guess where hidden prize symbol in the form of a suitcase with money. There are three attempts to open the target.




This Gatsby themed slot machine immerses us head in the atmosphere of those times, unwittingly we ourselves become participants in the mind games that will win emotion or feeling. What can be more expensive than power and money, everyone chooses what he likes. The game helps us to discover all the potential. Betting and winning brings us closer to the highest win and super prizes. Become the main winner of Gatsby’s jackpot, good luck in the game!