Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Wild West”

Slot machine for SALE – “Wild Wild West”




Cowboy Themed online slot game

Who hasn’t heard of the Wild West? We have all heard a lot about the Wild West from American Westerns, many people love and watch them with pleasure. Probably even the smallest ones know who cowboys are. You had an excellent chance not only to be a spectator, but also to become a direct participant in an exciting journey into the world of the Wild West, revolvers, gin, cowboy ambitions and dust, yes, the very dust from horses’ hooves. Did you feel it? This is exactly how the WILD, WILD WEST slot was created, so that everyone would feel like a cowboy and for a moment transported to a completely different world.
An ideally thought-out game by the developers, a user-friendly and intuitive interface, magnificent colorful graphics, clear animation – all this made it possible to translate into reality the idea of the Wild West of creative developers. Feel like a sheriff or a cowboy with the main characters of the slot WILD, WILD WEST. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reels of the “Wild, Wild West” slot game is rectangular in shape, made of wood and visually divided into five vertical columns, in which symbols of all categories are presented. At the top, in large blue letters, the name of the game is Wild, Wild West, and at the bottom there is a control panel with the designation of balance, messages, winnings and bets. Also on the right in the corner there is a large round SPIN button, made as a gold star. On the sides, the frame is supplemented with steel horseshoes, as well as strong ropes. The game field is presented against the night background of the slot.



Day background of the slot machine. In front of us we see a typical town of the Wild West with two-story wooden buildings, barrels, a wagon, reflecting the realities of the harsh life of the locals. Also on the buildings there is a sign with the name BANK, STARDROP, a wind turbine is installed. The town is nestled among the hot sands, while rocky and sandy mountain ranges rise in the background.



Night version of the  slot game background. The cloudless sky is strewn with stars, complemented by a bright moon that illuminates the mountain ranges. The cowboy town is illuminated by light from the windows of wooden buildings.



In front of us is a symbol of a high category in a rectangular gold frame, where a cowboy girl is represented on a blue background of the sky with grass, in a brown cowboy hat, jeans, brown cowboy boots, and an orange blouse with a revolver in her hands.



Here are two symbols of the category High in square gold frames. The first one is on a blue background; we see two crossed revolvers, flying cartridges and WILD in the foreground, drawn in large green letters. Nearby, in the same gold frame on a lilac background, there is a brown bag with bundles of money, in the background there is also a heap of money, in the foreground the inscription SCATTER in red letters.



The next block includes symbols of the main category. These symbols are presented in round frames, each with its own individual background, and each has its own main character. The first is a male cowboy with a revolver and a hat, a green scarf and a cigarette in his mouth. The second is this cowboy girl in a denim jacket with a red scarf around her neck, with blonde hair with pigtails, in a brown cowboy hat, and the third is a sheriff in a hat with gray hair and a mustache, in a white shirt and a leather vest with a gold star on the chest…



Next are the symbols of the category Low: a leather cowboy hat, a leather holster with cartridges and a revolver, a round gold sheriff star. These symbols are not in frames, but this makes them no less interesting.



Other symbols of this category are explosives wound with duct tape, a steel horseshoe, as well as metal spurs for cowboy boots.







Pop-up. On the darkened screen of the reels, in bright letters, we see the inscription – “5 of a kind”. This is a pop-up that announces the start of the bonus mini-game where you have to choose one of five options to win.



The Big Win pop-up window is presented on a darkened background of the reel, where the inscription – BIG WIN appears in large green letters in the center and below it – the amount of the win.



The Mega Win pop-up window is presented on a darkened background of the reel, where the inscription MEGA WIN appears in large red letters in the center and the amount of the winnings below it.



The Huge Win pop-up window is presented on a darkened background of the reel, where the inscription “HUGE WIN” appears in large blue letters in the center and the amount of the winnings below it.



Another pop-up. The window is presented on a darkened background of the reel, where the inscription SUPER WIN appears in large lilac letters in the center and the amount of the winnings below it.



Pop-up Jackpot. On the main background of the slot, a slightly darkened reel in the center, one of the slot’s heroes is presented – a cowboy in a black leather hat, black clothes with a green scarf, with a cigar in his mouth and a revolver. In the foreground there is an inscription JACKPOT in bright large gold letters and the amount of the winnings under it.



On the screen of the main reel, there is a rectangular time-worn parchment in the center with the image of a bag of money, under which there is a quantitative value and an inscription of the free spin game.



Another parchment on the background of the main reel of the slot. It shows the name – Wild Wild West, and below it, in two horizontal rectangles, symbols of the highest and middle categories with a quantitative value and designation for each: for a free spin game or winning a jackpot.



Another designation of all symbols of the slot, where each has a quantitative value and a total amount. The symbols of the highest category, presented below, mean: Wild – match any symbol, Scatter – get it for a bonus.



A congratulatory inscription on the main background of the reels, presented in the center on a rectangular wooden window, where there is a parchment slightly battered at the ends. It has an inscription in large letters – Congratulations. Below – You’re entering the free spins game. Bottom center is a large OK button.



Another congratulatory inscription. It is still represented on parchment, as in the version above. Top center – Congratulations. And then there is an inscription stating that you have won a certain amount of money from the game with free spins. At the bottom is a large round OK button with a gold star background.



The third greeting inscription on parchment. In the middle at the top in black letters there is an inscription – Congratulations. And under it – that you entered the bonus game. Below, against the background of a large gold star, the OK button.



The last congratulatory inscription in the center with the words – Congratulations. Below is an explanation of what you have won the sums of money from the bonus game. Below, against the background of a gold star, there is a large OK button.