Slot machine for SALE – “King of Kings”

Slot machine for SALE – “King of Kings”



King Kong Themed online slot game

The «King of Kings» slot machine goes on a far and dangerous journey, where the wild and unknown animals of the world of impregnable wilderness dwell. In the deepest part of the island, amidst the dense jungle, lives the great king and king of this place, King Kong, a huge monster, a giant monkey with a whole house. This prehistoric primate, master and master in his realm of impassable hashes. A group of young researchers are on their way to find our monster. Along the way, they encounter a village of wild aborigines who sacrifice the king – young maidens, thereby protecting the village from evil dinosaurs. By chance, the beautiful young American is taken prisoner by the natives and given to the giant as another offering. The Gorilla King, seeing the girl, was fascinated by her beauty. The white curls of the beauties conquered the beast forever. In the aftermath of a mad duel between Kong and Tyrannosaurus, the king defeated and killed a giant lizard, breaking his jaw and severing his tongue. At the entrance of the fight, the hero was severely injured, lost consciousness and woke up already on the alien ship, chained in iron shackles. The ship arrives in New York, where a grand performance is being prepared in which people will see an unprecedented miracle monster. As a result, «King of Kings» found himself on the spire of the Empire State Building, was fatally defeated in a battle with a flying iron monster. The beauty-conquered monster gave his life – «Beauty killed the monster!» , this speech sounded throughout the city after the fall of the gorilla from the tower. Let’s conquer and harness our giant ape, find the island and solve all the mysteries of this new world. Collect the best combinations, form multiple prize lines and get to the main treasure of the island, collecting a decent cash prize. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reel is filled with the colors of the sunset. Against the background of the decayed movie posters spread their majestic silhouettes mysterious symbols of the machine. The powerful playing field is arranged in separate rows of three symbols each. A game of colored pictures from juicy green to deep purple and black. Around the poster will be a tensioned cable that holds the whole structure together. On the side the drum holds the king’s paw and growls mightily chasing away the annoying winged creatures. His gaze is harsh and wild, but deep inside the monster’s heart, it lives reliably on impeccable beauty. The control panel is simply chic. The balance and win windows blend harmoniously into the overall picture. The betting window contains flawless amounts that can be changed at the player’s discretion. “Start” button, clearly expressed on the common panel.



The Game background bloody purple transmits the whole atmosphere of the event. The scale of the city of New York is enormous. There are hundreds and thousands of high-rises everywhere. Thousands of lights are lit in skyscraper windows, darkness is coming. The vanity of the evening city is reflected against the background of the setting sun. The first stars pop out and promise a dark night. A dozen fighter planes are hunting down a monster that escaped and made it into town in search of its beauty. The Empire State Building Spire will see a terrible and irreversible event.



The mysterious symbols are arranged by the force of ascending. Low characters are represented by three-dimensional, multicolored Latin letters. The icons are framed in one style, a metal arc. The letters are drawn against the background of the jungle of the island. Dark colors of nature, hanging strong vines and hundreds of animals unknown to the world.
Middle symbols are worked out and made by a team of professional illustrators. Tyrannosaurus Rex – a huge prehistoric carnivorous lizard. Participated in a battle with a gorilla and was defeated. Even his mighty mouth did not save him from the evil fate. A bloodthirsty beast with dense reptile skin, always hungry in search of prey. A totem depicting a gorilla is a sign of the people’s worship of their mighty protector. His mission is to protect the village from dinosaur attacks, creating an invisible fire field around it. Pterodactyl flutters – with a wingspan of more than three meters, eternally in search of food. In difficult times, begins to chew and green or dead. He tries not to go into labor unnecessarily. The icon of the traveler ship, which transported the king of monkeys to the modern world of people, where his life ended.
High symbols represent images of King Kong «wild»- a mighty monkey, king of his jungle world, a hermit and protector of the suffering. Always kept in balance its expanses of greenery and prehistoric creatures. This strong wildness symbol can replace any other symbol in the game field. The blonde beauty «bonus» won the heart of the monster and destroyed it. Having two or more bonus symbols unlocks an extra game in which you can multiply your winnings. The symbol of the skyscraper «scatter» is a majestic and tall house in the center of the city, which captured many events. Thanks to the scatter card, you can earn additional free spins.



The animation of the symbols is bright and voluminous. The gorilla growls violently, invoking its wildness of the symbol for the best result. In the jungle, the cries of the beasts are heard, and the letters are like talismans rising from the depths of the forest. A huge ship floats, splitting the sea surface, creating powerful waves around. The girl is surprised by the power of the bonus and hides her mascot with a sense of fear. There’s noise and noise around the building, and an explosive firecracker envelops the entire building and plunges it into the darkness of the night. The reptilian makes his last noises, and the pterodactyl circling over his immobile body. The totem summons the spirits of the primate’s ancestors by lightning, taking his immortal soul to heaven.