Slot machine for SALE – “Squid’s Cash”

Slot machine for SALE – “Squid’s Cash”




Squid’s Cash online slot game

Thematic online slot «Squid’s cash» is made on the basis of the South Korean TV series «The Squid Game» in the genre of survival, action-adventure, thriller and drama. The plot of the series tells about the fate of people, about their difficulties, that a person will do anything for a better life. The film describes several storylines of people who are forced to agree to participate in this game, not suspecting what is really waiting for them.  If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

So, the reel of the slot resembles a monitor panel, on which various symbols are located. All symbols are drawn very carefully and clearly to the smallest detail. In the center of the monitor is the symbol of a large plastic doll “Wild”. Along the perimeter there are signs of a square, a circle and a triangle in different colors. Large black gift box with a beautiful pink bow. Three golden masks of VIP clients – an eagle, a panther and a buffalo, are worked out in detail, look very voluminous and impressive. The avatar of the main host is in a black mask and hood. Game cards with the image of a graphic squid. A painted prize sphere of a pig with gold coins and pictures of sugar honeycombs in a metal round box and a needle with a specific pattern on the lollipop. The control panel itself is very light and simple. All buttons are drawn in different colors, clearly marked. The largest SPIN is metal-colored, the letters are bright red. Sections of “Balance”, “Bet”, “Information” and “WinW, drawn out in the same style in red tones.



The background is drawn in the style of a children’s Lego maze room. It resembles a children’s labyrinth room lit by wall lights, with a predominance of doll color, interlacing stairs in different colors and a bunch of entrances and exits. In the movie, this was the intermediate room where the players moved to the new play area. Here they had time to talk, get to know each other better and share their feelings about the upcoming task, about what difficulties await them and how everything could end. After all, every time they understood that the next game could be the last in their lives, but a huge cash prize encouraged the participants to risk themselves.



The high symbols are very bright and colorful. The symbol “WILD” is made in the form of a doll, as in the series (this is the main character of the game called “The sea is worried …”). Pig Ball symbol with gold inside – in the movie, in the main room above the ceiling, there is a hanging transparent prize ball with a lot of money, and each time the amount increases with each eliminated participant. Further, the symbol of the main host in a black suit and mask – according to the film, this character monitors the progress of the game and gives instructions to his workers in pink suits.



The following series of characters also belong to the Middle characters. They depict gold masks of animals – a panther, a buffalo and an eagle. In the series, a certain group of people in gold masks, VIP clients, arrive at the final game, they place bets on the players while in the relax room, where they are served by waiters. Absolutely all characters except players wear masks. Symbol of a black gift box with a pink bow – an eliminated player is picked up in this box and carried away. Sweet honeycomb – lollipop – resembles a round candy with symbols inside, it is in a round box. All the player needs is to use a needle to cut out a figure from a honeycomb. This must be done as carefully as possible so as not to break the edges. And also a symbol – multi-colored cards with the image of a squid, here the rules of this game are written on the reverse side.





Low symbols of the slot game are depicted in the form of graphic figures – a circle, a square and a triangle. According to the film, these symbols were painted on the masks of employees in pink suits. Each of them denoted a specific position, for example, a circle – an ordinary servant, helps to prepare for the game and performs small work; triangle – guard, reveals retired players; and square – a person who can communicate with players and explain the rules of the game.



The splashscreens of the slot winnings has been designed in different colors. “Big Win” screen with a certain amount is depicted on a silver scoreboard, or the amount underlined in blue lines in the red scoreboard, and the winning amount highlighted in red on the blue scoreboard.







In this online game, we can try our luck and feel the taste of victory, evaluate our capabilities and become a complete winner by receiving the main prize. All possibilities are open to us, you just have to want and press the start button.