Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Department”

Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Department”



Firemen Themed online slot game

If you remember our childhood, then we all dreamed of who we would become when we grow up. Someone dreamed of becoming a doctor, someone a teacher, a policeman, and someone a firefighter. Surely, the coolest industry was considered the one thanks to which it was possible to save lives and not only. A firefighter is a very dangerous and courageous profession. Everyone knows that firefighters must have not only courage and excellent physical training, but also ingenuity and excellent theoretical training. It is on the people of this heroic profession that people’s lives and the safety of wild nature depend. It is no coincidence that this profession can be included in the list of the most dangerous in the world. On the splash screen, we see a firefighter in his full outfit, who is probably in a hurry to meet the element of fire. Behind him are two fire trucks, a little lower – the “Continue” button, all this is depicted against the background of the city. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The reels frame is a complete association with the fire department, against the background of the city. On both sides of the reels we see fire extinguishers, and on top – retractable ladder.



The main game background is the city. The city’s attributes are traffic lights, road signs, a highway and multi-storey buildings along it.



An additional background is the same city, but at night. This background is used for Free spins game mode.



The next background illustration is made in the form of the fire department itself. It is used for Bonus game. The base of this background is a brick wall with a map of the city attached to it and two fire poles.



Expanded Wild symbol is made in two versions – a fireman in full outfit and a glass skyscraper.



Next, we see the animation of these Expanded Wild symbols.


High symbols. Wild is a firefighter and a skyscraper, and Scatter is an image of a flaming two-story building, meaning an automatic Free spins and multiplication of the bet.



All three symbols are animated. The firefighter waves his head and flames around him, the building is engulfed in fire, and clouds float over the skyscraper.


The following symbols are indispensable attributes of a firefighter’s work. Medal – an award for courage, two axes, a fire extinguisher, a fire hose and a hydrant.



Each of these symbols is also animated. Medal – glitters, axes – rotate, hydrant depicts extinguishing a fire.


Low slot symbols are traditional letters that are depicted as concrete ones with metal rods piercing them.



These symbols also have their own animation. The letters increase slightly, and the rods turn red at this moment, as the metal is red-hot with fire.


At the Bonus game, we see the background – the inside of the fire station, 2 poles and two firefighters, who will very quickly, upon an alarm signal, go downstairs and go to extinguish the fire.



Congratulatory inscription Big Win, depicted against the background of a well-known city and supplemented by a scattering of coins. The lettering is made of metal with stylized text.




The next screen with the inscription Mega Win is made in the same style and on the same background as the previous one. The inscription is animated, pulsatingly increases and decreases, coins continue to pour all this time.




The first paytable shows two expanding symbols – a skyscraper and a firefighter. By collecting three skyscrapers or firefighters on different lines, you can see how they expand and multiply the win by 10.



The second slot paytable shows the Bonus symbol – a fire engine, after collecting 3 or more of them, you can win a bonus round. Scatter symbol – a flaming building, after catching it, you will receive a free spin and a multiplication of the total bet.



On the next two illustrations we see the middle and low symbols, and next to their values.




On this screen, the player can select the number of Free spins and the corresponding multiplier. The more Free spins, the less multiplier.



The next image is an example of drawing up payment lines.



On this illustration, we see information to players about a special bonus: “Special offer to get $ 50 to your account for free!” Be sure to use it. Limited offer.



The last screen is congratulatory. This shows the amount won in the Free spins game mode.