Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Mafia”

Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Mafia”



Mafia Themed online slot machine

Criminal gangs called “mafia” appeared in Sicily, Italy. However, already in the twenties of the last century, they firmly established themselves on the east coast of the United States. The “Prohibition” period became a period for the mafia to enrich itself and strengthen its position. It is simply impossible to imagine life in America in the twentieth century without mafia groups. In modern consciousness, the very concept of “Mafia” has become synonymous with certain attributes that are firmly rooted in popular culture. We use the most recognizable symbols and imagery in “Lucky Mafia” to help players experience a special atmosphere. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reels are designed quite concisely and stylishly. The white playing field is clearly divided into sectors. Most of the plates use a deep green color – the symbol of the cloth on the tables in the casino. Another reference to the casino theme is the “Spin” button, which is made in the form of a playing chip.



The game background takes players to the streets of Chicago, where life is in full swing, despite the night time. A young and elegantly dressed man drinks whiskey and smokes a cigar. He plays cards. It would seem that during the game, a person should look more relaxed. But no! This character looks around suspiciously, not letting go of the cards. He seems to be ready for any surprise. Cards and chips floating in the air make it clear that there is a casino on the street depicted, and not everyone can enter it.



The “2x Wild” symbol is an image of an open safe with gold bars inside. Who opened this safe – the owner or the robber? There is no exact answer, the fantasy of the players will tell them the course of events. However, the type of gold bars is unambiguously associated with an easy and reliable way to obtain wealth.
Another high-symbol is the most famous weapon of the mafia, the Thompson submachine gun. It is also known as “Tommy-gun” or “typewriter”. This submachine gun has been in production since 1921 and is still in production. During Prohibition, Thompson was the primary weapon for the Mafia.

The next symbol is a man’s hat with brim. It was in these hats the gangsters flaunted, emphasizing their chic. In general, the costumes of the mafia are worthy of a separate story. A tailored suit had key meaning to a gangster. In his book on gangsters in American culture, writer David E. Ruth mentions the fashion of Prohibition-era mafia clans: “Gangsters are becoming avid consumers who invest a lot of time and exorbitant expenses to always stay on the cutting edge of fashion …”
And, of course, another symbol is an expensive cigar. Only very wealthy people could afford such, which the gangsters were.



Regular symbols are slot characters. The man with the cigar is undoubtedly the boss of the mafia. He is dressed in an expensive black suit of shiny fabric. His hair is set in a flawless hairstyle, a golden ring shines on his finger, and the same cigar is smoking in his hand.
The second character is a young gangster. Like all mafiosi, he is dressed elegantly. Unchanging Borsalino hat, perfect white shirt, dark tie. And only Tommy-gun in his hand leaves no doubt: before us is a desperate criminal. But there is also some romance in his image. Perhaps the absence of a jacket helps to perceive this character as “our guy” and feel sympathy for him.
And, of course, it is impossible to imagine a slot dedicated to the mafia without a lovely girl! Since the mafia is famous for its values, loyalty to the beloved should accompany our heroes. The blonde beauty is dressed in the best traditions of the twenties. A gold hoop in her hair hints at her condition. Expensive luxurious fur over an evening dress emphasizes that the girl is ready to go out. A long cigarette holder helps to present it in a casino or club rather than at a formal reception.



Low symbols – traditional lettering of cards. Each letter is decorated with a rose.



In case of Big Win, Mega Win, Huge Win, Super Win victories, the reels are darkened and the corresponding inscription appears. For each victory level, the inscription is in a separate color. This makes it easier for players to determine victory status without even reading the text.





If the Jackpot is won, the game background and the reel are darkened. Traces of shots are visible in the background. Players see two crossed Tommy Guns and text that says “Jackpot”, the game score.



Paytables screens are decorated with a green background.



On the greeting screens, in case of receiving bonus games, the background and the reels are darkened. A green sign appears, which is stylized as a gambling table in a casino. The OK button is designed as a casino chip.