Sands of Fortune


Aladdin, one of the most beloved tales of all time, comes to life on 5 reels with 100 paylines. Non-standard game gives 10 rows of symbols in each reel. Most elements are card suits. This slot is more beautiful than words can describe. Within seconds, players will plunge into a world where the poor become rich. From the first seconds you understand that you are in the magical world of Agrabah. The game has very spectacular animations, unique and sophisticated symbols: a funny monkey, a funny parrot Iago, a charming princess Jasmine. Special symbols, in addition to winning combinations, will please with their animation; and three magic lamps will cause a great and powerful genie that will grow to the full height of the reel, so you can feel like a participant in the events of one of the most famous and incredible tales of all time.



The background of the game is the desert and the city of Agrabah, which sprawls on it, shines almost as brightly as the sun. The houses painted in gold glisten under the shining rays of midday heat. Palace domes burning with their brightness and brilliance, full of countless treasures and monstrous dangers attract the eye. Welcome to the fabulous Agrab, full of secrets and wonders. The unique atmosphere of magic will sparkle with new colors. And there is also a lot of sand here.



The young tramp from the street is Aladdin, a noble thief who sympathizes with the afflicted and destitute, but dreams of life in the palace. This is an exciting story in pictures about the beautiful and brave princess Jasmine, a charming street guy who became the owner of the lamp, the key to their future. As a fairy tale story happens, so does the transformation of symbols: from sketch to key images.



It’s good when you have a true friend who can always help in trouble! And even better when this friend is a genie. If gin helps you, then any problem can be solved! Aladdin was lucky – once he found a lamp with a real gin, which not only fulfilled his desire, but also became a real friend to him. Perhaps you will be able to make friends.



The blue giant acts as a Wild symbol, which with all its appearance shows the importance of the situation in the game. As in a fairy tale, he will emerge from the lamp in all his power, filling in a winning space and filled with the inscriptions “Wild”. Perhaps, in the whole East you will not find such a friendly and kind wizard as the cheerful Ginny!



Graphically, the game looks simply amazing, the animation of all the characters worked out very carefully, and excellent optimization will allow you to enjoy the game in full. The animation is very carefully designed, all the characters are very realistic. That is, of course, we understand that this is a game, but each action of the characters looks like the present in the present (albeit fabulous). In general, the characters in the game are very colorful, each has its own nature.



We brought our vision of the entrance to the magical and dangerous cave, symbolizing the entrance to additional levels which will completely immerse you in the fabulous, atmosphere of the east. In it you have to go on a dangerous journey in the company of Aladdin. A tiger’s mouth blazing with bright fire can frighten, but it is worth remembering that there are hidden countless treasures of the desert somewhere. It is worth arming yourself with an invariable flying assistant, and forward to adventure … Run forward, and the magic of the East will take care that you do not suffer from deep dips and sharp fangs.





The huge golden mouth of the tiger, a symbol of the entrance to the magic cave of desires, will notify the player that it is time to completely immerse yourself in magic and fairy tale. Do not be afraid, you will not lose anything: you have already won! An incredible sight, I do not think that in the near future we will see something more grandiose and bright.





In transforming the characters from a pencil sketch to the final result in the role of Jasmine, a wonderful Persian princess of a new generation was obtained. Her character was slightly modernized – clever and beautiful Jasmine found both her own ambitions and her own character. And the main character – Aladdin, grew up from an unconscious boy, to the courageous ruler of Agrabah.





Nothing would have happened to a young thief without his small but brave friends: a funny and mischievous monkey Abu, a stern and suspicious parrot, Iago and a good-natured tiger, a friend of the princess. We could not get past such wonderful characters, without which it is already impossible to imagine a fairy tale from “1001 Nights.” Each of them has its own ambitions, which, at a glance, are displayed in the smallest element of drawing from the sketch to the final result.









On the way you will be trapped by deadly traps that completely block the path. But having shown dexterity and attentiveness you can easily cope with everything. Having accumulated enough resources, you can spend them. Going around the traps, count your every step so as not to be trapped. Never lose your vigilance and be extremely careful. Go through all the levels of this wonderful game and find out what surprise awaits you at the end. Have fun!










All in your hands. For those who enjoy oriental tales, we offer to enjoy not only good wins, but also aesthetic pleasures. The players will discover the magical world of Agrabah and the story of Aladdin, who, with the help of faithful friends of the monkey Abu and the genie who lives at the bottom of the lamp, having overcome many obstacles and wiles of insidious opponents, conquers the heart of Princess Jasmine and becomes rich. Maybe you can become the Sultan? Worth trying!