Slot machine for SALE – “Mayan Mysteries”

Slot machine for SALE – “Mayan Mysteries”



Mayan Themed online slot game

In riotous arrays of impenetrable jungle the secrets of the ancient Mayan are hidden from the prying eyes. Evergreen walls are carefully camouflage the settlements of countless researchers and restless fans of selfie. How many treasures are stored in temples, which were built centuries ago, how many of them are left in the world of ancient settlements, which so far no one knows? At these questions, you may be able to get an answer with a help of interested scientists, but we can offer you to get acquainted with the graphic design of this theme in our casino slot play “Ancient Maya”. If you like classic play casino games, then this casino slot internet is for you. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –


We have developed background images with beautiful sceneries of the ancient civilization, suspension bridges through bottomless pits, dangerous waters, encircling the secret islands, areas with sacrificial fires and majestic totems. As the game symbols you will find a wide range of different artifacts and ritual objects of local population, including the sacrificial dagger and a necklace made up of canines of rare leopards. Local fauna is inhabited by unique wild predators, some of which prefer to hunt at night, and the rest – at the afternoon. And of course characters. Brave and fearless leader of the tribe, armed with a jagged spear. He is harsh and merciless, and his body is covered with armor from the skin of the defeated beast. The beautiful daughter of the leader, singing songs and dancing during the ceremonies, as well as a crazy shaman, whose predictions are largely incomprehensible, but still provide the protection of the local aboriginal people. All this you can see right now, playing the one of the best video slots machines.


Ancient background designs
Development the background images as locations to the game slot machine “Ancient Maya”.
We present you the first sketches of the current images, as well as the final versions of the day and night locations.



Day version of the background image with the suspension bridge for the slot machine.


Additional sketch version of a background image with a sacrificial totem for the slot machine.



Final version of a background image with a sacrificial totem for the slot machine.



Here you can see animations of Special symbols for the slot machine.

Special symbol – Crocodile

Special symbol – Eagle

Special symbol – Jaguar

Special symbol – Panther

Development of preliminary sketches of gaming symbols for the slot machine.


Sketches of regular symbols for the game slot machine.



Here you can see animations of High symbols for the slot machine.

High symbol – Wild

High symbol – Bonus

High symbol – Scatter

High symbol – Girl


Game symbols
Graphic design of the final versions of game symbols.
To match the the specified theme for our slot machine, we have developed several game symbols, fully reflecting the belonging to culture. We chose the most rare species of animals, as well as objects of exotic rituals and several characters from the local population.




Here you can see animations of Regular symbols for the slot machine.

Regular symbol – Necklace

Regular symbol – Dart

Regular symbol – Mask

Regular symbol – Necklace