Panda Shores


China is a mysterious and multifaceted country with its rich history and culture. Martial arts, the teachings of Feng Shui, the sayings of Chinese philosophers – all this is Celestial Empire. It is this kind of China, filled with beauty and wisdom, that is revealed to the players in the “Panda Shores” slot. The big panda is a stable symbol of China. Since ancient times, these charming black and white giants have been associated with nobility, intelligence, prosperity. All these qualities are appreciated by the Chinese people. They are described in literature, songs, picturesque images. And now there is the Panda Shores slot.

From the first seconds of the game we move to the picturesque Chinese province. It honors traditions and preserves a unique atmosphere. Chinese lanterns, painted blue porcelain, the recognizable Yin-Yang symbol and, of course, Chinese symbols – this is what the player sees on the reels. For the design of the reels gold and red tones are used. These are the colors of luxury and well-being in Chinese Feng Shui teachings. Of course, they are designed to help players gain wealth!



A sketch of the game background invites us to the riverbank. A pagoda gazebo took shelter in the shade of trees, a boat goes along a calm river, and lotuses are fragrant around.



Just look at the detailed game background, and it seems that subtle sounds of oriental music are about to be heard. The saturated lime color of trees in the foreground is gradually replaced by a muted shade of green. The closer to the horizon, the more blurred the contours of the trees become. Gradually they become blue-green and seem to dissolve in the mountains on the horizon. As you know, in nature, pandas live in highlands. Therefore, mountains are depicted on the gaming background.



On the next image, we are just moving higher up into the mountains. Here you can see the whole family of pandas. Good-natured bears feast on juicy shoots. Their kids are playing on a nearby tree. It is important to mention that the birth of every panda cub is a huge joy in China. Due to the fact that big pandas were in danger of extinction, each bear is under protection and control. Therefore, the cubs, shown on the picture, immediately cause a smile of emotion.



The night version of the gaming background causes a feeling of peace and tranquility. The moon shines softly in a cloudless starry sky. Its magical light is reflected in the dark blue surface of the river. The pagoda on the shore is lit by a welcoming fire. Pink and lilac lotuses in the moonlight seem magical colors. Fireflies above the bushes enhance the impression. This whole picture helps to believe in a miracle.



Sketches of high hieroglyphs – panda, chinese character and yin-yang symbol. All they are associated with China.



Color images of high symbols immediately convey the triumphant mood of the player. The hieroglyph is made in red and gold colors. In China, red is a symbol of movement and energy. It is customary to tie gold coins with a red ribbon, and a red napkin is traditionally laid under a money tree. Gold color, of course, symbolizes wealth and abundance. Therefore, the combination of red and gold is the color of wealth.

Yin-Yang is a graphic embodiment of Chinese wisdom about the unity of opposites. In a black and white circle, male and female energy, the earthly and heavenly principles, the inner world and the surrounding reality merge into one whole.

The panda and the yin-yang symbol are not so obvious, but also decorated with red-gold flowers – in a frame around the images.



Animated high symbols mesmerize: you want to look at them without taking your eyes off. The head of the panda rotates, as if the bear is somersaulting fun. The hieroglyph is enlarged, as if floating from the center of the image. Yin-yang rotates clockwise, its black and white parts merge and visually show the unity of opposites. Yin-yang demonstrates that energy is constantly in motion. And in the animated version of the symbol, this is best seen.



Sketches Regular symbols – porcelain vase, traditional Chinese lantern and turtle. Each of these symbols is of great importance in China. For many centuries, the vase is considered a sign of Buddha. Vases are associated with calm and wisdom because of its form and decoration. Look: there are no sharp corners and straight, sharp lines. Such vases have glorified the Chinese masters and still delight the connoisseurs of beauty.

Chinese lantern in the most of us associates with the holidays. But in fact, this is another traditional symbol of good luck. In China, houses and shops are still decorated with such lanterns, both outside and inside. In any city in the world where there is Chinatown, there will certainly be traditional lanterns.

The turtle in Chinese mythology is the embodiment of wisdom.



The detailed Regular symbols are the embodiment of luxury. Blue and white porcelain in China became especially popular during the Ming Dynasty. Products of that time are now of great value. But modern Chinese masters continue the tradition of their predecessors. Blue and white porcelain has always been associated with China.

The red-gold flashlight looks very elegant. It is difficult to believe that its initial purpose is the simplest – to illuminate a room or street. Yes, in China such pendant lights were used primarily for lighting. But over time, simple lanterns began to take on a variety of forms. They are still made of simple materials – paper or silk. The main decoration of the lanterns is Chinese calligraphy, painting, weaving of cords. Such a decorated flashlight we see on the screen.

The golden statuette of a turtle, decorated with emeralds, is a magnificent image of a symbol of wisdom and longevity.



Animations of regular symbols evoke admiration for the players. A gleam runs through a blue and white vase. The words of Chinese masters immediately come to mind: “Porcelain should be blue, like the sky, washed by rain, sonorous like a gong, transparent like glass, and thin as paper.” An animated vase image shows players just such porcelain.

The pendant flashlight sways in the wind. The Chinese believe that such lanterns chase away evil spirits. This is a good sign for players!

The statuette of a turtle shimmers with golden highlights. Each stone sparkles and promises unprecedented wealth and success.



Sketches Royal symbols are traditional designation of cards. Letters and numbers are stylized as hieroglyphs and harmoniously fit into the picture of the game.



The color image shows that each symbol is made in its own color. This makes it easier for players to read the symbols on the reel.



On the animated version, letters and numbers shimmer with pearlescent reflections.



On the sketch of the congratulatory screen, another Chinese Feng Shui mascot appears – scales with bowls. Gold coins are equally poured on them. The right and left bulletin boards inform players of the amount of winnings. The background is the main background of the game with a pagoda on the river bank.



On the drawn version of the congratulatory screen, the background is the image with pandas. The color image clearly shows how the gold on the scales and the golden color of the scales themselves create a feeling of luxury and abundance.



The next screen is a laconic phrase clear to the players on a red background. The gold color of the letters and the font stylized as hieroglyphics, naturally weave an inscription into the theme of the game.



On a sketch of the Big Win screen, gold Chinese coins with a square hole are strewn around the inscription.



On the color version of the image, red-gold letters and coins create a spectacular contrast with blue splashes of water.



On the sketch of the Mega Win screen, sakura flowers are added to the coins.



On the color image, the pink color of the sakura beautifully sets off the blue spray of water.



On the sketch of the Gigantic win screen, the inscription becomes larger, and the decor occupies more than half the screen.



Gold garlands with fancy decorations at the ends were added to the coins and flowers.



The next sketch, Colossal win, shows players not only a congratulatory inscription. The winners are greeted by the main characters of the slot – big pandas.



There are no pandas in the color version of the screen, but bamboo leaves remind of them. A scattering of precious stones adds luxury to the screen.



The final sketch is dedicated to the highest stage of triumph of players – Unbelievable Win.



This screen is all filled with a large inscription and decor of coins, flowers, leaves, water and precious stones.