Slot machine for SALE – “Tiger and Dragon”

Slot machine for SALE – “Tiger and Dragon”




Chinese Themed online slot game

The two powerful symbols “Tiger” and “Dragon” are joined into a single supernatural being. As you know, in Chinese culture, the image of the tiger acts as a thunderstorm of demons, a symbol of military courage. In everyday life, represents the protection of marriage, passion and fertility. The image of this powerful animal is found in mythology, art, painting, ritual traditions. Faith in the tiger is about connecting past and future. In the Chinese view, the tiger is a talisman to protect the home and its inhabitants, a symbol of life, health, power and prosperity. What about the green dragon. The mystical Tibetan occult symbol in the incarnation of the formidable immortal Azure Dragon is one of the four patrons of the sides of the world. The symbol of the sky, is associated with the birth of life, the arrival of spring, the transition of the female energy of the moonlight into hot solar male power. In China, green symbolizes hope, peace and innovation. The combination of these two mysterious symbols animates the game, gives each rotation the maximum charge of the power of luck, accumulates the portal of glory and activates the channel of acquisition, both in the material and spiritual worlds. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The Chinese themed slot reels presents a historical screen in gold. The temple with a golden roof is decorated with signs and hieroglyphs with huge statues of dragons on the edges. The priceless inscription of the «Tiger and dragon» slot in the very center, surrounded by paintings and ancient artifacts. Valuable scrolls of medical knowledge are hidden between the rows of symbols.  Extended Tibetan signs fit perfectly into the overall picture. The patterned green fabric creates volume for every element in China. The lost «Maneki-neko» bonus symbol arrived from Japan and diluted the entire Eastern symbol category. The mahogany grid acts as a protective totem for game signs. The control panel is drawn in the Asian style. Reliable, faithful and stable, quite organic and simple. The balance and betting windows are bright and colorful with digital amounts included. Start the game with the start key. The game lines are charged by the power of the tiger, the fiery breath of the heavenly dragon connects the shadows of the ancestors to the present.



The charming and unimaginable Bechrand is represented by untouchable Tibetan peaks of rocky outcrops. Surrounded by wild plants, dangerous rocky cliffs, impress with their grandeur and beauty of nature. Flocks of soaring birds circling in a fog haze and seeking refuge, preparing for a new flight. A strong wind cuts off the old branches of trees and drops them to the bottom of the gorge, where they continue their journey along the mountain river. For months, the boughs, polished with stones, are turned into heavy iconic objects filled with the power of water and mountain air.



Let us consider the symbols from philosophical meanings. The bonsai tree, according to the teachings of Confucius, symbolizes the course of a life cycle, understanding which way to immortality can be found. In the Japanese, this tree is like the art of growing miniature trees in small containers. In Buddhism, the lotus is the symbol of the original waters, spiritual revelation, wisdom and nirvana. The lotus is dedicated to the Buddha «the pearl of the flower», appeared from a lotus in the form of a flame. This is the image of purity and perfection, growing out of the mud it remains pure, just like the Buddha born in the world. Fortune cookies have the power of words. They are often symbols of good luck and happiness for the owner of this confectionery. The red mask of the Emperor, a symbol of power and authority. Only the great are worthy to wear this symbol of power.
The graceful symbols of the white Amur tiger and the mythical dragon are represented in an extended and common version. White tiger sign of the west, autumn and the elements of metal. The purity of the talisman foreshadows success in new endeavours, makes the game more successful, making each rotation easier. The Azure Dragon, able to activate the best combinations by instilling confidence in each line. This spiritual sign of spontaneous and fleeting, fleeting events presages a happy outcome. A manneki-neko or a kitten with his paw raised brings good luck and acts as a money charm for the keeper of this statue. The gold coin of qian has served as a model for many coins. The oldest coin passed through generations and dynasties of emperors, retaining in itself the power of knowledge and wisdom. Chinese red lanterns are known worldwide. Symbolize wealth, prosperity and success.
Simple hieroglyphs and letters in a different color palette, filled with the life force of earthly incarnation. Activate the portal of spiritual knowledge, are able to improve each complex event and bring chaos to zero.



The animation of the symbols slot is bright and juicy. On the black background, they produce all the animal elements. The tiger roar is multifaceted, the dragon is strict and infinite. The letters appear and disappear on the canvas, the kitty flaps and gives a lot of coins. The lotus blooms and shimmers. The talisman of the fish on the lantern promises a successful cash catch.


Expanded symbols animation. A tiger threatens the enemy and releases claws, making a powerful swing paw. The dragon holds the Luck Stone in its hands and breathes calmly and smoothly, its mind touches the spirit world, and its physical incarnation acts as a mythical monster.


The opening bonus game makes a Cat of Fortune. He sits on the throne and holds a huge gold coin in his paw. The cat allows him to make several attempts and test his luck. With the right selection of the part of the drawing, the maneki lights up and sprays the golden glow, giving the reward to the winner, multiplying the already won. If the player made a mistake, the kitten just scattered paper trash and does not bring new coins.


tiger_and_dragon_bonusgame_win tiger_and_dragon_bonusgame_lose

Pop-up notifies the player,  Greeting signs and all winnings information appear in a separate window. In animation, the appearance of an information window is very spontaneous and unexpected with the effect of glow of the whole element.