Slot machine for SALE – “Leprechaun’s Gold”

Slot machine for SALE – “Leprechaun’s Gold”




Leprechaun’s Themed online slot game

A beautiful sunny day, a light nap comes slowly and we plunge into the world between sleep and reality. A light state of dreaming paints a magical country. Around a lot of greenery, fields of unearthly beauty, abundance of flowers and butterflies everywhere. And you can see the silhouette in the distance, and it’s getting clearer and more detailed. A transformed little gnome in a green jacket and red hair, smiling with insincere generosity. Who are you? The man begins to tell his story. In a distant Irish country on the emerald bank is a small village. It is home to wonderful leprechaun creatures. Their eternal mission is to collect and hide their pot of gold coins. So every year on Saint Patrick’s Day, the world of humans is being sent to the world by the most cunning and experienced leprechauns. After a light rain, a rainbow emerges and a miracle cave opens at its very foot. A lilliput comes up and lays his gold in it. Then he searches for the man and with various tricks he lures the trusting big man to the treasure. He sets riddles, prevaricates and confuses the man. But the man turns out to be smarter and wiser, he stretches his hand to the golden treasure and the dream sharply retreats. Be subtle and logical, plunge into the world of wonderful fiction, find the red-haired baby and get his secret expensive pot. Make your dreams come true with our online slot machine, enjoy the game and win your long-awaited prize. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The magic reel of the leprechauns is set on the clover valley. On a juicy green canvas surrounded by a wooden frame, there are treasures of magical short people. In the five rows separated by copper rods hide colorful symbols, each of which is worthy of being called gold leprechaun. The control panel is simple and simple in a fabulous style. The start key eclipses other buttons and windows. The Balance, Bets and Winnings window lists the amounts and numbers of the player. The amount of the bet can vary from the minimum to the highest. The whole rainbow reel inspires confidence in victory and belief in miracles.



The Game background is painted with an abundance of four-leaf clover. A whole field of this extraordinary greenness, hides the treasured treasure. As the silent night approaches, as the young month splits the starry canvas, an invisible man emerges. His clothes, by the shape and color of clover, hide his reddish hair. It is on this night after a light rain he hides his pot in the middle foliage, then at first light the rainbow appears and he hides the jewel under it. In ancient myths, leprechauns were afraid of clover. He took their power and could kill, but in our slot a good leprechaun, so clover to help him.



Symbols in three magic categories. High symbols give certain privileges in the game. The mascot «bonus clover» brings its fast bonuses in the form of an additional game, in case there are two or more clovers in the combination. The more symbols in the line, the bigger the win. The four-leaf cash# coin, engraved with clover, is filled with the magic of nature, giving hope and belief in super winning. The golden horseshoe is flipped to the top, which means it promises good luck in every spin. Successful combinations of the leprechaun fill the symbols with magic.

Middle symbols worthy of the second level «bar» in three variants, as a foundation, are laid brick by brick. In each layer, a single or triple bar symbol. Bright red inscriptions on a gray background perfectly combine and close the circle of infinity of monetary victories.

Low symbols: the main symbol of good luck «Scarlet Seven», its borders are limitless, the fullness of color dips into the bowels of the earth, to the very bottom of the boiling lava river. There is purification and conversion into pure luck. Sweet couple «cherries» dilute the whole slot with their sweetness with light acid, and saturated juicing taste of drupes. Explosive «double» in bright glow brings doubling of sums in specific winning combinations and positions of this symbol on happy lines. «Golden Bell» is a leprechaun mascot. At his call he always knows that the rain will soon pass and the rainbow will shine, and accordingly the time to move the gold. «Golden pot of coins» illuminated by seven colors of rainbow glow as the main monetary symbol, opens the portal of money and enhances the flow of currency in a person’s life.



Animation of the symbols is alive and saturated, with impeccable volumetric power. Each symbol has its own magical origin. Seven, rotates around its axis and creates a tornado with a flush of color. Bars simply stack and protrude with a subsequent movement back. Double, appears from the void with a fiery explosion, magical flicker and overflowing writing. The cherries come in contact, hitting each other, and they go in different directions, as if their minds were divided. The pot bounces, the coins flip, and there’s a playful rainbow with a plume of pixie dust. The bonus clover breathes magic and shines slightly in the light. A bell rings and calls the leprechauns to the work. Fortune or golden horseshoe vibrates and blinds the stranger. For the owner, this is a sure sign of victory. A coin with an inscription and a clover drawn perfectly makes a circle and turns losses into multiple accumulations.


In each new journey the leprechaun has new tasks, he makes a long way and his award is a sweet rainbow longevity candy. Therefore, all the inhabitants of the emerald village are eager to complete as many quests as possible to extend their lives and help the player win their super prize.