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We're glad to welcome you in our company's blog! Here we place the most fresh and interesting news, which inform about the development progress of slot machine graphics for the online casino and offline terminals, AWP terminals and VLT terminals. You can see the process of creating the slot machines from the sketches to 2D and 3D games, take a look at the stages of modeling, as well as enjoy the final version of the thematic objects and elements of our slot machine graphic. All this and much more we will present in the form of illustrations, and you will have the opportunity to express your opinion in the comments. Follow us!


Slot machine for SALE – “Astronomy”

  Astronomy Themed online slot game Astronomy is the science of the universe studying the location, motion, origin and development of celestial bodies and systems. Astronomy is the oldest and oldest science, originated from the practical needs of mankind. Since humans exist on Earth, they have always been interested in what […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Shields of Fortune”

  Chinese Themed online slot game In Chinese philosophy there are five basic elements – water, wood, fire, earth and metal.They form a circle of creation in this sequence: Water symbolizes the origin of life itself, it nourishes the tree, gives it the strength and freedom to grow. Wood by its […]

How to optimize online casinos with artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence very quickly becomes part of the gambling world. Thanks to this, the industry acquires many advantages. What they are and whether artificial intelligence will be able to run online casinos abroad in the future, is described in this article. Artificial intelligence introduction Today, elements of artificial intelligence (AI) […]

Slot machine for SALE – “The Cave of the Fallen”

  Horror Themed online slot game   The cave of the demon of the night, what hellish battle is going to be waged here, what is good or evil, what forces will be stronger, whose magic will drive the enemy into flight? The union of the three is always the law. […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Fire Fruits”

Classic themed online slot game This slot is lit with fire and juicy fruit ripeness. All the fruits are boiling and ready to reward the winner with sweet bonuses and hot combinations. The fiery lines are languishing and are absolutely ripe to the limit. The indefatigable seven of stats and […]

Luck and Casino

Surely you had to hear someone’s statements that he was catastrophically unlucky in the casino. It is possible with firm confidence to say that such a person, at least, himself is mistaken in his convictions. The success of the game in the casino, in most cases, is only partly due […]

Slot machine for SALE – “The Great Gatsby”

The Great Gatsby online slot game «The Great Gatsby» is a novel by American writer Fitzgerald, the most famous literary work of the jazz age. The plot focuses on a love story with a detective and tragic ending. The action takes place near New York City, on the gold coast […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Zodiac Charms”

  Zodiac themed online slot game Let us plunge into the world of something extraterrestrial but closely intertwined the destinies of people with the cosmos, planets and distant stars. Astrology is not an exact science, it is considered a pseudoscience – a group of descriptive and predictive practices, traditions and […]

How Bitcoin changes the Online Gambling

Online gambling is a big business that follows the path of innovation and adapts to new technologies. The pace of his growth is impressive. So, if in 2003 the global income from gambling online business was 6.6 billion euros, in 2017 it increased to €40.5 billion. It is expected that […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Merlin”

  Merlin online slot game In this legend, the magician Merlin, a mentor and advisor to King Arthur, is the master of the beasts and can assume the form of any forest animal. Living in the forest a hermit, by its sorcery helps all animals, saving from wounds and poisonings, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Mermaid Myth”

  Mermaid themed online slot game Somewhere deep in the Atlantic Ocean, hidden from the sight of humanity, lies an unknown underwater world. It is ruled by the king of all seas and oceans, the formidable Triton. His seven daughters of beautiful mermaids with magical powers help his father rule […]

How to keep Online Casino clients with CRM

To make a sustainable profit, online casinos need not only to attract more new players, but also to work effectively with regular customers. To keep users using a range of marketing tools, the most effective of them is the CRM system. Ways to keep clients online gambling Attracting new users […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Rich Duck”

3d slot machine “Rich Duck” Many have warm pleasant emotions associated with the bathtub; it relaxes and soothes, cleanses and thoroughly moisturizes, and maybe even invigorates. It can give a feeling of freshness and a final awakening. But sometimes many adults can remember how they swam in their own bathtubs, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Great Gorilla”

  Jungle themed online slot game The journey into the jungle is always very exciting and incredible. Let’s plunge into this unbridled world of lians, wild animals and torrential rains. One fine morning, a group of travelers land on the shore in search of new tropical flowers to treat fever. […]

Bingo – what is this game and why is it considered a classic of gambling?

Despite the huge variety of online games, Bingo remains one of the most popular entertainment. There are many variations of it, and each has its own characteristics. History of Bingo This game is interesting to many users. Often it is called the ancestor of the lottery, and it is really. […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Immersive Riches”

  Egyptian themed online slot game This Egyptian slot takes us to the times when there was a division into classes – the rich and the poor, when the pharaohs and queens ruled and conquered new lands. The slot plunges into the world of myths about gods and otherworldly forces, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “West Wanted”

  Wild West themed online slot game All the incredible and exciting adventures taking place in the Wild West often tell us about how, there was always some villain bandit who terrorized the nearest settlement, extorting money or gold from the locals, or a gang led by their owner who wanted […]

ICE London 2023

ICE Totally Gaming   ICE Totally Gaming is the industry’s only online gaming event that truly brings together the international online and offline gaming sectors. ICE continues to be a leading industry event due to its size and scale, the quality and quantity of the audience, and the networking and business […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Armor of Life”

Medieval themed online slot game “… On a night in absolute twilight, under the quiet sound of the surf, several warriors entered the city through a secret passage and opened the main gate for the rest of the army. Having burst into the city, the enemy army attacked the sleepy inhabitants. […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Bombs & Fruits”

  Classic Themed online slot machine Naughty fruits or just ripe sweets. Let’s talk about summer. The whole body is pierced by the burning rays of the sun, filling our body with vitamin D. You can feel all this in our new classic slot machine.  If you are interested in this […]

Rating of markets for development of online gambling in 2023

The online gambling market continues to grow: analysts predict that by 2025 the global online gambling market will be valued at $113.12 billion. The largest markets are the UK, the USA, Australia, Japan, and China. But experts see impressive potential and huge prospects for expansion in emerging markets. Slotegrator specialists […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Roman Goddesses”

  Roman themed online slot game The mythology of the ancient Roman gods is closely intertwined with the history of ancient Rome. Romans believed that the worship of gods and goddesses would grant them the blessing of heaven, protect them from all troubles and sorrowful events. For each deity, they built temples, […]

Slot machine for SALE – “Golden Panda”

  Chinese Themed online slot game What interesting things do we know about such cute fluffy pandas? Pandas live in the mountainous regions of central China. The panda is the national emblem of China. Her image is minted on gold, silver and platinum coins. Panda means “cat bear” in Chinese. In […]

What will surprise the gambling industry in 2023

In 2023, the gambling market is expected to grow: leading European associations predict an increase in the market growth rate by an average of 7%, as well as an increase in the income of the global gambling industry by 34%. The trend is positive, but the question remains how to […]