Trees of Fortune



Chinese Feng Shui practice is popular all over the world. And this is not surprising! Feng Shui teaches you how to draw energy into your life for wealth, love and health. Naturally, Feng Shui mascots are very popular. In the “Trees of Fortune” slot, the symbol of Feng Shui instills confidence in victory into the players , helps to get rich and enjoy the game.

The combination of red and gold colors on the game reels is not accidental. Red is considered the color of energy, movement and power. That is why it is customary to connect Chinese gold coins with a red ribbon to enhance their effect. Gold color, of course, is associated with money. Therefore, the combination of red and gold is the classic color of prosperity and wealth.



The sketch of the background image leaves no doubt: the players are transferred to China, the homeland of the teachings of Feng Shui. Round arched passage or moongate is a popular element for garden decoration in China. Each guest, entering the round moon gate, as if falling into a new world. Also, players go into a round arch and start a new life. Bamboo, the unchanging symbol of China, has great importance in the teachings of Feng Shui. Even in ancient China, people noticed that bamboo has fast and reliable growth. That is why it is considered a symbol of good luck. In China, they even say “happy bamboo”. In many Chinese homes, there is always a living bamboo or its image. Let the bamboo on the gaming reels bring good luck to the players!



The calm river on the background is a very favorable symbol of feng shui. It is generally accepted that water transfers and stores energy. There is even the expression “Money flows like a river”. Let this river become the embodiment of monetary fortune for the players.

 On a detailed background image, the players see the bonsai pine and the golden maple. Both trees help recreate the atmosphere of China and, in general, oriental culture.



The second version of the background image is a traditional room in a Chinese house. Engraving on the wall, carved furniture, painted vase emphasize the high wealth of the house owners. Sakura flowers provide a fresh fragrance that reigns around. A luxurious bed with an abundance of pillows promises a pleasant relaxation after a successful game.



Images on high symbols sketches continue the theme of China and Feng Shui. A charming girl with her beauty could captivate the Chinese emperor. But now she is seductively smiling at the players from the screen. A fan is a sign of high society and success. In feng shui, it is used as a talisman. But besides this, the fan is a well-known means of seduction. Remember how coquettishly the girl covers her face and sends expressive looks from behind the fan



The Yin-Yang symbol recalls the unity of opposites. Male and female energies, earthly and heavenly principles, the inner world and the surrounding reality – this is what the Yin-Yang sign symbolizes. The circle, which is divided into two halves by a wavy line, represents infinity. As soon as the Yin energy reaches its maximum, it recedes and Yang replaces it. This movement never stops. So in life and in the game – everything is constantly changing.

And, of course, another recognizable symbol is the Yuan Bao gold bar or boat. A powerful talisman for attracting wealth has an interesting history. In ancient China, similar ingots were used as money. Yuan Bao is also called the Ship of Wealth. It is believed that the special form of the ingot boat attracts positive energy and brings money. Let even in the game, this talisman helps players to trust their luck!

High symbols are drawn in the smallest detail. It seems that petals are falling from a sakura branch over a fan. Bamboo shoots can be seen behind the girl, and the flowers in her hair are about to begin to swing from any movement. Gold dust sparks around the Yin-Yang symbol . And Yuan Bao is ready to generously shower players with coins.



Animated symbols enhance the effect of each image. Oriental beauty gracefully wriggles in a seductive dance. The fan unfolds, giving dynamics to the game. Gold pollen flies and players can imagine how it will settle on their hands in the form of money.

trees-of-fortune_cicle-big trees-of-fortune_geisha2-cicle-big trees-of-fortune_tao-cicle-big trees-of-fortune_sycee-cicle-big

High symbols are placed at all three lines of the game reels.



Regular symbols repeat images of high symbols, but they differ from the x3 symbols in size and occupy one cell. In this category, another symbol is added – the money tree. This talisman attracts wealth. With its help, a favorable combination of circumstances occurs. What else is needed in the game? Such a tree is also called the Tree of Happiness. If it makes a person more successful and joyful, its title is the most suitable.



Gold coins are falling from the Money Tree in the animated image. How I want to hear their ringing in reality!



Low symbols – a traditional designation of cards. All letters are stylized as hieroglyphs and harmoniously fit into the picture of the game.



On the congratulatory screen, we see another strong Feng Shui mascot – a red cash napkin. It symbolizes a harmonious space, that beams with energy. An ornament with knots of endless luck helps in obtaining wealth. And it is on such a napkin that there are welcome messages that inform the player about the win.



In the animated version of the congratulatory screen, ritual Chinese gates first appear, and on them is a money napkin with text.



The larger the win, the richer the gates are decorated. Ribbons and bells appear on them – an invariable attribute of joy. The ringing of bells, like the ringing of coins, is the best music for the winner.



For Super Win, the gates are additionally decorated with bonsai pines and large Chinese lanterns.



There are two wheels designs for the bonus game. One contains symbols we already know. The second is a classic roulette. The background resembles a luxurious mahogany, and the usual arabic digits are used to designate the cells.



Pay tables introduce players to symbols and provide all the necessary information for the game. The design of these fields deserves special attention. A red background with golden koi carps is another reference to the feng shui mascots. According to legend, carps give good luck and determination. This is exactly what you need for a successful and long-lasting game.



Yin-yang symbols are used in the image of payment lines. All the little things are carefully thought out. Thanks to this, the players are fully transferred to the beautiful world of “reality” “Trees of fortune”.