Slot machine for SALE – “Arctic Life”

Slot machine for SALE – “Arctic Life”



Arctic Themed online slot game

“Arctic Life” – endless ice spaces, the kingdom of snow, drifting ice, the world of sparkling icebergs and funny inhabitants. Can you imagine a more fabulous place? This slot machine has 5 reels and 12 symbols, which are placed in three rows on the main playing field. Details of the Arctic world look lively, modern, colorful and fabulous: the reels are located on an ice floe with a transparent background, where fish swim, penguins frolic, walruses are having fun, huge icebergs against the background of the ocean under the mesmerizing northern lights. Among the settings of the machine, you can set the size of the bet, turn on / off the automatic spin of the reels, control the amount of winnings and the total balance of the player. The slot is full of beautiful decorations, unique characters that will make your journey truly fantastic and magical. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –


The action takes place in places untouched by man, a harsh and fantastically beautiful nature, where white and blue color reigns supreme, and under your feet, wherever you stand, there is only drifting ice and several miles of crystal clear and cold ocean under it. Unique and unrepeatable ice mountains, reminiscent of giant crystals, rise above the water surface – an unforgettably beautiful and majestic picture. This is the kingdom of ice and cold, white silence, unexplored endless tundra.



The slot provides 12 different carefully drawn symbols, divided into three levels. The upper ones refer to special characters: WILD (frolicking penguins), SCATTER (iceberg), BONUS (northern lights). The first one can become any symbol of the game, which allows you to collect more valuable and long combinations. The second, when dropped from three pieces, gives free spins – in this mode you continue to play and win, but do not spend money on bets. The third is for launching bonus levels. A distinctive characteristic is that each of them is respectively signed and enclosed in a square. Then there are themed round symbols: three funny penguins making a snowman; a kid who decided to eat a fish; elegant penguin with a cane; a mother hugging her not yet hatched chick and a scuba diving penguin diving into the endless cold waters. The last group consists of low-paid symbols in the form of the rest of the inhabitants of the Arctic world (fish, albatross bird, walrus and wolf). Getting acquainted with these sincere northern inhabitants, you will feel joy and feel the long-awaited freedom from the material shackles of our hectic life. Enter the narrow circle of the elite who have been “on top of the world”!



Animation emphasizes the individuality of each character and symbol. So the scatter-glacier, reminiscent of a mammoth stuck in ice and time, half-submerged drifts in the boundless waters of the ocean, shimmers under the sun’s rays, as if waiting for the onset of heat. Just like the Bonus, the Northern Lights is a mystical, unpredictable and beautiful phenomenon that suddenly appears and just as suddenly disappears. It is an amazingly beautiful, breathtaking sight. It beckons and envelops with its fantastic colors and shapes. You don’t have to fly to the ends of the world to enjoy this action. Three playful penguins wave a greeting, enticing them to play on the Wild ice floe. With all their appearance, they show that it will be fun.


Around the set of ice, there are charming black-white birds that live together, fish, babysit children, play sports and know how to be friends. They are all so different that it is worth getting to know each of them.


Shy walruses with a considerable size of tusks frolic in the sea waves. An albatross hovers in the sky looking for prey. The polar white wolf is considered one of the most beautiful animals in the Arctic. A huge goldfish may fulfill a couple of wishes. Animation of the inhabitants of the Arctic will add a comedic moment to the action, as a result the player gets a sense of relaxation.