Slot machine for SALE – “Colosseum”

Slot machine for SALE – “Colosseum”




Roman Empire Themed online slot game

“Meal’n’Real!” – this is what is relevant to the people to this day. And even here the Romans succeeded, because the “children of Mars” not only knew how to fight and build well, but also understood a lot about entertainment. It is worth noting that not all gladiators were slaves, because in the pursuit of glory, volunteers were also enrolled in their ranks, because what could be better than a noble battle, women and glory?

The Colosseum slot was famous not only for its battles, but also for the speed competition on chariots pulled by the best horses. All this took place here, on the bloody sand of the Colosseum slot, which became the venue for incredibly spectacular fights and competitions. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

We find ourselves in the Colosseum, where the crowd in the background is chanting for their favorite, and fingers up or down decides on the winner – life or death. The gladiator is dressed in Roman armor made of bronze, which glitters in the light like gold. With one hand he holds a sharp gladius sword, the other a wooden shield. His helmet is studded with thorns to give fear and protect his head. The warrior himself issues a battle cry with which he frightens enemies. Next to it is the victory banner with a gilded eagle and the inscription “WILD” on a red background, which reminds us of the strength of the ancient Roman army. The battle banner is the soul of the army, and in no case should it be lost. Also nearby is a chariot from the racetrack, where the Romans loved to bet on the races. The Colesseum inscription engraved in iron on an old board tells us about the location of tournaments and competitions, and the gladiuses stuck on the sides – about fights with swords. The gilded helmet of the centurion indicates to us the importance and value of these battles. Nearby are two simple shields with the Latin letters “K” and “A”, as well as an elite shield and a sword.

The game reels are filled with a large number of elements showing life in the ancient Roman Colosseum. Let’s start with the fact that even the name of the slot is written on a wooden shield and supplemented with gladius swords on both sides. On the reels frame, you can see round wooden shields with Latin letters – the most of them. But there are also unique items such as a gilded centurion helmet, two gold dinars, and a shield and sword. However, the most important symbol is the battle banner of victory, which occupies three cells at once. Most likely, he will attract Fortuna to his players!



The first game background shows the Colosseum in a horizontal perspective, in the center of which there is a battle between two gladiators. Around them, a chanting crowd comfortably occupied their stands. Some of them are unhappy with what is happening, and they point a finger down, which means “death to the loser.” In the center are two fighting gladiators. Stands and walls are located on the sides.



On the second game background, we are presented with an angle from above. The battlefield is framed in a circle, which is surrounded by a stone wall. It is also clearly visible that the soldiers are standing on the sand. All our attention is focused on the battle. We see the same gladiators, but without the crowd. The first fighter is dressed in half-armor, like the second, but he has a helmet, the second does not. A fighter with a helmet spread his arms out as if provoking an opponent to attack. His opponent got ready for battle and got into a fighting stance.



Wild symbol – represents a majestic Roman standard (victory banner) with a golden eagle. It looks like it is of great value.

Another expanded symbol depicts a powerful gladiator emitting a battle grin. You will not envy anyone who gets in his way.



All symbols are animated. The gladiator utters his menacing cry and hits the shield with his sword, intimidating the enemy. A battle banner appears and disappears, and its fabric develops in the wind.


There are three high symbols at once. In the center we can see a gladiator, the Wild symbol is the victory banner with an eagle, and the Scatter symbol is the chariot driver, which means getting Free Spins.



All three symbols are animated: the banner flies in the wind, the gladiator shouts, and the driver drives the horses.


The next three symbols are dedicated to the basic items of a gladiator. The symbol of the gilded helmet is dedicated to the armor. The weapon is a shield and a sword. Loot – two gold dinars. These are all attributes of a lucky gladiator.



Each element is displayed in animation and indicates the characteristics of the item. The helmet gleams nobly, and now it moves away, now it approaches. The sword is wound over the shield. And the coins boastfully approach and move away from each other.


Low symbols – traditional letters and numbers painted on the shield. Each symbol has its own color. The font is stylized to resemble ancient Greek text.



These symbols also have their own animation. The shields are turned 180 degrees and at this moment the letters are slightly enlarged and highlighted.


Congratulatory image with the announcement Big Win, which is decorated with a shield with metal inserts, the inscription is made of metal with stylized text.



Congratulatory screen with an announcement on a billboard with the text Mega Win, complemented by a laurel wreath, two gladiuses on the sides and chained to pillars with the inscription Romanus.



The next congratulatory screen on the shield is decorated with two gladiuses and the Super Win signature.



The first paytable shows two expanded symbols: the banner of victory with a golden eagle – an attribute of Roman strength, and an epic gladiator ready for battle.



On the second paytable is a noble driver on a chariot, drawn by frisky horses is a symbol of Free spins. After collecting 3 of these, the player receives a certain number of free spins on the reel.



On the penultimate one, we see middle and low symbols, and next to their meaning.



Payment lines are presented to us on stone tablets.