Slot machine for SALE – “Neverland”

Slot machine for SALE – “Neverland”




Neverland Themed online slot game

The first picture of the slot presents to our attention the wooden side of the ship against the background of the entrance to the harbor. Above the logo, parts of the maps are visible, which possibly depict the exact burial place of the treasure. As expected, there is a defensive cannon on board, because the enemy does not sleep and longs to take possession of the treasure map. In the central part of the picture, in a wooden frame, there are reels with fairy-tale characters, a chest with gold, an alarm clock and card suits in bright glossy colors. The bottom panel has everything you need to play: balance, bet, winnings, as well as a window for messages. In the lower right corner there is a red button to spin the reels. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Traveling with the heroes of the game is very exciting and unpredictable. A ship entering the harbor must be fully armed and alert, a cannon, as always is appropriate. The blue sky merges with crystal-clear water, in which reefs and foothills of rocks are hiding – the main dangerous enemies of sailors even in calm weather. To the left of the side a gallow for the execution of pirates and thieves rises. Just in case, the hold is open for prisoners – someone can give a good ransom for them.





The stern of the ship is the captain’s favorite spot, despite its vulnerability. In Lost boys in Neverland, it is the stern that gives you access to the Free Spin mode. This increases the chances of winning with additional spins.




Enjoying the wild nature, beautiful waterfall, dense vegetation, you can play the Bonus game, which increases the chances of winning.




The crocodile has always caused fear and horror in everyone. Its large mouth could instantly swallow even a huge buffalo. But, not many people know that the crocodile symbolizes movement and struggle against the current. Therefore, the depicted crocodile with an open mouth on the game background gives a hint to move on and use the second bonus game.




You can’t do without a steering wheel on a ship. And if it is also Wheel of Fortune, which allows you to turn the “wheel” and get extra points in the game to win, then the game becomes even more interesting and exciting. The numbers on the steering wheel multiply the player’s bonuses and bring them closer to victory.




Captain Hook has always been an emotional fairytale hero. His facial expressions can be the envy of many modern actors. A large Wild symbol appears on the reel if a combination of three Wild symbols appears.





Peter Pan and the Tinker Bell fairy are very recognizable characters. They are together even in the game Lost boys in Neverland. If three Bonus symbols appear on the reel, then you are the lucky one – you are in the Bonus game.


The Lost Boys and Peter Pan’s assistants accompany the game with their vivid images and sincerity of actions, adding bonuses.



The following symbols are dedicated to hardened conquerors, real pirates and Captains, leading their ship to victory. The chest with gold is the eternal object of the struggle between corsairs and pirates. Many heads flew, wanting to conquer the sea treasures in order to increase their wealth. Fairy Tinker Bell will help increase your winnings with her charisma and, of course, magic. Despite her youthful age, she was always distinguished by a sharp mind and insight. A real assistant and guide in the game. The alarm clock knows when to turn on perseverance and confidence. Time always plays into the hands of a patient player, and often a thirsty pirate.

The treasure map has always been the subject of pirate conquests and naval battles not for life, but until victory. And the main task is to solve it. Precisely so that the enemies could not so easily get the treasure, the map hid many secrets, pitfalls, and not everyone could find the right path to the hidden wealth. In this slot, the card plays an important role, it brings the player closer to victory with every step.



It is impossible not to pay attention to the card suits. Each suit is made in its own bright color with a gold border – a symbol of increasing the winnings. And the magical highlights on the corners of the colors make them even brighter and richer.








The next screen is made in vivid colors of wildlife and a fabulous, enchanted atmosphere. Against this background, three wooden boards appear with a starry sky and our main characters. Pan’s fight against Captain Hook. There is an opportunity to choose the Free Spins mode, multiply bonuses using Multiplier.



A pleasant end of the game is a win with a lot of zeros. Nothing excites blood like the final congratulations on the victory, accompanied by colorful fireworks. And the Tinker Bell fairy on magic wings joins in the congratulations, because she was a faithful assistant with her wand throughout the game. And of course, Peter Pan’s hat – leading the word of any game – Congratulations!