Slot machine for SALE – “Carnival of Venice”

Slot machine for SALE – “Carnival of Venice”




Carnival Themed online slot game

Venice is known all over the world for its traditional annual carnivals. The idea of holding the Venice Carnival belonged to the nobles, they really wanted “Bread and circuses”, as in ancient Rome. The first mention of it falls on the end of the 11th century, and at the end of the 13th century the carnival acquires the status of a public holiday. Carnival is celebrated in February. It opens with the oldest Venetian holiday – Festa dellt Marie, which is dedicated to the release of Venetian girls kidnapped by pirates from Istria. Those wishing to attend the carnival changed into various costumes and put on masks, initially in order to hide their social affiliation and guarantee complete anonymity. Commoners often dressed up as nobles, and noble individuals posed as simpletons.

In the Splash screen, we see an image of the Harlequin, as this is a traditional character of the Venice Festival. It is surrounded by fireworks and a scattering of gold coins. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels directly convey the atmosphere of the holiday. It depicts the masks of the heroes of the carnival, the frame of the reels itself is decorated with carved gold patterns in order to demonstrate the richness of the decorations. Below on the panel are the buttons: Reveal, Auto and Stop auto, game menu, and other elements to control the game process. It is also possible to increase or decrease the Bet, see the balance and winnings.



The next image shows us the design of the game reels and UI for the Free Spins game mode. On the bottom we see windows with balance, bet and total winnings. On the top there are panels with a number of Free spins and a multiplier.



On the day version of the background, we see one of the many magnificent canals of Venice, cozy houses, greenery and, of course, birds.



On the night version of the background, we see a starry sky, warm light from the windows of Venetian houses and a quiet surface of water.


There are two version of Wild symbol – the Arlecchino and the Venetian Lady. These are integral characters of the carnival.



The symbols are animated: Arlecchino knocks with his cane, and the Lady waves a fan of ostrich feathers.


There are 4 symbols here. Wild is the already familiar Arlecchino and the Lady, Bonus is a gold necklace with blue precious stones on a red background, Scatter is an image of three golden roses on a red background.


These symbols are also animated: the necklace sways and shines, and the roses either increase or decrease slightly.


Further, we can take a closer look at the symbols that are depicted in the form of traditional carnival masks of the Venice Festival.



These symbols, like all the previous ones, are animated: the masks shine and change their size with pulsating movements.


Low symbols – bright letters and numbers depicted in a fanciful carnival theme, decorated with gold patterns.



The first paytable shows two expanded symbols – Arlecchino and Venetian Lady. After collecting three Harlequinos or Queens on different lines, you can see how they expand and multiply the winnings by 10.



The second pay table shows the Bonus symbol – a gold necklace, by collecting 3 or more of them, you can win a bonus round. Scatter symbol – three golden roses, catching it, you will receive free spins and multiplication of the total bet.



The following image shows the middle symbols and indicates the meaning of each.



After the middle symbols, we see the low symbols as well as their meanings.



On the Free Spins mode selection screen, you can choose one of three modes: the first option – 20 spins, the second – 10 spins at a doubled bet, the third – 5 spins at a x4 bet.



The congratulatory inscription BIG WIN is designed in gold fanciful letters, depicted against the background of a well-known city.



The next screen with the inscription MEGA WIN is made in the same style and on the same background as the previous one.


The next inscription Gigantic Win is depicted in blue letters with gold outlines and complemented by gold coins in the background.



Colossal Win is written in red letters with gold outlines and, as well, supplemented with gold coins.



The inscription Unbelievable Win is made of gold letters against a background of exploding fireworks and a scattering of gold coins.



Next, we see various notifications regarding the slot. The first is a message about the bonus feature.



The next one is about the accrual of 10 free spins.



Next, we are presented with an image – a message with gratitude for the game and the amount of winnings on a red background.



We see a pop-up with a message of gratitude for the game and the amount of winnings on an emerald background.



The next image is with the message of congratulations and the completion of the bonus game.



And the last pop-up that the free spins game is complete.