Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Vegas”

Slot machine for SALE – “Lucky Vegas”



Las Vegas Themed online slot game

Las Vegas or «fertile valleys» is located in the western United States in the state of Nevada, is one of the world’s largest centers of entertainment and gambling. Popular places to visit – casinos, hotels, daily concerts and shows. Vegas has more than eighty casinos and several thousand game pavilions, plus many luxury hotels. Many companies with a world name choose Las Vegas for presentations and advertising companies. Gambling and related tourism and entertainment industries are the backbone of the city’s economy. «Lucky Vegas» attracts not only gambling houses, but also a variety of sporting events, concerts, night clubs, theatrical performances, beauty pageant finals, Oscar award ceremonies. The city has many attractions: dancing fountains, a copy of the Eiffel Tower, «Venetian» canals with gondoliers. In addition, travel companies organize many tours. Examples include the Hoover Dam, Mead’s largest reservoir, the majestic and deepest Grand Canyon, or Death Valley. Play with our online casino «Lucky Vegas» enjoy the game, make bets and win huge cash prizes. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reel «Lucky Vegas» is full, bright and attractive. Pulls into the center of the gambling business. On top of it is a huge inscription, decorated with the lights and flickering lights of Vegas. Inside the reel are clear and complete rows of symbols and signs. Expensive symbols work actively and bring good luck to your gambler. The reel is lit with diode lights. Gold coins, chips and dice are on the edges. Nevada-style control panel. On the wooden pedestal there are balance and win cells. The betting window can be changed at the player’s discretion, there is also a maximum bet key. The game is triggered by the «Spin» key. Its unique shape in the form of roulette starts the rotation of the reel. And the keys «auto» and «stop auto» switch the rotation modes.



The Game background shows all the beauty of the city. Colorful luminous buildings, decorated streets, all this is a world of pleasure and entertainment. At nightfall, the city comes alive. Inter-city and suburban transport is represented by a multi-rail route, buses and taxis. The climate of the city is subtropical desert. The summer is hot and long, the winter is mild and short, the coldest month of December. The city lights are on, and all night the vibrant life of restaurants, bars, casinos and nightclubs is bubbling. Everyone enjoys the beauty of what they see, and they test their luck in the arcades.



Vegas symbols are juicy and full of dreams and desires. The dollar sign «wild» is powerful and graceful. Against the background of the starry sky, activates the ability to replace other symbols in the combination of lines, spontaneous and decisive. The sign «bonus», is able to reach heights and bring victory. Diamond glows and absorbs the light of lanterns. Since ancient times, the diamond is credited with positive properties. It is the symbol of light and life, openness and the highest purity. The symbolism of color, like all precious stones, is common for treasures and riches, moral and intellectual values. The «scatter» charm has the ability to open free spins. A burning star against the backdrop of the Las Vegas sign attracts the winner.
A respectable young man and his girlfriend have entered the casino. Today is their day. These symbols burn life and success is always with them. This pair is harmonious and gambling. Making big bets, they expect decent winnings. Mathematical mind, will allow to calculate all combinations in advance.
Red Porsche, a premium car. Flawless emblem – a symbol of the classics. The permanent feature of the emblem is the combination of red and orange colors. Game chips are collected in piles. The chips are made of clay, composite clay and plastic. They are mainly used in board games, unlike metal coins or tokens used in slot machines. Dice or dice, a small item, when falling on a flat surface occupies one of several steady positions. Each of the six faces has numbers on it.

A martini glass will quench your thirst and relax the player. An olive adds a taste feeling to the drink. A set of dollar bills – a typographical symbol, is part of the group of «managing symbols». The dollar will bring good luck to its owner. Playing cards, red suits – a picture of the heart. When drawing playing cards artists used five colors. Before the French Revolution, the charts depicted royalty. At the end of this phase in history began to draw mythical characters and historical personalities. Roulette – is a rotating wheel with sectors of red and black, plus an additional sector of zero green.



The animation of the symbols is chic and delightful. The cards are opened and arranged in ascending order. The roulette spins and knocks out the super game. Dice spin and roll the lucky seven. Money rustles and smells of wealth. Chips are collected in piles and converted into cash. The car pulls up and parks near the casino. You can hear the ringing of glasses, it’s a win. The young man takes his companion by the hand, and escorts him to the table. The dollar sign flickers mightily.  The cherished star of Vegas grants the wish.






All wins in Las Vegas are divided into groups. Strong and impressive «5 of a kind», followed by stunning and virtuosic «big win», voiced and refined «mega win», sweet and charming «huge win», many compositional «epic win», reliable and faithful golden gift «Jackpot».







An information window appears on the screen. If you collect more than three scatter card symbols, you get a free spins. If more than five identical cards are drawn, the winning prize is «Jackpot».


Play lines «Lucky Vegas» are diverse and significant. After each spin, the generated group of symbols forms a line, which is shown on the reel screen. The presence of identical symbols increases the winning accumulation.


You can check the payout table for combinations and winning symbols in each line. Plus, expensive symbols reveal their secrets and reveal what function they play in the game.