Slot machine for SALE – “Crazy Monkeys”

Slot machine for SALE – “Crazy Monkeys”



 Monkey Themed online slot machine

If you’ve ever watched monkeys in a zoo, a nature reserve, or even on a television show, you’ve probably noticed the difference between them. Some are more mobile, do not sit still for a minute. Others, on the contrary, enjoy peace. Some are sociable, strive for entertainment in the company, while others jealously guard their privacy. Like humans, monkeys show their character. We have created a world on the screens in which you can imagine how monkeys behave when no one sees them. And this world is the “Crazy Monkeys” slot.

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The first screen takes players into the jungle. Trees with lush greenery have become the perfect home for many monkeys. They jump on vines, hide in thick leaves, play and rest. Monkeys differ from each other in color and behavior. In real life, you will not find such bright types of monkeys. These fantasy characters are more like cartoon characters. Look how many of them are: there are friendly, relaxed, suspicious and even angry characters.



Only two monkeys remained on the animated screen. They swing from side to side, catching their tails on branches. The characters have a sign with the name of the slot in their front paws. These two monkeys look very cute. They seem to invite you to plunge into the world of the game.


The design of the game reels continues the jungle theme. The background of the reels is green, it looks like foliage. A decorative frame around the perimeter imitates tree trunks. The decoration also contains vines and the favorite delicacy of monkeys – bananas. The control panel also imitates a wooden surface.



There is one more version of the game background for the slot. This is an image of a jungle without monkeys. Here the emphasis is on the trees themselves, the interweaving of vines and the sun’s rays that make their way through the dense greenery.



Bonus symbol – a large brown monkey that looks like an orangutan. It looks pretty aggressive. The front paws are clenched into fists, the open mouth bares its teeth, the eyebrows are angrily pushed towards the center.

Wild symbol depicts three monkeys. They illustrate the saying “I don’t see anything, I don’t hear anything, I don’t talk about anything”. Accordingly, these characters close their eyes, ears and mouth.

Mystery symbol introduces players to a monkey in love. Her lips are folded as if for a kiss, her eyes are coquettishly covered, and pink hearts are flying around this character. All three of these symbols are framed in round frames of different colors.



The bonus symbol on the animated screen suggests three options for the character’s movement. He can dance, pound his chest without raising his front paws, or raise his paws and alternately pound them on his chest.


Regular symbols are images of three different monkeys. One character looks surprised. He has a raised eyebrow, as if he is asking others the question: “What is happening here?” The second monkey looks funny and silly. This is an ingenuous character who cannot concentrate. His eyes run in different directions, and his tongue sticks out of his mouth. The third monkey seems to be very suspicious. This character’s eyes are narrowed. He looks around carefully. This hero cannot be fooled!



On the animated screen, one of the three monkeys removes their paws from the muzzle and a bright character from other symbols appears in its place.


The following symbols are three more monkeys with different characters. The first character seems to be deeply in love. He looks enchanted and one can imagine that a beautiful female is standing in front of his eyes. The second monkey seems sleepy and very unhappy. This character’s eyes look in different directions. And the third monkey looks very self-confident. This character crossed his paws on his chest, narrowed his eyes and smiled rather maliciously.



On the animated screen, each of the six symbols comes to life. Movements help to further reveal the character of each character. The monkey in love seems to be ready to jump up and down in anticipation of meeting the object of its desires. The confused idiot seems to have hit a branch and a round dance of stars appears over his head. The suspicious character didn’t just screw up his eyes. He looks from side to side for details. The characters of other monkeys are also revealed.


It can be told that animals rely on instincts for everything. Perhaps players should do the same – turn off the voice of reason and rely on intuition. In the game of doubling, when you need to determine the color of a card, only luck will help you make the right choice. The screen is designed like main reels, with a combination of green and brown.



On the congratulatory screen, we see the same jungle. But instead of monkeys, two blue parrots appear. They hold in their paws a purple canvas with a gold border and the inscription Big Win.



On the animated congratulation screen, the background is darkened, the parrots with the canvas arrive, let you read the inscription and fly away.


On another version of the congratulatory screen, a sign appears in front of the players, which imitates a fragment of wooden bark. This plate contains an inscription with information about the amount of the win.





The paytable is framed with a jungle screen background. The meaning of each symbol is written on plates that look like a wooden surface.