Slot machine for SALE – “Asian Cats”

Slot machine for SALE – “Asian Cats”



Cats themed online slot game

Who are you our “ninja cat”? Let’s dive into the depths of history when the code of honor was an important aspect for every warrior whoever he was, whether it was a ninja, ronin or samurai. Since ancient times, there have been rites of initiation into various units or clans of hosts. One of these was a squad of ninja or shinobi. In translation, ninja means hiding, the one who hides, endures – this is a “scout-saboteur”, a spy, a hired killer. According to the legends, ninjas were brave trained persons, from childhood they were trained in the complex art of ninjutsu, they knew how to turn any object into a weapon, they had impeccable dexterity and reaction speed. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Let’s return to our brave furry warriors. So, the slot game is made in the style of the culture of Asian countries. The reels is filled with an abundance of various characters and other symbols. On the background there are our faithful guards cats, blocking the entrance to the temple to all curious wanderers. They are dressed in festive costumes, today there will be an initiation – the dedication of new warriors. Ahead, on a rocky rise, stands a wandering monk, his journey was long and tiring. In his bag, he carries various sacred objects, valuable scrolls and unusual offerings to his teacher. The control panel is very easy to use. The “Spin” button is the largest oval, gold-colored with a bright red inscription in the center. The remaining buttons are made in the form of a golden cup of abundance with dark burgundy inscriptions inside. “Auto” allows automatic spins without extra clicks, “Stop auto” respectively, we switch to the manual mode of spinning the reels, “Clear all” allows you to reset all settings and clear the “Balance”, “Bet”, “Win” windows, the “Max bet” button » – allows you to make the maximum bet. The reels itself resembles a wooden board, with a huge towering emerald-gold inscription “Asian cats”, on the sides it is decorated with valuable scrolls with ancient scriptures in which there are more than 25 lines of initiation that fall out when twisting with different combinations of the same symbols. Inside the reels are windows of our colorful and amazing icons. The image of a ninja in black “Scatter” – pulling out his combat blade, his gaze is piercing and menacing; The Monk Mouse is a “Bonus” symbol, he has his amazing surprise in store for us in the form of a bonus game after receiving a certain number of these signs.



The background is drawn in two variations: The first picture shows the valley of settlers, civilians who are used to a lot and work hard, sowing rice fields every year, and praying to the Almighty to send them many blessed rains so that the harvest is generous and plentiful. Their village is located at the foot of the grandiose massive mountains, which dipped their rocky heads in the density of dazzling white clouds. On a hill, you can see the temple of the “nine swords”, where young students are taught the art of combat and cunning tricks, cultivating real ninja spies.


And so we enter the temple. Beautiful enchanting garden, an abundance of juicy green plants around. The aroma is divine. A delightful blooming shower of wisteria scattered its lilac petals throughout the garden. The state of peace and harmony around. The main sanctuary is located in the very center of the garden. Here the students learn their first experience in sparring. In a huge hall, they learn the basics of the samurai style. In small halls they are engaged in reading and meditation. The most beautiful Japanese fountains are reminiscent of a great silver pearl located on a red pedestal:



All symbols of the slot game are very neat, worked out to the smallest detail. High symbols are drawn in the form of wooden frames with metal patterns in the corners. The black ninja (“Scatter”) in various combinations does not give us winning lines, it is an empty shell – without a prize element, it simply fills the field. The golden key (“Wild”) can replace any symbol in the reel field, thereby increasing the possibility of winning combinations. Wise Mouse (“Bonus”) – a wandering monk, for the appearance of which the player receives a bonus game.



Medium symbols: polished rice in a bag, will always feed a hungry traveler, no matter how far he goes from home, reminds him of his native walls, the smell of rice fields, the smile of his beloved girl. A piece of cheese will dilute our rice diet, add a touch of idleness to the wanderer’s soul. And finally, peanuts will add strength and satisfy hunger for a long period of time.



Low symbols  presented in the form of a golden cup of wealth, bright gems and a royal pearl. The icons are drawn very clearly, with burgundy wood weave around the symbols, on the backdrop of bamboo branches dancing in the night sky.



The risk game looks like this: two characters are presented on the screen, a cat and a mouse and an inverted card with a black die. Our task is to guess which symbol will fall out, in the history window the number of attempts to select the desired card, with the correct option, our amount doubles, or we lose money. The number of attempts is limited.





This slot game of “Asian Cats” is very exciting, the art is done at a professional level, it is very interesting to plunge into this world of militant animals and gain your combat experience of victories by playing this online game.