Slot machine for SALE – “Monkey Jackpot”

Slot machine for SALE – “Monkey Jackpot”



Monkey Themed online slot game

Mischievous monkeys deftly jump along the branches, clinging to them and to each other with their tails, collecting bananas. The fun game “Monkey Jackpot” invites boys and girls to have a fun money hunt. The heroes of the game are a family of voracious monkeys that live in the jungle and love bananas. Funny monkeys with their antics and funny antics can amuse anyone, even the most serious and sad person, and you also have to collect bananas, coconuts, pineapples for the main characters, because they are very funny animals that can cheer up both children and adults. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



There are five reels in the slot, on which there are pictures that emphasize the thematic direction of the slot. Among the tropical jungle, players will be able to meet not only the main characters – monkeys, but also fruits – pineapples, coconuts, bananas, and even a palm tree. Game symbols are collected in combinations, each of which is paid in accordance with the available paytable. Each member of the monkey family will bring a certain amount of payments. Which of them appeals to you more?



One, two, three … yellow, sweet, juicy bananas. They are on the screen, but they still ask to jump onto the table. These sunny fruits attract you. And the more they come across on the playing field, the more satisfying the player will be. But, there is one specific banana “Any” – the sweetest and healthiest, which replaces the wild symbol. Its task is to replace any ordinary pictures in order to facilitate the creation of successful combinations and is made in a funny cartoon style.



Among the other symbols, we provide an excellent opportunity for everyone to get acquainted with a cheerful family of funny monkeys (a funny girl, a mischievous boy and their already balanced, sane grandpa). The symbols of the slot machine are decorated with funny colorful portraits of all family members. You don’t have to sit still for a minute, so train your reaction and luck. Representatives of the primates are special representatives of the fauna with a sufficiently high intelligence and unique abilities.



In addition to the previous elements, other symbols are presented: a fragrant coconut, a lone palm tree with nuts on an island, juicy pineapple. These delicacies are hanging in hard-to-reach places, but without them the diet of the main characters will not be complete.




This time the monkey got into a difficult situation, because she will have to give the winnings. And the better the combination is, the larger and larger the amount. Start playing and help the monkey in the game to get all the bananas, in return she will pay back Big win, Mega win, Huge win, Epic win. Here you will find a lot of funny situations in which restless, not discouraged primates constantly find themselves. The type and amount of winning will be displayed as a bright flash on the reel field.







An explosion of emotion and brightness will bring Mini jackpot or Minor jackpot, Major or Grand jackpot. The labels appear full screen. The abundance of yellow colors immediately catches the eye. And, of course, a huge amount of bananas will sprinkle as an additional bonus. They are shown on the screen.



Special pay tables, which contain all possible symbols and combinations of symbols, as well as their winning odds. With the help of these tables, the player can easily determine the value of the symbols and the amount of winning if they match. For ease of reading, they are divided into 4 pages. On the first one there is a description of special symbols containing the signature Any, the rest of the pictures are arranged in proportion to their reduction.




Each player will be able to test his fortune and, as a result, get real money without debiting the player’s balance. This means that you should not give up such a chance – after all, in any case, you are not risking anything using free spins that help to increase profits.



The bonus mode is the most exciting way to increase your profits. Banana rain and the corresponding window will warn the player about the activation of the bonus game. The same window will notify you of the amount received from the prize round.



Monkeys will immediately prove to you that passion and a good sense of humor can go together wonderfully. This cheerful family can shower you with a golden rain of coins – a jackpot. Each character is responsible for their own type of jackpot. So three or four small Any monkeys will bring a simple win, and five will give you a mini jackpot. The same funny baby, but without a signature, will give Minor. Five images of her mischievous brother will increase the jackpot to major. Well, grandpa will lead to a grand jackpot accordingly.