Slot machine for SALE – “Sigma Gold”

Slot machine for SALE – “Sigma Gold”




Chinese Themed online slot game

In this slot game, the reels are made on a red background. From two opposite sides of the wooden frame, golden dragons that always on guard and ready to fight for the treasures entrusted to them, look at us. Different symbols are depicted on the game field: a blue diamond, a Chinese coin with a red ribbon, a gilded bell. Angry head of the golden dragon, single, triple and double BAR, and in addition shiny three sevens. The Joker is crafty and, as always, unstable in everything, so the color of his clothes on all four symbols is different, only three cards remain unchanged, which he confidently holds in his hands. The money cat holds a sack of gold in its hind legs, and beckons to the game with its front paw. At the bottom of the reels there is a convenient panel showing the balance, bet, and winnings. The SPIN button is round in shape, the inscription is made in gold on a red background.. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –



The red background with dark sides and the image of many ornate Chinese-style identical patterns fade into lighter tones in the upper center of the screen.



The Joker with a sly smile, his favorite pale makeup and eye-catching eye is presented in four different colors: purple, green, blue and red. The black background in a square frame adds mystery and fantasy.



In the animated version, the Joker deftly transfers cards from one hand to another, and lights synchronously scatter across the bells on his hat and golden belt.


The next screen is also in red. In rectangular boxes, a triple BAR is in blue, a double BAR in green, and a single BAR in red. Each letter has sharp corners and a darkened bottom.



The animated version of the symbols is a triple, double and single BAR. All letters within the frames shimmer in a clockwise direction, which makes them bright and playful.


Three numbers 7 and three different colors. A symbol of success in a variety of colors. The first number symbolizes the element of water, the second – fire, and the third – cold. This figure has always been mysterious and hid many mysteries.


All three sevens are animated. Their contour shimmers and creates the effect of enlarging the numbers, and the glossy surface creates the effect of volume and grandeur.


The head of the five symbols of the game is the golden head of a dragon with a large mouth and a gorgeous mane, like a lion. The blue multi-faceted diamond stands out for its color, compared to other symbols in gold. A noble stone is always transparent and amazes with its many carats. A gold coin with Chinese hieroglyphs pierced with a red ribbon is the best combination of red and gold colors can be. A porcelain cat with a raised paw will bring good luck and a lot of gold coins. The golden bell at all times announced great events, including profit.



All five symbols are animated. They move to the beat, and their movements are accompanied by bright highlights of the contours, fiery flame from the dragon’s mouth and the overflow of the edges of the precious stone.


The slot bonus game is presented in red colors with gold elements. In a yellow metal frame, there are twelve gold coins with inscriptions in Chinese, four coins with the image of the Joker in different colors. On the sides of the frame, severe dragons stand guard.



The bonus game is also animated. After the standby mode, when the coins are turned towards the viewer in different roles of the Joker, there is an opportunity to catch your luck and win bonuses. The task, at first glance, is simple – to choose the same Jokers, but do not forget that the jester and the clown under the mask hides the wit and cunning of the opponent. To catch him, you need to put on the appearance of Joke, confidence and perseverance will play against the enemy. There is a convenient frame under the reel, which shows the total winnings and credits. Numbers and letters on the scoreboard are in silver, which attracts the player during the game and makes it possible to concentrate on winning.


BIG WIN – this inscription evokes a storm of emotions and heats up the excitement. On a darkened background, large gold letters indicate the winnings, which may be with a lot of zeros. The frame is stylized as the Chinese theme.


TOTAL WIN indicates the end of the game. The pop-up amount, framed by a sturdy frame, is depicted with large and clear digits.



Paytable, designed on a red background, strengthens the desire to win, and the Joker will show who is capable of what. Two dragon heads comlete a composition with chinese gold bezels around the screen. The chest in the center can be filled to the brim.

The animated version of pay table is accompanied by sparkling decorations. And the most important thing is a real mahogany chest with gold decor. When the chest is opened, gold spills out of it – this is a win that is equal to the value of the symbol.


This screen shows each symbol individually in gold frames on two sides of the screen. The center shows Grand, Major, Minor and Mini Jackpots according to the amount of the win. The chest is still tightly closed, awaiting the issuance of the prize to the winner.



The last screen details the cost of the symbols individually. Each of them has its own value in the game, and, accordingly, the profit for the player. The first row starts with Jokers, followed by a diamond and a Chinese coin. The second row is the sevens, the impeccable queens of the world of numbers. The third trailing row is BAR single, double and triple. All ten symbols have their own significance in the game.