Where do the players go? Reasons for players leaving the casino

Where do the players go? Reasons for players leaving the casino


It’s cheaper to keep players than to find new ones. 20% of the base of players abroad generates 80% of profits – this ratio demonstrates how important it is to work with existing players, and not just with new ones. In this article we will talk about the main reasons for the leaving of players.



Below is a list of the most common problems that are known to be the reason for the outflow of online casino players:

  • Technical problems (any technical problems with registration, verification or failure of payment system).
  • Game experience (unattractive offers and bonuses, insufficient portfolio or situation where the selection of games does not meet market demand, irregular updating of the game portfolio).
  • User experience (unprofessional and unfriendly player support, inconvenient search and navigation system, incorrect bonus count, lack of required language or currency).


What can operators do to prevent high levels of outflow?

  • Determine the cause. To prevent loss of customers, start by identifying the main causes that cause outflow. Survey and communication with customers will help to determine what is missing foreign gambling users on the gambling resource, which can be added, modified or improved.
  • Offer a large selection of games. Gambling resource should have a wide range of games from well-known developers, as well as being constantly updated and updated: add popular and popular games on the market, follow the release of new games by their suppliers and try to diversify content so, as possible. This helps to reduce the outflow of players abroad.
  • Take a proactive approach. We need to learn to look to the future, to anticipate possible problems that foreign players may face, and to find solutions before they become problems. Give answers to clients’ questions before they have time to ask them, communicate with them, reporting on the latest updates, features, novelties and products. Any interaction will increase your brand awareness.
  • Stand out from the competition. Determine what is the value of your product for Internet users abroad, what «chip» your casino has. Add games with live dealers to your portfolio, hold tournaments, offer good bonuses and loyalty programs.