Marked cards: how to resist this?

Marked cards: how to resist this?


The security services of many modern casinos have already forgotten about the once-popular form of fraud, like marked cards. And completely in vain, because this practice is not forgotten, and its use is not limited to underground katrans and playing on the street. Not so long ago in Connecticut, the state police detained a man who tagged cards at a table for hold’em poker. In his room in the hotel was found a large amount of cash, which was clearly intended for the game and special technical means used for marking.

Somewhat later, a similar incident occurred in New Jersey, where the fraudster minted cards in an ancient way. He did this with a piece of sandpaper glued to his finger. Such cases forced many casinos to closely monitor the tables for card games. It is possible that this technique has not completely disappeared, but just sharers have learned to mark cards more skillfully, so they manage to remain unnoticed.


How are marks placed?

In both of the above cases, scammers were clearly not professional sharers. Otherwise, they would not try to use such trivial tricks in serious casinos with a powerful security service and act more subtly. To detect their marks was possible with a mandatory examination of the worked cards, although these players were initially unaware of any unfair game.

We will not now dwell in detail on the banal ways that fraudsters use for tens or even hundreds of years. These include marking with nails, rings or sharp objects, bending corners, bending the entire card, using petroleum jelly or sandpaper, and trying to use a shear map for this. All this is the lot of adventurers of low posiba or stupid newcomers who decided to embark on this dangerous path. Any experienced manager or security officer, if he conscientiously regards the performance of his duties, will easily determine such a cheater.

However, not all crooks act so primitively. Some use special solutions for marking, which may resemble eye shadows, lipstick or even dust. The problem is that such substances are almost invisible to the naked eye. They do not muffle the coloring, they are erased over time, and they are difficult to detect, even when looking at maps close. The sharers can make out the marked marks with the help of special glasses or contact lenses.

As a rule, if the red color prevails in the design of the card shirt, the marks are made by a solution that looks green through the lens. To see them, the lenses must have a special coating, which, as they say in photography, creates a red-eye effect. However, progress does not stand still, and now there are lenses that do not have this drawback. So it is almost impossible to determine the sharper by the color of the chapters. Glasses, even sunscreens, also do not cause strong suspicion. Especially in cases where there is a game of Texas Hold’em and other types of sports poker. Here, casino customers play with each other and often wear glasses so that opponents can not read anything in the eyes.


How to identify a sharper tagging cards?

As you can see, professionals are very refined, and it’s extremely difficult to catch them on the hot. The solutions used are visible only through special lenses and do not appear in the ultraviolet light. The lenses themselves look quite natural, and this way of correcting the vision is now used by millions of people.

It seems that casinos can not oppose sharers, but it’s not. Minimize the risk of such fraud in the institution can be, if you listen to the advice of professionals and at least try to implement them. And they recommend the following.

First of all, pay close attention to all the players in the casino hall, and especially to those who cause suspicion. Of course, first you need to check the cards they played for visible damage. If they are all right, but suspicions remain, try to discreetly find out if the customer has contact lenses, and also where he can store the solution for applying to the cards.

Remember that for such purposes, a solution is required very little. It is enough to apply a thick layer on an object, and then gradually remove it with your finger. There are cases when the sharper smeared with a solution a frame of glasses, buttons, cigarette packs, beer bottles and so on. One famous swindler was caught on the fact that he always wore a casino chip with a thick layer of substance. Women often store the solution in powder boxes, lipstick and other cosmetics.

It’s extremely difficult to track when a sharpshoot smears fingers with a solution. If he is experienced enough and clever, he will make it a natural move, which is unlikely to cause the slightest suspicion. For example, if the substance is located on the keyboard of a mobile phone or a cigarette lighter, it will be unnoticeable to take it off, making calls or lighting a cigarette. But still pay attention to the movements of his fingers. This is what he can give himself.

And again about the eyes and looks of the players. We have already decided that glasses or contact lenses from the client – this is not a reason to suspect that he is a fraud. However, much of it can tell his opinion. It is not necessary to hope that the swindler will stare at the cards during the distribution, examining the tags. The professional will try to do this as imperceptibly as possible, and yet he will not be able to do without observing the distribution process.

If he is willing to support the conversation, try to contact him with questions or stories during the distribution of cards. In doing so, look him straight in the eye, forcing him to do the same. Most sharers will try to throw at least a fleeting glance at the cards. If you see that the visitor is extremely interested in the distribution process, this may be an excuse to look at it more closely.

Do not forget that many professionals do not work alone. It is possible that the person you suspect plays only a distracting role, and the performers remain in the shadows and quietly do the main job.

They can sit at a busy table across from each other. In this case, the main player can do without lenses or glasses. He shows with his whole appearance that the process of distributing cards does not interest him. Therefore, he communicates with other visitors, waiters, gets up from the table and so on. The partner is engaged in the fact that he marks the cards and gives him signals, but he plays unsuccessfully.

So keep an eye out for all the players at the table. The danger for the casino can be completely unexpected visitors. But do it carefully and tactfully. In the end, you do not want to make an honest client feel uncomfortable in the walls of your establishment.

In some games, it’s possible to complicate the life of the card sharer by using the distribution features. For example, if in the Caribbean poker dealer discovers the first card, and the other four puts it under it, it will be more difficult for the cheater to look at the tags. It is also useful to demolish the top card in the deck before each hand or exchange. In any case, do not allow the dealer to spread their closed cards in a row.


The most dangerous way for a casino to tag cards

In our opinion, the greatest danger to the casino is putting the marks on the cards before they are put into play. For this, either employees of the establishment or card suppliers should be involved in the adventure. In the first case, a deck of cards is substituted by a bribed manager or pit boss. In the second, the casino acquires already marked cards.

To avoid this, arrange the process of issuing and putting out new decks. Let them be kept under constant video surveillance. They can also be issued and accepted by a security official. In short, the more control – the less likely fraud.

The cards are purchased from trusted suppliers. Ideally, it’s better to order them directly from the manufacturer, if possible. Try to ensure that to the cards, before they get to the casino hall, had access to a minimum number of people.


There are many ways to tag cards. Surely not all of them are well known. Therefore, to protect the casino from such practices is one hundred percent hardly possible. So be as vigilant as possible, work with clients carefully and be embarrassed if it seems to you that you are developing paranoia.