Casino in the Space

Casino in the Space

Casino in the space

Playboy space Casino


Good news for all. Tourism company Virgin Galactic has teamed up with Playboy men’s magazine to build casino in the space. project will be implemented in the 2040th year. Given that the casino outside the Earth – it is not an easy task, the project will require considerable investment.

The creators plan to build a multi-storey spaceship. Gravitational condition for modeling the ship are requested to bring to the earth. However, anyone interested will have the opportunity to visit the center of the galactic station and swim in weightlessness.



In the galactic ship will be all to comfortably spend time: restaurants, luxury accommodation, recreational facilities, shops, private terrace and views of the Earth, entertainment, casino. Special guests scheduled ship will be notified of all the cosmic phenomena.

This project looks very weird, but, notably, on the development of ship design is actually already works a few companies. One of their development and can serve as a basis for the space casino.