ETG is a new technology to replace the dealer

ETG is a new technology to replace the dealer

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Ground-based gambling establishments are associated not only with guns, but with tables for poker, blackjack, roulette. Behind them are the dealer, which led the entire game. But technology does not stand still. Today, dealers can replace ETG – electronic games on the scoreboard.

This development allows you to make the game more “live”, fast and comfortable in gambling establishments.


What is the system ETG

ETG – a table with multiple screens, on which is located the playing field. Gamblers make bets and control the game on the touch panel. In place of the dealer has a large screen, which will show rate, and broadcast the entire course of the game, as well as the image of the virtual dealer.

In some designs terminal groups can be separated from each other in different parts of the casino. At the same time all console video broadcast one – a certain game. Thus, a single game can be an unlimited number of participants who are far away from each other. Such developments, in particular, is the company Novomatic.

The whole process is controlled by the game operator. It can be fully automated or live dealer still present. But it is not necessary at the table near the casino customers. Gamblers see a video with the dealer, which he distributes cards or runs the roulette.

On ETG today – the perfect solution for the casino. After all, this technology allows a large number of players to sit at a “table” by increasing the number of gambling sites and reduced limits on all rates. For example, with the usual table games Baccarat fit only 9 players, but for electronic play together even 60 clients.



Do ETG dealer displacing?

Modern attracts players for electronic gambling tables. According to research company Interblock (2015) it is clear that the ETG users spend more parties than their colleagues sitting at the traditional gaming tables.

As the game is estimated that Americans prefer of ETG, play 6 times more than those who love the classic gambling with croupier. A 54% chance of Canadians spend their time electronic gaming tables, and only 34% choose the game with the dealer.




It is advisable to assume that the ETG can oust the classic table games. But they are unlikely to completely supplant. At least, not now. In fact, many gamblers still love the game with the dealer, feeling attractive atmosphere of a real casino.