Slot machine for SALE – “Golden Panda”

Slot machine for SALE – “Golden Panda”




Chinese Themed online slot game

What interesting things do we know about such cute fluffy pandas? Pandas live in the mountainous regions of central China. The panda is the national emblem of China. Her image is minted on gold, silver and platinum coins. Panda means “cat bear” in Chinese. In this slot, we see the image of a golden panda decorated with a bamboo lotus and a symbolic goldfish, on the backdrop of a temple or monastery. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels is made in the spirit of Chinese philosophy, revealing to us the whole essence of being, its energy, strength, balance and harmony with the animal world and nature. On the background of a bamboo grove, we observe panel windows with various symbols and signs. Above in large gold letters is the name of the slot. The big red “Spin” button activates the start of the game. In the “win” and “bet” window, the amounts of winnings and bets are registered. “Auto play” – starts automatic spins of the reels. Purple settings button, opens a window – the game’s control panel. “Double up” – gives you the opportunity to double the winnings:



The background of the slot is very bright and juicy. A green bamboo grove rises above the heavens, the wind caresses the powerful and flexible trunks of the plant, swaying them from side to side creating a “wind song”. The rocky mountains plunged into the clouds, squinting our eyes, you can imagine how we touch their top. Climbing up the steps above the cliff, there is a gazebo for meditation. Inside there is a majestic Buddha statue strewn with flower petals, candles are burning around and smells of aroma sticks. Every Buddhist believes in reincarnation, and that life does not end with the departure of a person to another world. Here the monks enter into meditation, find answers to questions, harmonize themselves and fill with the energies of the elements. This is the very place where every person dreams of visiting at least once in his life, breathing in all the power of nature, plunging into its bowels.



Additional background (night version): The night is filled with a million glow of stars, the wind subsides and you can see the tops of the mountains, as they rest against the darkness of the sky. A sea of small fireflies flies around, they illuminate the path to the gazebo. The air is filled with the scent of fresh grass and smoldering candles.



High symbols, presented in the form of pictures: a large hanging panda on a tree, a golden panda on the ground and a bamboo alley or “path to heaven.” The panda on the tree is very symbolic – this means that good luck awaits us in everything we put our efforts to, the sky will bless us with success, illuminating the path to new achievements. The golden panda symbolizes sincerity, friendliness, tolerance and kindness. Bamboo alley – symbolizes strength, stamina, courage, simplicity and elegance. Everyone has their own path and purpose, but we all move forward, tempering our character, body and spirit with certain events, gaining experience, achieve goals and move on.


Medium characters. The symbol “bamboo handful” on a red canvas symbolizes a new cash flow, strengthening the channel of abundance. Fish with golden scales – a symbol of good luck and happiness, brings a person all sorts of well-being. The yin-yang symbol “golden panda” or harmony brings our masculine and feminine principles into balance, harmonizing our energy fields. The symbolic “steel lotus” – the renewal of vitality, the return of youth, personifies purity and spiritual perfection. The symbol of the Chinese temple or the “temple of heaven” is climbing the stairs to one’s spiritual development, the path of trial and error, tempers our character.


Low characters are presented in the form of Chinese characters and numbers, very bright, colorful and voluminous. All groups with a symbol are made very stylishly and neatly.


The bonus game looks like this: a window of bonus symbols with a control panel is displayed against the general background. We have three attempts to select the desired character. In the variant of luck, we get a golden panda, which gives us an additional win, or empty.



The “double up” splashscreen, a canvas entwined with tall trees, makes it possible to double our winnings, whether we guess the card – red or black, Win or Lose.




The paytable shows us the number of paylines per symbol and the amount we received. At the end of the game, a window pops up with the total winning amount, the number of free spins, and a large winning bonus. At this point, we can end the game, or continue to win and win, making new bets, getting huge bonuses that can always be doubled in additional games.


The whole online game is very exciting, interactive, filled with various unusual colorful symbols – pictures, elegantly drawn general background, evokes a positive mood, touches the volume of characters and other pictures, inspires faith in one’s luck, because whoever does not try does not win. Challenge yourself, give yourself a chance, tune in to the wave of victories and go!