Slot machine for SALE – “Color Gems”

Slot machine for SALE – “Color Gems”




Gems Themed online slot game

Distant stars give us their light and make us dream of conquering space. Who knows what secrets are hidden from human eyes in the far corners of the universe? Perhaps, amazing stones are born in the depths of space – such as in the “Color Gems” slot. In this slot, we offer players more than just a game and a chance to win a cash prize. Here they will find aesthetic pleasure and space for a flight of fantasy. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels are designed in the same way as in traditional slot machines: five vertical columns and three rows. The only difference is the additional features of the star symbol. If a star appears in the fifth column, the line automatically becomes a winning line. There are no unnecessary details in the reels image. The rectangular golden frame has rounded corners and carved decorative fragments in the middle of the side lines. They look like a golden serpentine. The control buttons are made in the form of similar golden frames. The Spin button looks like a designer piece with a large red stone in the center.



The game background transfers viewers beyond the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere. Deep dark blue background and play of blue, purple, mint shades symbolize outer space. It is worth the risk and courage to cross this boundless void. And then the players will open up a world of majestic stars and new opportunities.



Another version of the background is made in warm colors. Here, the shades shimmer from pale yellow to orange, and then deep red. And in this seething space, you can see flares of stars, white streaks of the Milky Way and areolas of planets unknown to us.



As for the symbols, the slot partially contains traditional symbols of slot machines. This is the inscription “BAR”, number 7 and a Star. But instead of fruits, we use symbols with multi-colored precious stones. Perhaps these stones are of cosmic origin. Let’s imagine for a moment that they were born in the depths of distant stars, and then opened up to brave explorers of the depths of space.

There are stones of different shapes and colors. The blue round stone is similar to topaz. Its deep blue color is mesmerizing. The green rectangular stone sparkles like a magnificent emerald. The yellow triangular stone is associated with the rare yellow topaz. The teardrop-shaped purple gem has the same magical glow as the mysterious amethyst.

The “BAR” lettering is in purple and decorated with a crown. We used the traditional red color for the number 7. As you know, seven is a lucky number. And red also brings good luck. And finally, a star. As we mentioned earlier, this is the only symbol in the slot that has a special feature. If a multi-colored star lands in the fifth column, it turns its line into a winning one.



The symbols are animated. They shimmer with sparks of light and pulsate – sometimes they become larger and sometimes smaller.


On the congratulatory screen, viewers see the Big Win inscription and a generous scattering of gold coins. A rich yellow color was used for the text. The letters also have a multi-colored thin border. Pay attention to the coins. They have the same star as the symbol.



In a case of a Mega Win and Super Win victory, the players are provided with such congratulatory screens.



The larger the winning, the more coins are shown on the screen around the inscription.



The paytable is divided into three pages. It is designed in the same way as the game reels – in a rectangular golden frame. The first screen explains the meaning of the star symbol.



The second screen is devoted to the rest of the game symbols.



The third screen presents lines for winning combinations.



And the animated screen presents options for greeting players for each win option – Big Win, Mega Win and Super Win, as well as animation of all symbols and, of course, anticipation.