Slot machine for SALE – “Monarch Butterfly”

Slot machine for SALE – “Monarch Butterfly”





Butterfly Themed online slot game


What do we know about butterflies? Each butterfly differs from the previous one in multi-colored wings, large royal lionfish or just a small miracle of nature. We can observe these fluttering insects in the warm season in gardens, flower beds, botanical houses or simply summer cottages. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The game reels is made in the style of a wooden gazebo, against the backdrop of a rose garden, with a variety of fluttering motley butterflies. Around the perimeter, a pergola-drum is braided with poison ivy with bright scarlet flowers. Inside, the symbols are drawn very clearly to the smallest detail. Icons are made in the form of numbers, Latin letters, flowers, butterflies and caterpillars. Above, we see the name of the machine. Below is the control panel. “Spin” button (for the start of the game) is drawn on the background of a lotus flower, in the upper left corner of the section we can observe the “Balance” window – the amount that we have available, below it is the “Clear all” key – clearing all bets to the start position, then “ bet” and the “max bet” key – the standard amount we want to bet and the maximum that is possible, “message box” – shows all information about the result of the game, the “win” information window – provides results about the amount of winnings:



The main background of the slot machine is very saturated with natural landscape, design approach to each part of the garden. In the foreground and background, woody arbors are drawn, braided with dense greenery with an abundance of flowers. There are lanterns on the sides. The whole garden is covered with dense vegetation with an abundance of lush green grass, fragrant rose bushes bloom around from yellow to deep pink shades. In the distant parts of the garden, tall trees can be seen that create a three-dimensional pattern. Also at the illustration, “alpine” slides are drawn from different types of stones; they are covered with a variety of small grasses of the rock. There is a bench in the center, you can sit and enjoy the landscape of a summer day, a stone tile path is laid along, you can take a walk and look into those corners of the garden where you have not been before. On the left is a neat fountain with drinking water and a statue of the goddess of fertility made in the Greek style. Hundreds of butterflies fly everywhere creating the illusion of volume and depth of this illustration.



In the night design of this background, we see how the stars shine brightly and the young month hanging over the garden, it shows all the beauty of nature in other colors. The garden itself is illuminated by the included lights on the gazebos. The work was done in dark colors with a twilight filter overlay. Butterflies are still circling in abundance, they can’t sleep, they are looking for a mate so that their life cycle becomes endless.



High symbols are made in the form of rectangular icons. A pair of butterfly icons are drawn in two variations – the Monarch Danaid from the Nymphalidae family (one of the most famous butterflies of North America) on a red and purple background with a pronounced wild inscription under it. And two icons in the same style and drawing with the image of ringed caterpillars or larvae sitting on a branch with rich foliage, below it is the inscription “bonus” in bright red.



The next illustration shows the Middle symbols of the game. All icons are made in the same style inside the oval, various flowers are drawn in pairs. Each flower is symbolic in its own way. So, in the upper left corner we see Felicia flowers – African blue chamomile, often are elements of landscape design, symbolize the blue color of good luck, resembling the expanse of heaven. Lotus flowers in a pink hue, in Buddhism symbolizes the primordial waters, spiritual disclosure, wisdom and nirvana. Purple orchid – among many peoples, this flower carries a symbol of innocence, perfection and the most sincere love, these flowers are able to disperse evil forces, it is a good amulet. And the last drawing in the language of plants Sunflower – means resilience, love of life, optimism, faith in the future, a positive attitude, or just a little sun.



Well, the last row of  slot symbols, Low symbols which are made in the form of Latin letters in different colors and Arabic numerals. All letters and numbers are framed with gold piping.



The bonus game of the slot is activated when 3 or more bonus symbols appear on the game reel. It is presented in the form of drop-down orchid flowers in the amount of five pieces. Below the control panel, in the first window the number of attempts is registered, in this case there are three of them.








On the following illustrations, we see the paytables, which list all the winning amounts that fall on the symbols. The winnnings is determined by the number of identical elements dropped out in a given line.





On the following illustrations, we see the design of splash screens that notify the player about different options for ending the bonus games of this slot machine: Winnings that we received in the bonus game; Entry into the bonus game; Winnings amount from free spins; The end of free spins.





In general, the whole slot is very exciting, it draws you in with its abundance of winning options. Each player will be interested in playing this particular online game, it is interactive, filled with a variety of bright animated icons, starting the game will be difficult to stop. Try yourself in this and perhaps you will feel the taste of victory not only visually, but also by feeling the cash in your hands.