Slot machine for SALE – “Vampire Night”

Slot machine for SALE – “Vampire Night”



Vampire Themed online slot game

The time of vampires is night, their allies are black cats and bats. Who knows, maybe in the game these characters will bring luck? The Vampire Night slot is filled with an atmosphere of mysticism and supernatural powers. Let’s go to the Middle Ages and get acquainted with the world of Count Dracula. The game reels are decorated in the style of a medieval castle. The basis of the reels imitates masonry. It seems that from these dark stones it is still damp and cool, as in a non-residential building. The name of the slot is located on a purple-red curtain. The folds of tissue resemble blood flows. Gothic font enhances the impression and helps to recreate the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The design of the buttons deserves special attention. Some of the buttons are shown as potion bubbles. Magic is everywhere! If you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –



The game background opens the hall of the castle to the audience. A wrought-iron heavy chandelier with candles, a stained-glass window, a wide staircase, a fireplace – everything in the best traditions of European castles. But the central element leaves no doubt: the owner of the castle is not an ordinary person, but someone from another world. An empty coffin at the same time scares and attracts the eye. The purple canvas in the coffin is the brightest detail in the whole image, so the look returns to it every time. And then the details are opening: the skulls on the columns and the head of the gargoyle above the fireplace look very ominous. Angels, which are usually placed at a cemetery, evoke thoughts of the afterlife.



High symbols – famous characters of horror. Scatter symbol – Count Dracula himself in his unchanged black and red cloak with a high collar. His ears are pointed like in a bat. An open mouth exposes fangs, and a look makes you freeze from fear. Wild symbol is a terribly beautiful daughter of Dracula. Her head is adorned with a bat crown. The ruby in the crown shines and sets off unnatural red eyes. The shape of the eyes exposed the girl: they are more like cat’s than human. Next to the vampire family is a true friend – Frank, Frankenstein. Huge and silent, he accompanies Dracula and instills horror in everyone who meets on his way.



Regular symbols represent everything that users associate with evil spirits. A bat that flies out of the frame might seem like just a mouse. But the details give it a completely different character: the full moon recalls the time of werewolves. Also a black cat – it could be a cute pet, but why is he smiling so ominously? And the old key on the neck gives out this fluffy assistant vampire. The black raven is obviously plotting something. How cleverly he watches from the screen! Looks like he is going to tell Dracula about the secrets of the players. And take look at the skull: the upper jaw with fangs leaves no doubt that this is the skull of a vampire.



Low symbols open the world of Dracula to us and tell about what the life of vampires might be like. Here is a Gothic castle in which lights shine brightly. We remember that vampires are creatures of the night, therefore the castle is depicted at night. Old books, a scroll of parchment and a pen make it possible to imagine how Dracula writes messages to his comrades-in-arms and sends them by a faithful raven. A large candlestick and a coffin with the image of a bat take players to the castle’s living room. By the way, in Romania, in the homeland of Dracula, there is his house-museum. In the house where Vlad Dracula was born, in one of the rooms there really is a coffin. Of course, this is a modern element for tourists, but it helps in the best way to believe in the legends of vampires. What could be the decoration of an outstanding vampire? Of course thematic! A ring with a bat is a great symbol for the almighty immortal count. A potion bubble and a single skull mark remind us that we are dealing with magic.



Animated symbols create the effect of presence. Similar sensations arise in the room of fear. It seems that Dracula, his daughter and Frankenstein are ready to leave the screen and be close to the players.


In Regular symbols, images also come to life. Particularly impressive is the green smoke from the empty sockets of the skull. The ring of fire lights up spectacularly throughout the frame around the images.


The traced details in animated Low symbols also add dynamics. The coffin lid does not stand still. It opens and the player involuntarily waits: what will happen next? The sparkling ring, the thrill of the lights, the bubbles in the potion – all this is fascinating. And when bats begin to fly around the castle, we want to understand if there is Count Dracula among them?






Pay tables are like gaming reels, resemble the walls of a castle. The general background is uneven large cobblestones of masonry. But the information for each symbol is placed on the background of a flat brick wall. So information is easier to perceive.



A bright red curtain with a Gothic font crowns the screen and becomes the main color accent.


The buttons for switching between screens resemble rubies from the crown of a young beauty-vampire.


Congratulation screens are designed as an old book volume.



A bright screen is located on top of the muffled game reels. Players simultaneously see the result of the game and the main symbols that create the atmosphere.