Slot machine for SALE – “Scratch it”

Slot machine for SALE – “Scratch it”




Classic Themed online slot machine

Cinematography has formed a vivid image of cowboys in the minds of the viewer. They are agile, strong and passionate macho who are confident in the saddle and deftly handle a revolver. This is partly true. The cowboys who were driving huge herds of cows along the West Coast really had to spend a lot of time on horseback. And shooting was also a common thing: they had to fight off armed robbers. And wild animals were also real threats. It’s hard to say for sure whether the life of cowboys was as bright as we see with the “Wanted Shooter” slot. But here, during the game, the adventure will definitely be unforgettable. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Do you know why the number 7 appears as a symbol in classic slots? Of course, this is a lucky number! It is difficult to find a gambling person who would not believe in omens. And the “lucky seven” is a symbol that all players can understand. That is why we have drawn a large red seven in the center of the “Scratch it” slot. There are also fruits that have become classic symbols for slot machines. And the highlight of the slot is two jokers. They create a special mood during the game.

The reels are designed differently from most of the slots. There is a 3×3 main field, and in addition to it, there is a separate vertical column with four cells.



There is another version of the reels – for an additional game. Here, players select a vertical row to scratch the protective cover and check what symbols are hidden under it. We all know that in a regular lottery, participants wipe off the protective cover with a coin. Therefore, the design of this screen also contains a gold coin. The symbols in the selected row open unevenly, as if the players are really rubbing the coating by hand and are in a hurry with impatience.



A screen without any images is used for the background. This is just a canvas with a smooth transition of colors from light plum to almost black. The lightest fragment is located in the center of the screen. It seems as if a bright lamp is shining on this area, like on a stage.



Symbols do not need additional presentation. They are intuitive even for novice players. Two jokers are shown for the “Wild” and “X” symbols. Why did we choose the jokers? In a classic French deck, this is a special card. It can, if necessary, replace any other card and become part of the winning combination. Therefore, the joker, which has a special power, is appropriate in the slot.

The number 7, the inscription “BAR”, as well as the image of different fruits are classic of slot machines. We decided to keep the tradition alive. Moreover, they are appreciated by everyone who plays in the casino.



On the animated screen, you can see the difference between the two jokers. One of them smiles good-naturedly and winks, as if encouraging the players. And in the expression on the face of the second joker, you can see the challenge. He seems to provoke the players and says: “Show what you are capable of!”

Seven shimmers in rays of white, its animation is not like other symbols. Also, the inscription “BAR” sparkles with white stars, which are not found in any other image. The rest of the symbols are set in motion and several sparks flash on them.


The paytable is divided into two screens. It is designed rather succinctly. A golden rectangular frame with rounded corners is used as a decorative element.



The meaning of each symbol is detailed so that the players do not have a misunderstanding.



The reel is darkened on the congratulatory screen in case of bonus spins. Players will see a solid colored plaque with a gold border in the center.



Above the plate shows all the symbols of the slot. There is nothing superfluous here, but at the same time the mood of the game is preserved.