Slot machine for SALE – “Ghost Pirates”

Slot machine for SALE – “Ghost Pirates”



Pirates Themed online slot game

Slot machine Ghost Pirates is the representative of new video slots that use the new control panel and the highest level design. Understanding the rules of the game will not be difficult even for the most inexperienced players. Enjoy the adventure in the company of ghosts in the middle of the ocean and get pirate treasures. This slot machine is quite unusual. There are five reels in the slot, on which there are pictures emphasizing the thematic direction of the slot machine. There are no usual paylines, they are replaced by ways of creating winning combinations. The number of ways to implement winning options is three, nine, twenty seven, eighty one and two hundred forty three. Each of the methods is the activation of a specific number of reels and the intended betting. These values are chosen using the appropriate ‘choose lines’ buttons. Your benefit depends on the bid and the face value of the chain. During spins, Wild traditionally replaces other pictures on the field, and Scatter starts free spins. Also, if you are interested in our new product, you can purchase it at our store –

Ghost Pirates


The game takes place against the background of a vast and endless ocean, where a pirate ship chases a merchant ship. Will he get to the shore? The ship is full of ghosts, and their souls continue their evil deed.


The cave is full of treasures that excite the imagination. Everything looted by pirates is hidden far beyond the coastal waters, secret from prying eyes. A creepy skull protects all this luxury, but only you can solve the mystery of penetrating such treasured wealth.


The main game symbols impress with their variety and original design. These are pictures of gun, anchor, map, revolver and other pirate paraphernalia. Also here are the main characters who give maximum rewards and two special symbols.


All the gold you earned in Free spins mode will be added to the balance when you exit the mode into the main game.

The payout table will help the player to navigate the rules for starting the reels. At the first level of bets, when you activate 3 ways to create winnings, the first reel is activated. When choosing nine methods – the game already has the first and second reels, twenty-seven methods -these are the first, second and third reels, eighty-first method – these are the first, second, third and fourth reels. Bringing all the methods (and there are as many as two hundred and forty-three) leads to the use of all five possible reels. Regardless of the selected number of ways to create winning combinations, the middle row of symbols always remains active. After that, you should choose a level of bids from a possible five. Five options are available.



All the gold you earned in Free spins mode will be added to the balance when you exit the mode into the main game.


There is transition from the main game mode to the free spins mode. Three Scatters that appeared on one of the selected methods for creating combinations (3, 9, 27 or 81) will give 10 free spins, four symbols – 15 spins, five symbols – 20 spins. When you activate all 243 ways to create combinations, these values will be equal to 15, 20 and 25 spins, respectively. This mode sends the user to the treasure cave. During the game there is an opportunity to increase the number of free spins, by getting a winning combination of scatters.


Two options for framing the elements are offered for a better perception of each element.



Ghost Pirates slot machine has a colorful and unique graphics. Each game symbol is animated.