Slot machine for SALE – “Casino”

Slot machine for SALE – “Casino”




Casino Themed online slot game

Perfectly executed graphics and intriguing animation, a lot of gold and glitter, traditional casino colors – red and black combined with gold, a convenient and understandable control panel for everyone – everything that will not only intrigue, but also attract everyone with special interest to play and win once over and over again with the Casino slot.

On the first screen, there is a reel of the slot. At the top the reel is decorated with large gold letters with the name of the slot – Casino. The 3×3 reels have vertical CRISS CROSS decorative elements on the sides, the letters of which are decorated in gold, on a matte gold background, in red decorative rectangular vertical frames. The frame is made of red metal and decorated with bright lights around the perimeter. Below is a control panel on a leather base. There are various cells and control buttons here. On the right in the corner we can see a round button with golden SPIN letters, in a gilded frame, with red card suits. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

Splash screen. A casino-style red and black gradient picture with the Casino inscription in large gold steel letters in the middle of the screen, with gold-like decorative elements in each letter.



The next screen is in red and black colors with a gradient background. There are four cards in the center – aces, around which there are beautiful black and red volumetric symbols of card games. At the bottom there is the Casino inscription in metal large letters with metallic shiny decorative elements in each letter.

casino screen


Another Splash screen. Red and black gradient screen. In the center there is a slot machine with a winning combination of 777. On the sides of the slot machine there are poker chips and red dice. There are many flying gold coins around the picture. Below is the inscription in large metallic gold letters “Casino” with metallic decorative elements in each.



Red and black background. There are four Aces in the center. Colored casino chips and volumetric cubes are visible from the back. Around them, dozens of gold dollar coins are scattered across the screen. In the foreground – the inscription Casino in large gold letters.



All symbols of the casino slot are presented on the screen. They are arranged in three rows of four each. At the top we see symbols of the category High. Bonus – “three sevens” on the reel. Volumetric seven in a gold frame in red. Green volumetric dollar symbol in a gold frame. And also a voluminous golden bell. Below, here are the symbols of the middle category. There are colored casino chips, volumetric red cubes, white poker cards, as well as a metal slot machine on which we see three sevens on the reel, red and black at the top, with the name “bonus”, with a pocket for the coins, and on the side – a knob for scrolling the machine. The symbols of the lower category are placed on the bottom. These are the letters: A, K, Q, J. Green, blue, purple, red, with a polished sheen on each and in gold edging.



Animation of all symbols. Symbols of the highest category: the seven and the dollar sign on the diagonal shimmer and shimmer partically of gold. Medium category symbols. The stacks of poker chips move into stacks one after the other, flashing. Red cubes gleam and shimmer diagonally. The cards shine with daylight. Slot machine – scrolls with a lever, three sevens drop out on the reel screen, the bonus inscription shimmers, the red button at the top of the slot machine blinks, and gold coins are poured in the window below. All symbols of the lowest category flicker diagonally from top to bottom.


Here is the risk game. On the screen we see a metal gold game panel, on which there are 2 chips: red and black. There is a playing card between them. At the very bottom is the control panel. Around the game panel there is a decor of card symbols in red and black colors. Also in the game we see cells for coins, horizontal cells with the sum of lost money, risk and gain. Here each player can multiply winnings.



Big Win Pop-up. The inscription Big Win is presented in gold letters and placed on the main background of the game in the middle of the screen, in a metal red frame with bright bulbs around the perimeter. Below, in similar frame is the winning amount.



Paytable. The screen displays a rectangular red frame with descriptions for the symbols. At the bottom – numbers with left and right control buttons. At the top – the inscription Paytable. In the center we can see the BONUS symbol “three sevens” – three or more bonus symbols anywhere on active paylines activate the bonus game. Below – symbols of the middle category – the number of hits and next to it – the amount of payments.



At this paytable in a rectangular red frame there are the symbols of all categories. Near each is the quantity of symbols and next – the amount of payment.



Congratulatory screen on the background of the slot reel. At the top center there is an inscription in gold letters – Congratulations. The following informs you that you are entering a free spins game. At the bottom there is a round OK button in the form of a poker chip.



The second congratulatory screen informs us about winning a certain amount of money from the Free Spin game.



The third congratulatory screen informs us about the start of the bonus game. At the top the inscription in large gold letters – “Congratulations”. At the bottom there is a round OK button.



The last congratulatory screen, which informs us about winning a certain amount of money from the bonus game.