Slot machine for SALE – “Legend of Shogun”

Slot machine for SALE – “Legend of Shogun”



Japanese Themed online slot machine

What associations do you have when you mention Japan (not modern, but feudal times)? Of course, these are the feminine geisha who so sensually played musical instruments, recited poetry, and danced with fans. We remember the courageous samurai, for whom honor and courage are above all. Someone mentions inconspicuous ninja or shinobi – special saboteurs, combat scouts and assassins. These images are actively replicated today in order to popularize the history of Japan and its traditions. The Legend of Shogun mobile slot with vertical design is another way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. If you are interested in this product, you can purchase it at our store –

The slot game reels combine the delicate pink of sakura petals with red, the traditional symbol of the morning sky in Japan. Fields for service information are decorated with stylized red frames, which adds color to the game. The “Spin” button is designed in the form of a traditional gold coin with a square hole. These coins have long symbolized the unity of heaven and earth. The square symbolizes the earth and yin energy, and the sky symbolizes the sky and yang energy.



The slot machine background opens ahead the players a captivating landscape with the pride of Japan – Mount Fuji. The moon and stars shine over the top of the mountain. The gaze primarily turns to the snow-capped peak. But the foreground of the landscape is also noteworthy. A tall multi-tiered pagoda, which means the power and position in society of its owner, is surrounded by flowering trees. Petals of a pale pink color crumble under the breeze. I want to freeze and enjoy this flower swirl. It is this kind of admiration that the Japanese call “Hanami”.



The tall pagoda, a hint of high position and success, is also present in the symbols. It is depicted on the “x2” symbol. Around the pagoda there is a round multilayer frame. This makes the symbol stand out from the rest.

The next row of symbols are attributes, each of which tells a whole story. A helmet with a golden dragon, of course, can only belong to a shogun – a commander who is endowed with special power. Both the design of the helmet and the dragon as a decoration speak of the closeness of its owner to the emperor.

Dragon flags make it clear that the shogun is not just a ruler, but also a warrior. He is at the head of the army. Traditionally, the shoguns represented the clan that stands next to the clan from the emperor. Shoguns have represented the same genus for centuries. It is the highest honor to be a shogun. It is not surprising that such rulers were skillful generals.

The fan is, of course, a symbol of women. In the Middle Ages in Japan, women with a high position in society believed that showing their face was indecent. Moreover, it was believed that an open face was available to evil spirits and could bring trouble. Therefore, it was customary to hide the face behind a fan. In addition, white skin has traditionally been considered a sign of high origin and wealth. Therefore, noble Japanese women hid their faces in order to protect their skin from the sun’s rays. Interestingly, there are two types of fans in Japan – folding, as on the slot symbol, and round “utiva” fans.

All three slot symbols in this category are framed in a round frame.



The following slot game symbols are dedicated to the characters of the slot. Male images can be called antagonists. This domineering shogun, who is highly respected in society, personifies the code of honor of the Japanese soldiers. A ninja in a traditional closed black suit is the image of an infiltrator who operates under the cover of night. On the one hand, the art of ninjutsu has been studied for many years. To be able to invisibly penetrate anywhere, both talent and skill are needed. On the other hand, the secret methods used by the ninja to fight are considered dishonest and unworthy in the samurai code.
As for the beautiful girl, she also embodies ancient traditions. You can consider several kimonos, each of which has its own meaning. The high, intricate hairstyle is decorated with popular hairpins, which are still used in national costumes today. These symbols are framed with square frames and stylized decorative elements.



Low symbols – letter designation of cards. The font resembles Japanese hieroglyphs for a complete immersion in the atmosphere of the slot game.



On the greeting screens, the reels are dimmed in a case of win. An inscription appears with information about the winning “5 of kind” or the score. The inscription is made in large golden letters and numbers.



In case of Big Win, Mega Win, Huge Win, Super Win, the reel is darkened and the corresponding inscription appears. For each win level, the inscription is in a separate color. This makes it easier for slot game players to determine the win status without even reading the text.



If the Jackpot is won on thr slot machine, the game background and the reel are darkened. A large portrait of the shogun appears in full combat gear. The screen contains text labeled Jackpot and Score.




Slot machine Paytables are decorated with a blue background.



The background and the reel are darkened on the greeting screens in case of bonus games & Free Spins winning. A blue plaque appears, which is decorated with a stylized frame. The OK button is designed as a traditional gold coin with hieroglyphs.